GSN On the Road: Rose Tavern & Red Newt Cellars Wine Pairing Dinner

GSN was recently invited to attend the first of a new series of pairing dinners in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. The night’s wines were provided by Red Newt Cellars, located in nearby Hector, NY, while the dinner was held inside the Lake House on Canandaigua in the Rose Tavern. Our evening began with a seating arrangement that allowed guests to view the chefs working the kitchen, while enjoying conversation with other diners at our table. I started with a glass of Louis de Sacy brut, while my partner enjoyed the house cocktail “St Tropez Snowbird”. 

After a brief introduction from the hosts, we started the dinner with a crispy oyster appetizer paired with a 2018 Pinot Gris. The oyster was a perfect starter, light but with some depth of flavor, just like the wine pairing. 

The next course was a rich mafaldine pasta and duck ragu paired with a 2015 Lahoma Riesling as well as a 2015 Tango Oaks Riesling. The difference between the Rieslings was quite surprising, and I found myself enjoying the Tango Oaks more with the second course. While the Lahoma Riesling was sweet and crisp, it overpowered the richness of the ragu. The Tango Oaks Riesling was mellow and light enough to blend well with the foie gras and black truffle in the dish. 

The third course included a Pennsylvania lamb with vegetables, paired with a 2013 Merlot. The lead winemaker for Red Newt, Kelby Russell, mentioned that they are not well known for their reds amongst the Finger Lakes region. However, the glass was delightful and had notes of peppercorn and plum which paired nicely with the roasted lamb and seasonal vegetables.

The final dish was a chocolate intemperance cake with hazelnut praline and a caramel made from a reduction of the paired wine, a 2017 Late Harvest Riesling. This wine had quite a bit of citrus which was a nice contrast to the rich chocolate of the dessert. The caramel reduction had quite a bit of intensity which brightened both the cake and the wine itself. 

Overall the event was a wonderful way to spend an evening. I enjoyed discussing the wines with the hosts and getting to know our neighbours at the table. I would recommend an evening like this to anyone who wants to dabble in trying wines and enjoying quality food and conversation. 

For more information about Rose Tavern click here

For more information about Red Newt Cellars click here


  • Louis de Sacy Brut: A+
  • St Tropez Snowbird: B


  • Crispy Oyster – Lovely cornbread coated oyster with a well-balanced caviar and poached egg yolk. A perfect starter: A
  • Mafaldine Pasta – Very well balanced, perhaps a touch too much black truffle, pairs well with the Lahoma but not the Tango. Perfect portion : A
  • Pennsylvania Lamb – Large portion, carrots were superb, potatoes were delightful : A-
  • Chocolate Intemperance Cake – Praline was delightful, chocolate was nice, caramel was a reduction of the Riesling : A-

Wine pairings:

  • 2018 Pinot Gris : A- (pear)
  • 2015 Lahoma Riesling : B (sweet)
  • 2015 Tango Oaks Riesling : A (light) 
  • 2013 Glacier Ridge Merlot : B+ (peppercorn)
  • 2017 Late Harvest Riesling : B+ (citrus)

Review written by Autumn Ellen Rose for Good Spirits News

GSN Alert: Discover Flagstaff Virtual Beer Month This February

Northern Arizona has always been THE place for hiking, biking, skiing, and sightseeing in breathtaking beauty. But the real adventure begins in the heart of the city. Flagstaff’s local breweries have something to please everyone’s craft beer palate, from distinctive IPAs and light-hearted Sessions to limited-edition brews and Kölsch-style ales.

So grab a passport and start exploring the wild creativity that has turned Flagstaff into Arizona’s Craft Brew City. Best of all, your journey ends with the treasure of a lasting trail memory: A special-edition commemorative nonic-style pint glass. Cheers!


GSN Recommends: Custom Bar DIY – Designing the Perfect Home Bar

If you enjoy the occasional adult beverage, you’ve probably visited a few bars in your lifetime. Thanks to the “new normal” that focuses on staying safe at home, it’s a perfect time to consider designing your very own custom bar that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Setting up a bar in your home can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. With a few simple steps, you can easily design a custom-built bar so you can mix, sip, and mingle to your heart’s content. From the build to making sure you have the most important drink essentials, read on for some tips that will inspire you to design a new custom home bar, DIY-style.

Start with the space you have

Before you start working on your home bar design, you’ll need to designate a space for it in your home. Whether your house is large or small, it’s easy to start setting up a home bar that’s both fun and functional. Make sure that your bar space is comfortable and that there’s ample room for storage, mixing drinks, and serving. Determine what your bar budget is in advance. This will make it much easier for you to decide where the bar will be as well as its total size.

