GSN Review: Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin Sardinian Citrus

Palm Bay International recently announced the arrival of Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin Sardinian Citrus, the newest addition to its growing artisanal spirits portfolio. This latest creation from the Shed Distillery in Ireland, was originally intended to be a limited edition release but has been so well received by consumers that it has now been added to the distillery’s main offerings. Its key ingredient, Citrus monstruosa, is one of the rarest citrus fruits in the entire world and pairs with the existing citric notes of fresh lemons, limes, and grapefruit in Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin.

GSN’s Remarks: A lovely nose with a fruity and dry citrus character. The entry is bright and crisp, with a welcome brace of juniper. The character of the tea comes through and is enhanced by the Sardinian Citrus, making it a complex and curious gin. It’s easy to see why this latest iteration became popular. Eminently mixable and flavorful beyind the typical evergreen-like notes, this makes for some great cocktails, whether vintage or post-modern. A real winner. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin

GSN Spirited News: September 14th 2021 Edition

Kentucky’s Covered Bridge Whiskey Company has expanded its offerings, adding a new rye whiskey to its Ruddell’s Mill label. The 47.2% abv whiskey is distilled from a high-rye mash bill that also includes malted barley. The brand is named for the founder of a gristmill that operated in Bourbon country during the early years of Kentucky whiskey production. Ruddell’s Mill rye is now available in select markets across the U.S. through Worldwide Libations for around $50 a 750-ml.

E.& J. Gallo has launched a new 19-year-old expression in the Germain-Robin family of brandies. The 41.4% abv single barrel brandy is distilled from Pinot Noir grapes from the Anderson Valley in Mendocino county and matured in Limousin oak barrels. Germain-Robin Pinot Noir Single Barrel is now available at the company’s California Brandy House in Napa for $250. It will soon be available in other select locations across the U.S.

Rothes, Scotland’s the Glen Grant Distillery is celebrating the 60th anniversary of distiller Dennis Malcolm with a new 60-year-old single malt whisky. The Dennis Malcolm 60th Anniversary Edition is bottled at 52.8% abv and is drawn from a single ex-Oloroso Sherry cask filled in October, 1960. Only 360 Glencairn decanters are available in select global retailers with each bottle selling for €25,000 (roughly $30,000).

Peoria, Illinois-based JK Williams Distilling is adding two new products to its lineup. Distilled six times, Blueprint Vodka (40% abv) is the first clear spirit from the company, featuring the Peoria skyline and a local bridge on the bottle. The distillery is also launching its new Bridge Series with American Wheat Whiskey, made from 95% wheat and bottled at 47% abv. It will retail for $50 a bottle at select Illinois retailers as the third release from JK Williams since it launched its initial offerings in the fall of 2020. Named for a storied bootlegger, JK Williams’ previously released Gold Zephyr Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Stormy River High Rye Whiskey.

Actress Eva Longoria has introduced a new luxury Tequila brand, Casa del SolThe new franchise includes 100% Blue Weber agave Blanco ($60 a 750-ml.), Reposado ($70) and Añejo ($100) expressions, the latter two of which are aged in Martell Cognac barrels. Alejandra Pelayo, Casa Del Sol’s head of production, is a protege and goddaughter of the late Patrón master distiller Francisco Alcaraz. Casa del Sol is launching now in California, Colorado, and Florida ahead of a national rollout slated for early next year.

Lux Row Distillers is releasing a new Bourbon in partnership with conservation organization Ducks Unlimited. The new release is called Daviess County Double Barrel Bourbon and is a variation on Lux Row’s existing Daviess County Bourbon. Created by Lux Row master distiller and Ducks Unlimited member John Rempe, it’s finished in Missouri white oak barrels with toasted heads and bottled at 48% abv. The label features an inset of the Ducks Unlimited duck head logo. The Double Barrel Bourbon is available in mid-September, with limited supplies retailing for a suggested $50 a 750-ml. 

YaVe Tequila has extended its range with a Reposado expression. Aged eight months in American oak barrels, the brand’s new Reposado is bottled at 40% abv and retails at $60 a 750-ml. It joins the existing Blanco Tequila in the YaVe range, which is distributed across eight markets (and ships to 33 states nationwide).

