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6c96bf4748286d759547a3e57c3fa76e-44c08146ad8246614a1eb97d8cc36ee9Paula’s Texas Spirits, based in Austin, has added a Grapefruit Liqueur to its portfolio, joining Paula’s Texas Orange and Lemon liqueurs. The new entry is made with Ruby Red grapefruit from the Rio Grande Valley. Distributed by RNDC, Paula’s Texas Grapefruit Liqueur (27% abv) is retailing at about $18 in Texas at chains like Twin Liquors and Goody Goody Liquors, and is also present in a number of independent retail accounts.

smoothamblerlogoThis summer, Maxwelton, West Virginia-based Smooth Ambler Spirits will release a sourced American whiskey made in Tennessee. In the fall, the craft distiller will reach a major milestone with the launch of a mature flagship Bourbon made at its own site. The wheated Bourbon, as yet unnamed, will be between five and six years old.

Bacardi-Grapefruit-Rum__68509.1463169643.220.290Bacardi is extending its flagship rum brand with two new flavors, Grapefruit and Raspberry, ahead of the summer season. Bacardi Grapefruit is a white rum infused with pink grapefruit flavors, while the Raspberry offering is made with citrus raspberry flavors. Both new entries retail at about $13 a 750-ml. Bacardi says it will promote its Grapefruit and Raspberry flavor launches with punch recipes geared toward the summer party occasion.

522396_1_1Frederick Wildman & Sons will debut three new gins this year under the Edinburgh Gin brand from Spencerfield Spirits. Launching now is Edinburgh Cannonball Navy Strength, a 114-proof gin retailing at $49. This summer a Seaside gin, characterized by native Scottish botanicals foraged from the coastline, will follow. And in the final quarter of the year, Wildman will add an Edinburgh Christmas gin, infused with nutmeg, frankincense and myrrh. The Seaside and Christmas gins are both 86 proof and will retail at $40.

downloadCanadian Club is launching its 100% Rye whisky in the U.S. Produced by Beam Suntory’s Calgary-based partner distillery Alberta Distillers Ltd., Canadian Club 100% Rye is aged in three different types of barrels, including new American oak, once-used Bourbon and Canadian whisky casks, and then blended. The 40%-abv expression is rolling out across the U.S. this month, retailing at $20 a 750-ml.

SM_RWB_Bottle_copy20160525Smirnoff vodka has released a limited edition berry-flavored extension ahead of the summer season. Currently debuting nationwide, Smirnoff Red, White & Berry features a blend of cherry, citrus and blue raspberry flavors and is targeted toward the shot, cocktail and frozen treat occasions. The 30%-abv entry is packaged in a red, white and blue bottle and retails at $13 a 750-ml.

Nine-Moons-Gin-Martin-MillersMartin Miller’s Gin, part of the Reformed Spirits Co. portfolio, is extending its lineup with a new single-cask-aged gin, 9 Moons. Aged in single Bourbon casks for nine months, 9 Moons will launch later this year in a run of about 2,000 individually-numbered bottles. The 40%-abv cask-aged gin will be priced in the super-premium segment, retailing above the existing Martin Miller’s expressions, which include the flagship Martin Miller’s brand (around $28) and the higher-proof Westbourne Strength ($35).

33034Minnesota-based Prestige Wine & Spirits has added a Red offshoot to its Kinky liqueur range. Featuring a blend of premium vodka with watermelon and strawberry flavors, Kinky Red ($20) marks the fourth entry in Kinky’s liqueur lineup, joining Pink, Blue and Gold expressions. The Kinky brand also comprises the Kinky and Extra Kinky cocktail ranges, as well as Kinky vodka, which Prestige says is on track to sell upwards of 100,000 nine-liter cases this year.

All information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

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LTB122-15-CranGose_6pk_3D-1-300x283Vermont-based Long Trail Brewing Co. is adding two new offerings to its year-round portfolio—Green Blaze IPA and Cranberry Gose. Green Blaze (6.5% abv) is an American IPA brewed with Mosaic, Equinox, Columbus and Chinook hops that is replacing the company’s English-style IPA in the core lineup. Cranberry Gose is brewed with cranberries from Massachusetts’ Bluewater Farms. Both Cranberry Gose and Green Blaze will be available year-round on draft and in 12-ounce bottles throughout the company’s distribution footprint.

image_thumbPortland, Maine’s Allagash Brewing Company is introducing its Little Brett beer—brewed with wild yeast Brettanomyces—in four-packs of 12-ounce bottles for the first time. Made with Allagash’s house strain of Brettanomyces, Little Brett is dry-hopped with Mosaic hops. Little Brett (4.8% abv) was created a few years ago as part of the Allagash Brewing pilot project, in which employees have the opportunity to create new beers on a 10-gallon pilot system

slingback_perry_aleHigh Heel Brewing—a new craft brewery specializing in female-targeted beers—is launching its first two brews in Florida this summer. Founded by master brewer Kristi McGuire, St. Louis-based High Heel has partnered with contract brewer Brew Hub to produce Slingback, a 5.4%-abv Perry Ale, and Too Hop’d To Handle, an 8.4%-abv American IPA. The pair will be brewed at Brew Hub’s Lakeland, Florida-based facility, packaged in four-packs of 12-ounce bottles. High Heel’s portfolio will initially be available throughout Florida, distributed by Republic National Distributing Co., as well as at Brew Hub’s Lakeland tasting room.