Larger homes with an extra spare bedroom, a room over the garage, or a basement offers you endless possibilities. However, if you happen to live in an apartment or condo, you can still enjoy a home bar in a corner of your living room or a section of the eat-in kitchen. Do a quick walkthrough of your home to get a few ideas for the location of the bar. Once you start the process of designing and building your bar, you’ll have a blast coming up with fun ideas and designs — no matter how large or small it is.

Designing and building your bar

There really are no rules in terms of creativity and style when it comes to building a DIY bar. While there are certainly a few must-haves, you’re free to design and build a custom bar any way you see fit. If you’re in doubt or need a bit of help with the build, don’t hesitate to call in a DIY-ing friend or family member, or hire an expert.

No matter how you do it, this project will give you a real sense of pride every time you concoct your signature cocktail. You can purchase a pre-built bar cabinet at your local or online furniture store, but for those who want to truly DIY, here are a few important details you’ll need to consider.

Bar dimensions

Bar height. Your bar should be 42 inches high with an overhang of at least 8 inches.

Bar width. The average bar top is between 16 and 20 inches wide, but you can always make yours wider if you have the room or narrower if you don’t.

Barstool height. Standard barstools are typically 30-inches tall, but it’s best to look for stools after you build the bar to ensure a proper fit.


Wood. Use high quality lumber and plywood for the frame and top of your bar. Connect the frame using standard wood screws.

Bar top. Here’s where you can get super creative. You have endless choices for the finished top of your bar, including wood, stone, tile, and stainless steel. You can also:

  • Build a shallow frame, fill it with anything imaginable — pennies, poker chips, poppies — and encase it in clear resin.
  • Pour a concrete top. You can embed it with broken glass, dye or etch it, or polish it to a high shine — or all of the above.
  • Construct a top from reclaimed barn wood, an old bowling alley floor, or a vintage Formica countertop.

Bar molding. Depending on the construction and style, molding can make a bar look finished and attractive. Your best bet is pre-cut molding, which you can stain or paint.

Bar front. Like the bar top, the front of the bar can be just about anything — try galvanized steel for a modern, industrial look; tin ceiling tiles for a vintage vibe; fabric for a warm, cozy feel; or DIY-stained glass made with plexiglass panels and stained-glass paints and lit from behind.


Before you start building, make sure you have all the tools and fasteners you’ll need. That list may include the following:

  • Miter saw, table saw, circular saw, and/or jigsaw.
  • Drill and wood or metal screws.
  • Nail gun and nails.
  • Hammer and finishing nails.
  • Level, tape measure, pencil, and T-square or carpenter square.
  • Hand sander and sanding paper.
  • Adhesive and caulk gun.

Don’t forget the must-have safety gear!

  • Gloves for hauling wood and heavy things.
  • Protective eyewear for using power tools.
  • Ear plugs for using loud saws.
  • A first-aid kit, just in case.

Bar essentials

Now that your custom home bar is complete, it’s time to stock it with the essentials to make it functional.

Bar furniture. Purchase some padded bar stools for you and your guests — the ones with a back are the most comfortable. Stools with a footrest are even better. Swivel bar stools make it easy for people to rotate and enjoy great conversations. If you need extra storage, a separate bar cabinet is another great addition to your bar area. And if your bar area is large, populate it with loungey furniture.

The right lighting. You don’t want your bar area lit by overhead fluorescent lights, no sir. Give your bar area a moodier vibe with lamps, pendant lights, or even color-changing LED string lights.

Music. Set the right mood, and keep the party going with music. Whether you prefer an old-school record player or want to pair your phone to your wireless speaker, get it all set up before your first shindig. 

Glassware. Stock your bar with a variety of glassware, such as beer steins and pint glasses for your favorite brews, low-ball and highball glasses for spirits, and shot glasses for shooters. If you can trust yourself and your guests with stemmed drinkware, hang your wine and champagne glasses upside down from the bar if you can. If you doubt, they’d still be upright by the end of the night, opt for stemless, egg-shaped glasses for the wine and bubbly.

Mixology Tools. To properly make cocktails, you’ll need a few essential mixing tools. Stock your bar with a mixing glass, shaker, jigger, and a Hawthorne strainer. A hand juicer is great for cocktails that include fresh citrus, while a nice vegetable peeler is great for garnishes. Don’t forget the bottle opener and wine bottle opener. Throw in an ice bucket if you want to avoid trips from the bar to the fridge and back.

Spirits: Keep things fresh and exciting by stocking your bar with a variety of spirits, including a good bottle of rum, vodka, tequila, brandy, Scotch, gin, and bourbon and your favorite mixers. If you’re on a budget, start with a couple of your favorite liquors, and grow your bar from the basics as time goes on.