Compass Box has introduced a new blended malt Scotch whisky called Orchard House. Compass Box says the majority of the recipe is made from stocks of spirit purchased from distilleries known for their fruit-forward flavor. These spirits were then aged in a variety of casks including first fill ex-Bourbon barrels, Oloroso Sherry-seasoned butts, and French oak custom barrels. Retailing at $50 a 750-ml. and bottled at 46% abv, Compass Box Orchard House will be part of the brand’s core collection and will debut widely in October.

Beam Suntory has released 100 bottles of the Yamazaki 55 Japanese whisky in select global markets. The 46% abv offering is a blend of whiskies distilled in 1960 and 1964, with the older whisky maturing in Mizunara oak and the younger whisky in white oak, before bottling in 2020. The whisky is available in the U.S., U.K., mainland China, and Taiwan, among other nations, for a suggested price of $60,000 a bottle. For each bottle released, Beam Suntory will donate $5,000 to the White Oak Initiative, a group focused on sustaining America’s white oak forests.

Information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

GSN Review: Pastis Henri Bardouin

There are the pastis brands that everyone knows, and then there is Pastis Henri Bardouin. Another vision of what pastis should be; Pastis Henri Bardouin takes us on a journey into the heart of history from around the world. More than 65 ingredients are used in crafting this liquor, including anise mixed with angelica, sagebrush, and star anise; cinnamon mixed with cardamom, cornflower and tonka bean; cloves mixed with grains of paradise, peppers and balm; liquorice mixed with nutmeg, rosemary, sage, thyme and many others that are all a closely guarded secret.

Distillerie de Lure, founded in 1898 at Forcalquier, in Provence, has had a succession of owners for nearly 80 years, amongst whom was Henri Bardouin, a man with a passionate interest in plants and herbs. In 1974 Alain Robert and his team took the helm of the company now known as Distilleries et Domaines de Provence.

GSN’s Remarks: Pastis is the less bitter and more herbal cousin to absinthe. Generally used as an aperitif to stimulate the appetite before a meal, it can also be used during the meal and even as a digestif. This particular pastis serves all three purposes beautifully. We like the soft herbality and warm sweetness of the liqueur. Considering that there are over five dozen ingredients, the end result is clean and refreshing. We enjoy a 5-1 ratio of pastis with cool water. GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Crillon Importers Ltd


GSN Review: Absente

Launched in 1998, Absente was the first legal absinthe liqueur containing thujone. Absinthe, nicknamed the “green fairy” and banned in 1915, was authorized for production again in 1988. But it was only in 2011 that the level of thujone (a molecule present in the plant which, in strong dose, was incorrectly identified as the chemical that drove people mad) is now fixed at a maximum of 35 mg/kg. Absente only contains 10 mg/kg of thujone.

Absinthe is made by macerating various herbs and plants (grand wormwood, petite wormwood, green anise, fennel, amongst others) in a mixture of alcohol and water, followed by distillation. Absente is brought down to 110 proof before bottling.

As for how to enjoy Absente? The famous tasting ritual is still practiced according to the tradition, by pouring chilled water into the absinthe, through a perforated spoon supporting a single cube of sugar. Please do not light anything on fire. This is dangerous and ruins the overall flavor of the drink.

GSN’s Remarks: A well made and tasty absinthe. The flavor is authentic and has a slightly bitter edge, but overall is very much sweet anise, fennel and licorice.  Perfect in a frappe, this also works wonders in a Sazerac. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Crillon Importers Limited


GSN Review: The Botanist Islay Dry Gin

Founded in 2011, The Botanist Islay Dry Gin is distilled and hand-crafted at Bruichladdich Distillery on Islay, a remote island off the west coast of Scotland. It is the first and only Islay Dry Gin – a rare expression of the heart and soul of this wild Scottish isle. Hailing from one of the only B Corp certified distilleries in the world, The Botanist believes in using business as a force for good, putting people and planet in line with profit.

The liquid is distilled with a unique combination of 22 wild Islay botanicals which are hand-foraged locally and sustainably on the island by The Botanist’s professional forager, James Donaldson. The Islay botanicals are slow simmer distilled with Islay spring water in a unique Lomond Still, affectionately nicknamed Ugly Betty, by Head Distiller Adam Hannett. The result is a gin that speaks of the locality and seasonality of Islay.