Lemongrass-6pHawaii-based Kona Brewing Company, part of the Craft Brew Alliance (CBA), is introducing blonde ale Lemongrass Luau ahead of the summer season. Brewed with lemongrass and ginger, the new entry is part of Kona’s Aloha Series of specialty releases brewed with Hawaii-inspired ingredients. Lemongrass Luau (5% abv) will be available in six-packs and on draft.

aipaSt. Louis’ Schlafly Beer is introducing a new America IPA as part of its rotating seasonal IPA program. The new entry is made with U.S.-grown hops from Oregon and Washington farms. The American IPA (7.2% abv) follows Schlafly’s special releases Farmhouse IPA and Tasmanian IPA, and will be available on draft and in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles ($10.99) throughout the company’s distribution network through September.

bronx-summerThe Bronx Brewery is rolling out its seasonal Summer Pale Ale in a new format, six-packs of 12-ounce cans. With distribution across the New York tri-state area, Bronx’s new Summer Pale Ale six-packs retail at $9.99 to $11.99 depending on the market. Brewed with citrus hops and dried lemon peel, the seasonal brew is inspired by master brewer Damian Brown’s years of living in Germany drinking radler beers.

STiVOCalifornia-based craft brewers Russian River Brewing Co. and Firestone Walker Brewing Co. have collaborated on the new release STiVO, a blend of their respective pilsner offerings. Russian River owners Vinnie and Natalie Cilurzo worked with Firestone Walker’s brewmaster Matt Brynildson on STiVO Keller Pils (6.3% abv), which is brewed with German Saphir and Alsatian Aramis hops. The collaborative pilsner is available on draft for a limited time across Firestone Walker’s distribution footprint.

All information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

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mint_julepYou would think that National Mint Julep Day would be held at the same time as the Kentucky Derby, but it is not so.  But, any day is a good day for this iconic American creation.  It turns out that the Mint Julep is most likely the oldest cocktail served in the United States, going back to the original 13 colonies.

Author and cocktail historian David Wondrich recently published his findings in his revised and expanded version of Imbibe! Updated and Revised Edition: From Absinthe Cocktail to Whiskey Smash, a Salute in Stories and Drinks to “Professor” Jerry Thomas, Pioneer of the American Bar.  Here’s a pertinent excerpt from a recent interview Dave had with Robert Simonson.

RS: There’s new material on drinks in the new book, particularly the history of the Julep, which you say is a much older drink than previously thought.

DW: It’s a much earlier drink. In 1770, in Virginia, there are two solid references to the julep being a recreational drink. That’s a big deal, I think. I had looked at the part on the julep in the original edition and I was shocked and disappointed. I wrote almost nothing about it. I wanted to kick myself, because that’s the most important drink.

RS: You call it the “first true American drink.”
DW: It’s a foundational drink. It’s how we started to be different. The mint julep is also the only drink that I’ve championed that hasn’t been revived yet.

RS: Really? People make nice mint juleps at many places.
DW: Some. Not so much. Nobody really specializes in them. People will make them if you ask.

RS: And it was a brandy drink originally?
DW: In the 1700s, it was a rum drink. The Revolutionary War years and a little after, a whiskey drink. Once the country got rich again and started making money again, it was a brandy drink, up until the Civil War.

RS: Can we say it was originally a Virginia drink?
DW: That seems to be the case. But I think it was [bartender Orsamus] Willard at the City Hotel in New York who popularized the iced version.

And here is Wondrich’s favorite (and authentic) version for you to try at home:

The Prescription Julep
1.5 ounces VSOP cognac or other good brandy
0.5 ounce rye whiskey
2 tsp sugar (to taste), dissolved in 1/2 ounce water
2 sprigs fresh mint, plus more for garnish

Place the sugar and water in a tall glass or julep cup and muddle until sugar is dissolved. Add mint leaves to the sugar syrup and gently press to release the flavorful oil (don’t get too aggressive: smashing up the mint releases bitterness in the leaves). Add the spirits and stir to combine. Fill glass with crushed ice and stir with bar spoon until the glass begins to frost, adding more crushed ice if needed. Garnish with a fresh sprig of mint; serve with a straw.