Make sure that your home bar has the proper storage to hold and protect your tools, bottles, and drinkware. Store your spirits in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight. Too much light can affect the flavor of your drinks and cause them to taste watered down.

Store your mixing tools in a drawer behind the bar or in a big pitcher or vase on top of the bar. Store your glassware on shelves behind or under the bar, and keep your beverage napkins, stirrers, and straws in a caddy on top of the bar.

Take your home bar to another level with an under-bar fridge, ice maker, wine cooler, sink, or beer tap setup.

Entertainment in your new bar space

Mingling and sipping drinks is always fun, but adding a few classic forms of entertainment will make your bar more exciting, a place where everyone can gather, celebrate, and enjoy. Here are tips for entertainment you can include at your bar so that it’s always a great time, whether you’re reveling in a corner of the living room or have the entire basement for your play space.

  • Classic games like dominos, chess, checkers, and playing cards are always welcome at a bar.
  • Board games make for great bonding times and loads of fun with friends.
  • A karaoke machine makes you the star of the show. Make it even more fun with some colorful flashing lights, a disco ball, and a wireless sound system.
  • Add a dartboard, foosball table, or pool table to your bar area for hours of fun.
  • A jukebox is a fun and unique addition to any bar area.
  • A flat-screen TV behind the bar is icing on the cake if you’re a big sports fan or enjoy watching movies while sipping a cocktail at the bar.

The devil is in the details

Dress up your bar with some accessories, like an oversized mirror, a fun painted mural, or a beautiful tile backsplash. Hang a few framed movie posters, sports memorabilia, or rock ‘n’ roll poster art to make your bar unique to you. Put a large chalkboard on the wall where your friends and family can have fun doodling and getting creative as they sip and mingle. When it comes to the small (but mighty) details, the sky’s the limit, so remember to have fun and make sure that your custom home bar is a place where people will have hours of fun together — and always remember the good times they had.

Whether it’s a huge custom bar in your sprawling basement or a charming small corner of your den, creating a bar at home is an extremely rewarding experience. Look online for inspiration, and plan your bar out thoroughly before you begin building. With a little creativity, you can add some unique finishing touches that will make your home bar burst with personality. Throw in some entertainment, and you’ll be content to spend time at the bar without ever having to leave the house.

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GSN Review: Cincinnati’s Rebel Mettle Brewery

Last week, GSN received a surprise box of Crowlers from Rebel Mettle, one of the newer breweries which just opened in September, 2020. Already off to a great start, they have a family-friendly brewpub featuring a rotating selection of craft beers, live music and trivia nights. But, of course, it all comes down to the beer. How does it stack up in the virtual sea of brews available these days?

Here’s what we received:

STUBENTIGER (SESSION LAGER) 4.2% ABV • 16 IBU This was a perfect beer to pair with traditional German fare like pretzels, spaetzle, or a meat & cheese plate. Light, semi-malty and low in bitterness. We especially enjoyed the low ABV, which made drinking the entire 32oz an easy feat. We’d recommend starting with this brew and then moving on to…

METTLE MAYHEM (INDIA PALE LAGER) 5.0% ABV • 40 IBU A few years ago, lagers were kind of viewed as the joke of the beer world, but now they are recognized for their clean taste, smooth body and mild hops. So, it is only natural that brewers are beginning to experiment with hybrids. Enter, the IPL. We weren’t really sure what to expect with this one, but it knocked it out of the park. Really great and a borderline session beer that has just enough resin to let you know that they threw in some hops. This is a great one to pair with spicy warming foods like chili, Thai or Korean.

VOLUME (JUNIPER SCHWARZBIER) 8.5% ABV • 48 IBU With a supercharged ABV we were expecting the kind of beer that you’d be served in an 8oz tulip stem glass. However, this goes down easy and has a coffee/cocoa profile that is reminiscent of an after dinner dessert in a glass. This goes great with a creme brulee or ice cream at the end of a meal. Really a stellar brew.

Overall, these are all great and distinctly different beers, especially for this time of year when German style lagers fit right in with the transition between late summer and late autumn. We wish them luck with their new venture, and if you’re in the area, stop in and tell owner Mike Brown we said hello! Prosit!

For more information go to: Rebel Mettle Brewery

GSN Alert: How to Make a Toki Highball

Highball Part One: HOW TO MAKE AT  HOME.