GSN’s Remarks: A well balanced, round and crisp gin crafted with nearly two dozen interesting ingredients. We like the flavor profile which has a softer juniper character, but also a swish of citrus overlaying the more herbal characteristics. A rare gin that needs nothing else. However, we do recommend it in Martinis, citrus forward cocktails, and even the humble G&T. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: The Botanist



GSN Spirited News: September 7th 2021 Edition

Versailles, Kentucky-based Woodford Reserve is partnering with home retailer Williams Sonoma on a program of cocktail mixers and consumer experiences. Available now, the line of cocktail mixers features drinks including the Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour, and Mint Julep. They can be purchased at Woodford Reserve locations and on the Williams Sonoma website for $19 a 16-ounce bottle. Additionally, the partnership includes multiple online cocktail classes led by Woodford assistant master distiller Elizabeth McCall, with additional products and experiences to be announced in the coming months and years.

Proximo Spirits’ Maestro Dobel Tequila has launched Pavito, a new Pechuga Tequila. The 40% abv Tequila is made by infusing the distilling spirit with fruits, spices, and turkey, a process more commonly used in mezcal production. According to the company, the infusion brings a rich, savory quality to the spirit, while still allowing the agave to shine through. Maestro Dobel Pavito is now available in select retailers across the U.S. for a suggested price of $60 a 750-ml.

Colorado-based Laws Whiskey House has released the second batch of its Bonded Henry Road Straight Malt WhiskeyThe 50% abv whiskey is distilled entirely from heirloom barley sourced locally, with the mash cooked, fermented, and distilled on-grain, which the distiller says imparts a unique nuttiness to the whiskey. This release consists of eight barrels of whiskey matured for five years, yielding nearly 2,400 750-ml. bottles. Laws Bonded Henry Road Straight Malt Whiskey is now available in select markets across the U.S. at a suggested price of $75 a bottle.

Information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

GSN Review: Disaronno Velvet White Russian

Disaronno and Russian Standard recently announced a new partnership culminating in a cocktail, the Velvet White Russian. The Velvet White Russian is a unique twist on the popular “Big Lebowski” drink, combining 1 part Disaronno Velvet, 1 part Russian Standard Original Vodka and 2 parts cream, served in a rocks glass over ice.

Launched in April 2020, Disaronno Velvet is the newest innovation to the liqueur category from the iconic Disaronno brand. Bottled at 17% ABV, Disaronno Velvet combines the flavor of almonds with nuances of chocolate and vanilla, all while providing the quintessential Amaretto flavor profile of Disaronno.

Russian Standard Original Vodka is crafted using hardy winter wheat and water drawn from Lake Ladoga, one of the largest lakes in the world and a source of naturally soft water. It is distilled over 200 times and filtered through charcoal resulting in a vodka that offers both purity and taste. Russian Standard pays incredible attention to detail, even rinsing their caps and bottles with vodka to maintain the integrity of its liquid.

GSN’s Remarks: The Velvet Cream Liqueur is quite good, if a tad sweet, but when mixed with the additon of vodka and cream, it tempers down to a soft sweetness. Really, the overall flavor of this cocktail is of a candy bar. We applaud the collaboration with Russian Standard, which is one of our “go-to’s” when looking for a vodka. This is a fine, if simple drink, perfect for the fall-like weather that is heading our way. GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Disaronno & Vodka

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GSN Review: Eastside Distilling Oregon Marionberry Whiskey

In celebration of the berry that is exclusively grown in the Pacific Northwest, Portland’s Eastside Distilling is once again bottling its Oregon Marionberry Whiskey, set to be released today. Crafted using Oregon marionberries and bourbon whiskey from distilleries across the country that have rested in select Oregon oak casks, this is Eastside’s newest product. This spring, they launched three handcrafted whiskeys (Rye, Bourbon, Single Malt) and three other small batch products (Rum, Gin, Brandy).