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steadyrolling-fixedCleveland-based Great Lakes Brewing Company is releasing summer seasonal Steady Rollin’ Session IPA. The 4.8%-abv, single-hop offering is also a part of the company’s Fridge Filler Variety Pack. Steady Rollin’ is brewed with Harrington 2-row and Crystal 45 malts and Mosaic hops. It’s available in six- and 12-packs, in the variety pack and on draft for the summer season.

genesee-ipaRochester, New York-based Genesee Brew House is releasing two new offerings this spring, an IPA and Pilsner. The IPA is brewed with four different types of hops, while the North German-style Pilsner features noble German hops with pilsner malt. Genesee IPA will be available year-round, while the Pilsner will be available for a limited time beginning this month. Genesee is part of the North American Breweries portfolio, which also includes Pyramid Breweries, Magic Hat, Labatt and Honey Brown Lager.

unnamed-9-134x300New Paltz, New York-based Smart Beer is rolling out its second brew, an Organic IPA. The new IPA joins Organic Golden Ale (5.5% abv) in the company’s lineup. Smart Beer’s distribution footprint has expanded since its debut last October from a base in New York’s Hudson Valley to New York City, where it’s available across all five boroughs, including Whole Foods and the Mets’ Citi Field. The brewer’s organic, non-GMO beers are made from locally grown ingredients.

facemelter_clearChicago’s Burnt City Brewing is introducing three of its year-round beers in canned format. Dick the Butcher Pale Ale (5.3% abv), Face Melter Hibiscus IPA (7% abv) and Balloon Boy Farmhouse Wheat Ale (5% abv) were canned at the company’s production facility on the South Side of Chicago. All three will be available in six-packs of 12-ounce cans for about $9.99 throughout Burnt City’s distribution network of the Chicago region, northern Illinois, northern Indiana and Alabama.

Innis-Gunn-VintageScottish craft brewer Innis & Gunn has launched a new limited-edition brew, Innis & Gunn Vintage. Brewed with crystal malt, roasted barley and Styrian and Goldings hops, Vintage is aged in first-fill American Bourbon barrels for 100 days, then bottled with live yeast to create natural carbonation. The 7.7%-abv entry is available in 25-ounce bottles across 22 U.S. markets, retailing at around $20.

All information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

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Bookers-ryeBeam Suntory is unveiling new limited release expressions for two of its super-premium American whiskey labels. This month, the small-batch Booker’s brand is being extended with Booker’s Rye, a 13-year-old unfiltered rye whiskey bottled at 68.1% abv. The first rye whiskey for Booker’s, it’s debuting in very limited quantities at about $300 a 750-ml. bottle. Also launching in May is Knob Creek 2001 Limited Edition Bourbon. Aged for 14 years, the 50%-abv expression is available in three different batches, retailing at around $130 a 750-ml. bottle.

4ca3d110-2bd1-4a8f-8df6-a5db406bd731Wyoming Whiskey is launching a new Private Stock Barrel Program for retailers and restaurants next month. Accounts nationwide will be able to choose their own private barrel from five different 100-ml. samples ranging from 92-97 proof. Each barrel yields between 34-38 cases. The Kirby, Wyoming-based company’s portfolio includes a flagship Small Batch Bourbon ($43), as well as Single Barrel Bourbon ($60) and Barrel Strength Bourbon ($199).

2016-05-19-15-33-singlecaskrangewithbox_cropped_90Pernod Ricard’s Glenlivet single malt brand is introducing its first single-cask Scotch whiskies to the U.S. market under The Glenlivet Single Cask Edition Pullman Train Collection. The three single-cask offerings include Pullman Club Car (aged 18 years in Sherry butt), Pullman Twentieth Century Limited (aged 19 years in European oak butt) and Pullman Water Level Route (aged 15 years in American oak hogshead). About 1,500 bottles of the Pullman collection are coming to market, retailing at $350 apiece. The range highlights The Glenlivet’s historical ties to first-class railroad company Pullman, which offered 2-ounce miniatures of the brand as the only Scotch whisky in its U.S. dining cars.