In the 1950s, Shinjiro Torii, the founder of Suntory, helped cement highballs as an authentic way to enjoy whisky cocktails in Japan. The Japanese praised this simple, stylish cocktail as a refreshing way to drink whisky. Since then, Suntory has played an important role in reestablishing the highball as a popular cocktail for a new generation of whisky drinkers and today, if we were able to move out and about, you could walk into 100+ bars across the country that feature the Suntory Toki Highball Machine. Whether from the machine or made by hand, the recipe is simple:

  • Fill a tall glass to the brim with ice cubes and add 1 PART SUNTORY TOKI WHISKY
  • Stir to cool the glass and the whisky
  • Add 3 PARTS CHILLED SUPER-PREMIUM SODA WATER down the side of the glass to not burst the bubbles
  • Add citrus garnish and enjoy

To note – a ‘highball’ is defined as a spirit + carbonated beverage, so think of whisky & soda, gin & tonic or vodka & soda — featuring our Suntory Haku Japanese Vodka.

Highball Part Two: HOW TO CELEBRATE AT HOME. #SuntoryTimeAtHome

The House of Suntory is promoting a special moment of the day to ‘take a moment, take a sip, relax and enjoy.’ On Thursdays and Fridays, starting at 5pm ET, we’re asking you (and everyone!) to post a picture or video on your Instagram Story featuring a Toki Whisky or Haku Vodka Highball with #SuntoryTimeAtHome. Your post which will then be shared on the Suntory Instagram channel later that night. Our venerable Japanese colleagues have also participated – check out Shinji Fukuyo’s first toast HERE for Toki and Kazuyuki Torii’s first toast HERE for Haku.

Every Thursday starting at 5pm ET = #SuntoryTimeAtHome TOKI Highball Happy Hour

  • Pour yourself a Toki Highball or neat
  • Take a picture or video of you toasting to virtual happy hours and staying home
  • Post to your IG Story and tag @SuntoryWhisky AND use #SuntoryTimeAtHome
  • The brand IG channel will repost your image/video to help encourage and spark others to do the same

Every Friday starting at 5pm ET = #SuntoryTimeAtHome HAKU Highball Happy Hour

  • Pour yourself a Haku Japanese Vodka Highball, other Haku cocktail or neat
  • Take a picture or video of you toasting to virtual happy hours and staying home
  • Post to your IG Story and tag @SuntoryHakuVodka AND use #SuntoryTimeAtHome
  • The brand IG channel will repost your image/video to help encourage and spark others to do the same

Hopefully we can get a swell of posts and encourage our fans to join in. Consider it a little morale boosting and fun way to (distantly) connect all across the globe!

Highball Part Three: HOW TO GET AT HOME.

Many acclaimed bars and restaurants across the country have shifted gears and are now offering Toki and Haku Highball Kits for takeout and/or delivery. Please inquire if you’re interested in learning more about these establishments and their offerings. The cities we currently have account lists and ‘how to buy’ info for include: New York City, Seattle and San Francisco.



Patent Pending (49 W. 27th Street, Nomad)

  • Menu highlights: Strange Magic featuring Haku Japanese Vodka, strawberry, madeira, grapefruit, lemon, prosecco and seltzer for $17.
  • How to order: Order for takeout and delivery via Instagram DM or by calling 424-216-6945. Delivery also available via the Cocktaily app or website. 

Bohemian (57 Great Jones Street, Noho)

  • Menu highlights: Noho Sling featuring Roku Japanese Gin, plum aragoshi sake, pomegranate syrup, shiso leaf, grapefruit and yuzu juice; Jimi’s View with lavender-infused Haku Japanese Vodka. All cocktails $13.
  • How to order: Order for delivery and take out via DoorDash, UberEats and Caviar.

Gupshup (115 E. 18th Street, Gramercy Park)

  • Menu highlights: Tiger Highball featuring Suntory Whisky Toki and a cardamom fizz for $13.
  • How to order: Order for takeout and delivery via their website, GrubHub, Caviar and UberEats.

Little Branch (22 7th Avenue, West Village)

  • Menu highlights: Sea Way featuring El Tesoro Blanco Tequila, orange bitters, cherry herring, float of Islay; Juan Collins with El Tesoro Blanco Tequila, simple syrup, lemon juice, salt and Topo Chico grapefruit; Snaquiri with El Tesoro Blanco Tequila, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and muddle jalapeno. All cocktails priced at $18 each.
  • How to order: Order cocktails and pretzels to-go via the side window on Saturdays from 3-9pm.