The famed Oregon marionberry, a cross between Chehalem and Olallie blackberries, was bred at Oregon State University as part of a berry-developing partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the 1950s. Named for Marion County in the Willamette Valley, where the field tests took place and where many marionberries are still grown today, it has often been described as the “king of the blackberries” because of its complex, rich, and earthy flavor that is sweet-yet-tart.

Eastside’s Head Distiller, Jason Ericson describes it as “The Cabernet of Blackberries meets Bourbon Whiskey. I believe marionberry whiskey is where wine drinkers and whiskey drinkers meet,” he continues. “Many of the flavors and aromas of berry and oak will be immediately recognizable to oenophiles. The intense berry flavor mixed with notes of citrus, vanilla, and oak are the perfect introduction to the wide world of whiskey.”

GSN’s Remarks: Ericson sums it up well. This is a marriage between wine-like flavors and whiskey flavors. The fruit has a solid and definitive tang that still adds sweetness, while the spirit carries the oakiness and warmth. Really, the result is very much like a cocktail in many ways. Tasty as a neat pour, it also holds up well over ice. You might even be tempted to add a little to your breakfast table. Eastside has a real winner on their hands, and if you can snag a bottle or two before it disappears, consider yourself lucky. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Eastside Distilling


GSN Review: SelvaRey Owner’s Reserve

SelvaRey, the rum brand co-owner by superstar Bruno Mars, launched a new “Owner’s Reserve” bottle early this year. The rum is a single-estate rum hand-selected from the cellars of SelvaRey’s Master Distiller, Don “Pancho” Francisco Fernandez. The result is a 40% ABV rum that includes 15 and 25-year-old rums that were then aged together in American Oak barrels.

Mars also worked on other aspects of the project. Mars designed the logo, wordmark, bottle shape, colors, materials, iconography, and the Owner’s Reserve gift box. A team of artists/graphic designers and calligraphers all came together to execute his vision.

We’ve previously reviewed SelvaRey rums here and here. Read on to find out our thoughts on the Owner’s Reserve expression.

GSN’s Remarks: This is one amazing rum. Sweet notes of brown sugar, sherry, molasses, and warm nuttiness greet the nose. The flavor on the palate is of a sweet dessert richly endowed with tinges of oak, toffee, nut roll, cocoa bean, lightly roasted coffee bean, and dried fruit. The body is full and engaging. The finish is long and begs for just one more sip. Really, this is a rum that has the class and artistic sensibility that Bruno Mars has. It’s no wonder that his SelvayRey rums are well regarded. We highly recommend this one. GSN Rating: A+++

For more information go to: SelvaRey


GSN Spirited News: August 31st 2021 Edition

Islay-based single malt Scotch brand Ardbeg has announced its latest release, Ardbeg Traigh Bhan Batch 3. The 19-year-old whisky is set to hit shelves this September and is part of the distillery’s yearly limited-release of substantially aged whisky. This year’s batch comes in at 46.2% abv and features the signature of Ardbeg’s director of distilling and whisky creation, Dr. Bill Lumsden. Ardbeg Traigh Bhan Batch 3 will retail for around $300 a 750-ml.

Brown-Forman is extending Jack Daniel’s with its first 10-year-old age stated Tennessee whiskey in more than 100 years. Retailing at $70, the 97-proof whiskey will debut in limited quantities across the U.S. next month. Jack Daniel’s master distiller Chris Fletcher sourced the new offering from oak barrels that were relocated throughout the brand’s barrelhouse to extend the aging process over the past 10 years.

Washington-based Woodinville Whiskey, part of the Moët Hennessy portfolio, will unveil a special distillery-only Harvest Release whiskey on September 11, Moscatel Finished Woodinville Straight Bourbon. The new entry was finished in 200-gallon Moscatel De Setúbal barrels, a rare fortified wine produced on the Setúbal Peninsula of Portugal. Bottled at 100 proof, the special edition will retail at $70 a bottle.

An extremely rare set of single cask Japanese whiskies, named the Legend of Asama, have come to market. The whiskies were distilled in 1981 and matured for 20 years at the Karuizawa Distillery before being transferred to Chichibu Distillery. The two Karuizawa 1981 35-Year-Old Single Cask Japanese Single Malt whiskies in the set—from casks 4059 and 6183—were bottled at cask strength in 2017, when the majority of bottles were sold. Only 30 sets, encased in Glencairn Crystal glassware and lunawood casing, are available worldwide through Legend of Asama’s website.