EW-Heros-114x300Heaven Hill Brands is releasing a special “American Hero” edition of its Evan Williams Black Bourbon to honor military veterans. Available nationwide through July 4, the red, white and blue bottle features individual stories of different U.S. heroes with stars and stripes on the label. Evan Williams’ American Heroes bottle retails for about $25 a 1.75-ml. and is being supported by a national advertising campaign

rum12Impact “Hot Brand” RumChata is relaunching its philanthropic Freedom Bottle this summer. The limited edition package, retailing around $20 a 750-ml., will be available through July 4, with all sales benefiting the Lone Survivor Foundation (LSF). Since launching in 2014, RumChata’s Freedom Bottle program has raised more than $485,000 for LSF, which supports wounded service members and their families. RumChata grew 12% to over 600,000 cases in the U.S. last year.

ardbeg-dark-cove-46-5-e-c-17256442z0-17273767Moët Hennessy USA has unveiled a new special edition of its Ardbeg single malt brand, Dark Cove. A no-age-statement, 46.5% abv malt, Ardbeg Dark Cove is a blend of whiskies matured in ex-Bourbon and dark Sherry casks. Launching at the end of this month, Dark Cove ($110 a 750-ml.) is limited to a release of 1,100 nine-liter cases. Ardbeg, an Islay malt, has nearly tripled in size in the U.S. market over the past five years, to over 20,000 cases.

Hangar1-Fog-Point-bridge-720x480Hangar 1 Vodka, part of the Proximo Spirits portfolio, has launched Fog Point, a limited edition made with San Francisco fog water. The product is made in collaboration with FogQuest, a non-profit dedicated to creating sustainable water sources.

All information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

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World Whisky Day invites everyone to try a dram and celebrate the water of life. Events are taking place all over the globe. If you can’t find an event happening near you why not host your own World Whisky day event? All you need is a bottle of whisky to share with your friends. World Whisky day celebrates all types of whisky/whiskey and encourages everyone to enjoy whisky responsibly.

World Whisky Day is all about making whisky fun and enjoyable. It’s not about being exclusive or prescriptive. You can drink it however you enjoy it (ice, water, mixer – whatever works for you). We want to be all inclusive and that means any kind of whisky/whiskey from anywhere in the world.

For more info go to: World Whisky Day

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BP 12oz Beer Labels_FN_OLBallast Point, the California craft brewer acquired by Constellation recently for $1 billion, is rolling out its Watermelon Dorado Double IPA in 12-ounce cans across the country. The 10%-abv, year-round Watermelon Dorado was previously available in bottles and on draft. Ballast Point’s other year-round fruit-infused beers include Pineapple and Grapefruit Sculpin IPAs and Mango Even Keel Session IPA.

TrailAngel_6pack_clear_webLexington, Virginia-based Devils Backbone Brewing Company is rolling out two new spring seasonals—Cattywompus and Trail Angel Weiss. Cattywompus, a 7.5% abv Belgian Pale Ale, is joining the brewer’s Trail Blazer Series, launching in bottles and on draft throughout Devils Backbone’s distribution footprint of Virginia, the District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia. Trail Angel Weiss is a Bavarian-style Hefeweizen (4.7% abv) and the newest addition to the company’s canned Daypack Series of session beers. Trail Angel will be available through July in cans and on draft.

Green-Flash-CansSan Diego’s Green Flash Brewing Company is releasing three beers in canned format nationwide this month. Rolling out in 12-ounce cans are Jibe Session IPA (4% abv), Passion Fruit Kicker American wheat ale (5.5% abv) and Sea to Sea Zwickel Lager (4% abv). Jibe Session was first introduced in limited distribution in cans last September and will now sell exclusively in canned format. Passion Fruit Kicker will be available in cans and bottles, while Sea to Sea will be available Daura-Shandy-200x300nationally in cans only.

Spanish brewer S.A. Damm is introducing its latest gluten-free brew—Daura Shandy—in the U.S. Inspired by traditional shandy recipes, Daura Shandy is comprised of 60% original Daura lager and 40% lemonade, and has been specially crafted to remove gluten. Daura Shandy is currently available both on- and off-premise, retailing at $9.99 a bottled six-pack, and joins Damm’s existing gluten-free lineup, which also includes Daura Lager and Daura Märzen.

bop-logo-shield (1)Brooklyn Brewery is introducing a limited-edition Billion Oyster Saison, billed as a briny saison made with whole oysters. A partnership with the Billion Oyster Project—devoted to 1 billion oysters to New York Harbor as part of its ecosystem restoration and education initiative—the new brew will launch at the Billion Oyster Party fundraiser onMay 19. Subsequently, it will be available on draft at select New York on-premise accounts.

mission-plunder-ipa-set1San Diego’s Mission Brewery is adding Plunder IPA to its core year-round lineup. The 7%-abv IPA is brewed with nine different hops including Simcoe and Falconer’s Flight. Plunder will be available on draft and in 22-ounce bottles initially, followed by 12-ounce bottles later this summer.

downloadAtlanta’s Second Self Beer Company is releasing a new summer seasonal, Maverick & Gose. The 4.4%-abv offering is dry-hopped with Wakatu hops and features fresh coriander. Maverick & Gose is available on draft throughout Georgia this summer.

All information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

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