Clover Club / Leyenda (210 Smith Street, Brooklyn)

  • Menu highlights: Leyenda Margarita featuring El Tesoro Blanco, Cointreau and lime for $25 (two 8oz servings) or $80 (eight 8oz servings); Sonambula featuring jalapeno-infused El Tesoro Blanco Tequila, chamomile lemon mole and peychaud bitters for $25 (two 8oz servings) or $80 (eight 8oz servings; Palo Negro featuring El Tesoro Reposado Tequila, Palo Cortado Sherry, Blackstrap Rum and Grand Marnier for $25 (two 8oz servings) or $80 (eight 8oz servings)
  • How to order: Order online HERE. Orders are ready for pickup Tuesdays from 3-5pm and Fridays from 3-6pm at Clover Club. All orders placed Friday-Monday will be available for Tuesday pick up. All orders placed Tuesday-Thursday will be available for Friday pick up. Orders must be placed the day before – no same day orders.

The Hidden Pearl / Wanpaku (621 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint)

  • Menu highlights: Suntory Whisky Toki Highball bottled straight from their Toki Highball Machine for $9
  • How to order: Order for takeout and delivery via GrubHub, Postmates, UberEats and Caviar.

Donna Taqueria (27 Broadway, Brooklyn)

  • Menu highlights: Japanese Daisy featuring Suntory Whisky Toki, Mizu Lemongrass Shochu, Lustau Amontillado Sherry, lime, orange blossom and seltzer for $30 (serves two).
  • How to order: Order for takeout and delivery via GrubHub and UberEats.



Republique (624 S. La Brea, LA)

  • Menu highlights: Oaxan Old Fashioned featuring El Tesoro Reposado “Republique” Single Barrel Tequila, mezcal, agave, mole bitters and a grapefruit peel
  • How to order: Pre-order through Tock

Petty Cash (7360 Beverly Blvd, LA)

  • Menu highlights: Oaxan Old Fashioned featuring El Tesoro Reposado “Petty Cash” Single Barrel Tequila, mezcal, agave, mole bitters and a grapefruit peel; full 750ml bottle of El Tesoro “Petty Cash” Single Barrel Tequila
  • How to order: Pre-order through Tock

Bar Toscano Brentwood (11633 San Vincente Blvd, Brentwood)

  • Menu highlights: Nacho Libre featuring El Tesoro Blanco, lime juice, prickly pear puree, Combier, agave nector, peychaud’s bitters. All cocktails made to order served in16oz air-tight sealed mason jar and can be batch ordered for 4, 6 or more (25%!).
  • How to order: Call 310-826-0028 for take out and curbside pickup; email to pre-order before 4pm; or delivery via Postmates 

Additionally, the following restaurants and bars are offering full 750ml El Tesoro bottles to go and via delivery:

Elephante (1332 2nd Street, Santa Monica)

  • What’s to buy: El Tesoro Blanco ($48), Reposado ($55) and Anejo ($65)
  • How to order: Order takeout online HERE or via the Toast Takeout App. Delivery available via Caviar.

Massilia Santa Monica (1445 4th Street, Santa Monica)

  • What’s to buy: El Tesoro Reposado ($60)
  • How to order: Order online HERE for curbside pickup.  Delivery/pick up also available via UberEats.

Zinque DTLA (939 S. Broadway, DTLA)

  • What’s to buy: El Tesoro Reposado ($60)
  • How to order: Order online HERE for curbside pickup.  Delivery/pick up also available via UberEats. 



Pacific Cocktail Haven (580 Sutter Street, Union Square)

  • Menu highlights: El Tesoro “PCH” Single Barrel Cocktail Kit (full 750ml bottle of El Tesoro Reposado “PCH” Single Barrel Tequila, limes and choice of mixers) for $58.
  • How to order: Call (415) 398-0195 to order cocktails for take-out.   

Recovery Room (4528 Mission Street, Mission Terrace)

  • Menu highlights: The Guadalajara (El Tesoro Blanco, Lillet Blanc, mango pulp, fresh lime juice, Habanero tincture) for $10 each or three cocktails for $27.
  • How to order: Call (415) 523-6988 to order cocktails for take-out. 

Mina Family Kitchen (operating out of PABU, 101 California Street, FiDi)

  • Menu highlights: Japanese Whisky Flight (2oz pours of Suntory Whisky Toki, Hibiki Japanese Harmony and Yamazaki 12 Year Old) for $25; Toki Highball, bottled straight from their Suntory Toki Highball Machine for $12 (serves three); Joban (Hibiki Japanese Harmony, Cynar Artichoke Liqueur, amaretto dry vermouth) for $12 (serves 2); Negroni (Roku Gin, Punt e Mes Vermouth, Campari) for $12 (serves 2); Sake-tini (Haku Japanese Vodka, Junmai Daiginjo Sake, yuzu, Asian pear) for $12 (serves 2).
  • How to order: Call (415) 722-2138 (Note: All phone orders for pickup will receive 10% discount). Or email at 

Ozumo (161 Steuart Street, Embarcadero)

  • Menu highlights: Toki Highball, bottled straight from their Suntory Whisky Toki Highball Machine; Roku Japanese Gimlet with Ozumo zen tea, lemon, shiso and a touch of jalapeno oil; and the Giddy Geisha, their signature lychee and passionfruit martini made with Haku Japanese Vodka. All bottled cocktails are $24 and serve two.
  • How to order: Cocktail orders can be placed by calling or texting (415) 882-1333. 

Saap Avenue (4395 Piedmont Ave #2, Oakland)

  • Menu highlights: Suntory Toki Whisky, Haku Japanese Vodka, Roku Japanese Gin Highballs – buy any three cocktails, get any one highball for free!
  • How to order: Call (510) 361-6498 to order cocktails for take-out with purchase of food.

Sons of Liberty Alehouse (150 W. Juana Ave, San Leandro, CA)

  • Menu highlights: Blood Orange Margarita (El Tesoro Reposado Tequila, Solerno Blood Orange Liqeur, fresh blood orange juice, agave, fresh lime juice); Jungle Booby (El Tesoro Reposado Tequila, Aperol, pineapple, fresh lime and grapefruit juice, orgeat, absinthe); Carter Beats the Devil (El Tesoro Blanco Tequila, Vida Mezcal, fresh lime juice, agave, Thai chili tincture); SOLA Paloma (El Tesoro Blanco Tequila, Giffard Pampleousse Liquor, fresh grapefruit juice, lime juice, squirt). All cocktails are $10 for individual portions; $20 for growlers.
  • How to order: Call (510) 352-7652 to order cocktails for take-out with purchase of food.

Otaez (1619 Webster Street, Alameda, CA)

  • Menu highlights: Don Felipe Margarita (El Tesoro Reposado Tequila, Otaez signature margarita mix, fresh lime juice) for $10 single-serve cocktail or $40 pitcher.
  • How to order: Call (510) 521-9090 to order cocktails for take-out with purchase of food.

East Bay Spice Co. (2134 Oxford Street, Berkeley, CA)

  • Menu highlights: Spicy Mango Margarita (El Tesoro Blanco, Lillet Blanc, mango pulp, fresh lime juice, Habanero tincture) for $10 each or three cocktails for $27.
  • How to order: Pre-order cocktails by emailing or by sending an Instagram message with date and time of pickup. Pick up is available from 5-8pm.



Tamari Bar (500 Pine Street) & Rondo Japanese Kitchen (224 Broadway)

  • Menu highlights: Both of these sisters restaurants are offering their Toki Classic Highball Kit, bottled straight from their Suntory Toki Highball Machine, including a premium Japanese ice cube
  • How to order: Order take out online from Tamari Bar HERE and Rondo Japanese Kitchen HERE. Both restaurants are also available for delivery via Caviar and UberEats. 

Taku (706 E. Pine Street)

  • Menu highlights: Suntory Toki Whisky, Roku Japanese Gin and Haku Japanese Vodka Highball Kits (include a full 750ml bottle and case of premium soda water); full bottles of rare Japanese whiskies including Hibiki 21 Year Old, Hibiki 12 Year Old and Yamazaki 12 Year Old.
  • How to order: Order online HERE or call ahead (206) 829-9418 for take out. Delivery available via Caviar.

GSN Alert: 2020 James Beard Award Beverage Nominees

The James Beard Awards are given in many categories, including chefs and restaurants, books, journalism, and broadcast media, plus restaurant design, leadership, humanitarian work, and lifetime achievement

Beverage with Recipes
Last Call: Bartenders on Their Final Drink and the Wisdom and Rituals of Closing Time
Brad Thomas Parsons
(Ten Speed Press)

The Martini Cocktail: A Meditation on the World’s Greatest Drink, with Recipes
Robert Simonson
(Ten Speed Press)

The NoMad Cocktail Book
Leo Robitschek
(Ten Speed Press)

Beverage without Recipes
The Complete Guide to Japanese Drinks: Sake, Shochu, Japanese Whisky, Beer, Wine, Cocktails and Other Beverages
Stephen Lyman and Chris Bunting
(Tuttle Publishing)

Red & White: An Unquenchable Thirst for Wine
Oz Clarke
(Little, Brown Book Group)

World Atlas of Wine 8th Edition
Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson
(Mitchell Beazley)

Wine, Spirits, and Other Beverages
“How Climate Change Impacts Wine”
Eric Asimov
The New York Times

“May I Help You With That Wine List?”
Ray Isle
Food & Wine

“Seltzer Is Over. Mineral Water Is Forever.”
Jordan Michelman

Outstanding Bar Program
A restaurant or bar that demonstrates exceptional care and skill in the selection, preparation, and serving of cocktails, spirits, and/or beer.

Anvil Bar & Refuge

Portland, OR

Kimball House
Decatur, GA

Lost Lake

Trick Dog
San Francisco

Outstanding Wine Program
A restaurant or bar that demonstrates excellence in wine service through a carefully considered wine list and a well-informed approach to helping customers choose and drink wine.

New Orleans

Portland, OR


Miller Union

Night + Market Sahm
Venice, CA


Outstanding Wine, Beer or Spirits Producer
A beer, wine, or spirits producer who demonstrates consistency and exceptional skill in his or her craft.

Scott Blackwell and Ann Marshall
High Wire Distilling Co.
Charleston, SC

Cathy Corison
Corison Winery
St. Helena, CA

Drew Kulsveen
Willett Distillery
Bardstown, KY

Todd Leopold and Scott Leopold
Leopold Bros.

Lance Winters
St. George Spirits
Alameda, CA


GSN’s One For the Road: 3rd Wave Brewing Co., Delmar, DE

The idea of 3rd Wave Brewing Company began in 2010, when long time friends Lori Clough and Suellen Vickers began taking classes at Xtreme Brewing located in Laurel, DE and home brewing on Suellen’s back porch. When Evolution Craft Brewing Company decided to change locations and sell their existing brewery in Delmar, DE, Suellen and Lori took the leap and jumped at the chance to buy the brewery and make their dream a reality. 3rd Wave Brewing Co. was officially founded, September 2012 in the small town of Delmar, DE. Finally, co-owners, Lori and Suellen were able to turn their back yard home brews into professionally crafted ales.

Today you can find two of their original home brew creations done in the brewery’s 10 barrel brewhouse, 1st Wave IPA and the Big Reef Porter. They chose the name 3rd Wave Brewing Company in honor of their mutual love of the beach and surfing. Waves come in sets of 3 and the 3rd wave is always the best.

Three and half years ago, they brought on current head brewer Matt Ellison from Syracuse, NY (Hi, Matt!) who began his brewing journey when he was only 10 years old! He’s older now. 🙂

3rd Wave shares their love of the beach and beer by naming their beers with surfing terms and some Hawaiian words. Their tasting room is decorated with surfing memorabilia and has a chill, beach-like vibe and they bring in rotating food trucks on the weekends.

For more information go to: 3rd Wave Brewing Co

GSN’s One For the Road: Evolution Craft Brewing Co., Salisbury, MD

Evolution’s story starts as a tale of two brothers, Tom with a passion for craft beer, and John with a passion for food.

Awarded “Best Craft Brewery”, “Best Bar”, & “Best Atmosphere” by locals, Evolution’s tasting room bar offers all eVo mainline beers and seasonal selections. They also also feature small batch brews (ones that never make it to market) which are released exclusively at the Pub Bar and Tasting Room only. Come enjoy your favorite brew at the bar and let us recommend the perfect pairing from our menu selection.

Offering the freshest fare possible, Evolution’s The Public House uses local farmers, local water, and many other locally sourced products. Their belief is keep it simple, keep it pure. Along with great selection of rotating beers, you will find a variety of menu items ranging from grass fed burgers, all natural steaks to locally caught seafood. Buying from local markets year round, all of their menu items are made from scratch daily. Incorporating seasonal eVo beers in many dishes is another unique touch you will find.

For more information go to: Evolution Craft Brewing

GSN’s One For the Road: Tall Tales Brewing Co., Parsonsburg, MD

Tall Tales Brewing Company is located in a small town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. As an artisan brewery, they are consistently releasing new and rotational beers in addition to year-round offerings. All of their beer is brewed and canned on site along Maryland’s Rt. 50, the Ocean Gateway. The brewery is situated on 22 acres and is known for its lush landscape, outdoor bar, and seating areas.

A large part of their commitment to quality is to provide delicious beer in an ecologically responsible manner. To this end, the brewery strives to use sustainable practices throughout all of their operations. But, there’s more than just beer! All of their food is prepared using whole ingredients and fired with wood in our Italian ovens.

For more information go to: Tall Tales Brew

GSN’s One For the Road: Burley Oak Brewing Co. Berlin, MD

The inspiration for the Burley Oak Brewing Company name was derived from the location of their town, their traditional brewing methods and the history of their brewhouse. The town of Berlin had its start around the 1790s as part of the Burley Plantation, a 300-acre (1.2 km2) land grant dating back to 1677. It just so happens, that Burley Ok’s building was originally a Cooperage – making oak barrels to fill with local produce and seafood to ship off to Baltimore in the early 1900’s. And they are bringing barrels back to the building, aiding in the aging of their hand-crafted ales.

In 2011 Brooks Clayville contacted Bryan Brushmiller about his love for farming and trying to grow new crops, including Maryland indigenous plants and brewing grains. As a Soil Scientist Brooks knew all too well what these small grains need to grow on the Eastern Shore. After a good bit of research Brooks decided on a grain and the duo started planting. The first trial failed and they tried again and again. In late 2013 they finally found what all the necessary components were to grow and harvest a barley that was able to be malted. This research, trial and error, and overall learning curve adaptation lead to Burley Oak’s grain to glass series called, Home Grown Ales. The first beer in this series is Loakal, Pale Ale.

Burley Oak quickly became one of the most popular and sought after breweries on the East Coast. While their IPAs have consistently garnered plenty of praise and adoration over the years, Burley Oak’s J.R.E.A.M. beers (blended sour ales that feature an loads of fruits and other wild flavors) drive people to wait in line for hours every weekend at Burley Oak’s can release just to get their hands on a few four packs. Once you try one, you’ll instantly understand why craft beer fans around the world will go to any length to get ahold of these tasty treats.

For more information go to: Burley Oak

GSN’s One For the Road: Backshore Brewing, Ocean City, MD

Backshore Brewing is the first Nano Brewery of it’s kind, located on the boardwalk in Ocean City Maryland. Opened in 2012 and home to a six tap draft line, one of which is Nitro. Head Brewer Mathew Shockley and Manager/Assistant Brewer Nathan Todd craft two-barrel batches of beer from a wide variety of styles ranging from simple and light, pale or hoppy, to complex and dark.

The draft list is always changing weekly, and variety is the key word in what they do, it’s “the spice of life.” Never will you find multiple taps showing the same style of beer. They believe that there is more to brewing than what’s “hip” or “happening right now” and have made it their goal to make every style of beer there is possible. Step outside your comfort zone and join them on a trip as they showcase the most amazing food group, beer!

For more information got to: Back Shore Brew

GSN’s One For the Road: Grand Canyon Brewing & Distillery, Flagstaff AZ

In mid-2017 the Grand Canyon Brewing Company moved 0.5 miles down the street from its longtime home behind Cruisers Route 66 Cafe, after 10 great years… it is time to grow. Originally the Winchester Steakhouse, and now destined to be the new home of Grand Canyon Brewery, housing not only their brewpub, but also a brand-new production facility, company offices, vacation rental (located less than 100ft from the brewery), new cold storage warehouse, and finally a new separate building for barrel aging and wild fermentation.

Their 250 gallon pot still took her maiden voyage in October of 2017. Grand Canyon currently produces vodka, prickly pear vodka,  rum,  gin,  orange blossom vodka  & un-aged corn whiskey. As well, they are currently aging over 100 barrels of bourbon whiskey, single malt whiskey and other craft spirits for future release.

For more information go to: Grand Canyon Brewery

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GSN’s One For the Road: Mother Road Brewing Company, Flagstaff AZ

The Mother Road was the moniker given to U.S. Highway 66 by Grapes of Wrath author John Steinbeck, as he shared the story of the fictional Joad family, who traveled the road in hopes of trading desperation and heartache for hope and new beginnings. Founded in 2011, was Mother Road Brewing Company. The brewery now resides along a lost portion of the storied highway, symbolizing both the journey we’ve made and our passion for craft beer, motoring and history. 

Their intimate tasting room allows you to relax with a pint and enjoy conversation, read a book from our small library, or play one of the house board games.  Children and families are welcome and encouraged to join us. The patio welcomes well behaved, leashed dogs.  Sit with your best friend by the fire and enjoy a cold pint of Mother Road’s Conserve And Protect Kölsch, Sunday Drive, or their Lost Highway Double Black IPA.

For more information go to: Mother Road Beer

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GSN’s One For the Road: Dark Sky Brewing Company, Flagstaff AZ

Pushing the limits on flavor/style combinations with over 500 different recipes to date. They love to brew beer for the city that loves to drink it! Flagstaff is the World’s first international dark sky city and Dark Sky Brewing is all about it.

Pizzicleta is the restaurant inside of Dark Sky, offering wood fired pizza with pizza dough that is naturally-leavened and fermented for three or more days, making it easier to digest. The organic produce is sourced from local farms and humanely-raised pork and dairy is selected from both Italy and the U.S. They also have an eclectic menu of appetizers.

On tap at Dark Sky this week are: Barrel Aged Cielo Oscuro B2 Stout, Buffalo Trace BA Flag 7 Porter, Burn In Helles Smoked Helles, and Dope Lager IPL.

For more information go to: Dark Sky Brewing

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