Maison Ferrand’s Plantation Rum has announced the release of the complete Birds of Paradise series of vintage rums. Three of the six rums—Fiji 2005, Jamaica 2003, and Barbados 2011—are currently available, with two more—Peru 2006 and Trinidad 2009—launching in October, and the final release, Australia 2007, coming to market in November. All expressions in the line will retail for a suggested price of $80 a 750-ml. and are or will be available in major markets across the U.S.

Brooklyn, New York’s Widow Jane has added Lucky Thirteen, previously a private-barrel release, to its year-round lineup of whiskies. The 13-year-old Bourbon is bottled at 46.5% abv from barrels chosen by Widow Jane president and head distiller Lisa Wicker. While Lucky Thirteen will be available throughout the year, it will remain a limited offering within the Widow Jane portfolio and will retail for around $100 a 750-ml. bottle.

Lexington, Kentucky-based Town Branch Distillery has unveiled two new limited-edition Bourbons. They include Town Branch True Cask Kentucky Straight Bourbon, a cask strength 54% abv whiskey retailing at $45 a 750-ml., and Town Branch Sherry Cask Finished Kentucky Straight Bourbon, bottled at 48.2% abv and retailing at $70. The new expressions will be available for purchase at the distillery and in select markets nationwide beginning next month.

Lux Row Distillers has announced Blood Oath Trilogy Second Edition, the latest collection from the luxury priced Bourbon label. The new pack contains Blood Oath Pacts 4, 5, and 6—released between 2018 and 2020—with all three Bourbons bottled at 49.3% abv. The trio is packaged in a black display box that shows off each whiskey’s label. In September, Lux Row will release 1,400 3-packs at a suggested price of $799.

Barrell Craft Spirits has released the latest release in the BCS line of limited edition whiskies. This release—adorned with a gray label—is a blend of 15-year-old Bourbon whiskies distilled in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee. The whiskey is bottled at cask strength, 50.2% abv, and is available in select retailers across the U.S. for a suggested price of $250 a 750-ml.

Anheuser-Busch has extended Natural Light into the spirits category with Natural Light Vodka, a new line of lemonade-flavored spirits. The line of 30% abv vodkas is kicking off with three flavors—traditional lemonade, strawberry lemonade, and black cherry lemonade—and is available in both 750- and 50-ml. bottles. 

Information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

GSN Spirited News: August 24th 2021 Edition

Bacardi rum has unveiled a new Reserva Cask Finish series, which will see the company introduce a new cask finish offering annually through 2025. The first edition in the series is Bacardi Reserva Ocho Sherry Cask Finish, which aged in American oak barrels for eight to 12 years and finished in an Oloroso Sherry cask for just over two months. The 40% abv rum is rolling out nationwide next month, retailing at $33 a 750-ml.

Louisville, Kentucky’s Michter’s Distillery has announced the return of its Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon after a three-year absence. The 2021 iteration will hit shelves in September and is made by taking Michter’s Bourbon—which is aged for an undisclosed amount of time—and finishing it in barrels made from toasted, air-dried wood. On release, Michter’s Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon will carry a suggested price of $100 a 750-ml.

Jackson, Mississippi’s Cathead Distillery has released the 2021 edition of Old Soul Straight Bourbon whiskey. The spirit is a blend of two high-rye Bourbons, one aged four years and the other five. Old Soul is bottled at 45% abv and made from whiskies distilled in both Mississippi and Indiana, with all maturation taking place in the Magnolia State. Only 88 barrels were selected for this year’s Old Soul, which is now rolling out in limited quantities in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas for around $45 a 750-ml.

Information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

GSN Review: ZYR Vodka

Zyr starts with naturally filtered water from Russia’s North West, not far from the Finnish border. The water is then filtered five times in preparation for its marriage to the fermented blend of blend of Russian non-GMO winter wheat and rye. After five distillations of Zyr’s mash, Zyr is filtered four more times using birch tree charcoal granules to remove any remaining impurities and round out the taste. The procedures used for Zyr are based on the work of Dmitry Mendeleev, Russia’s famous son of science and creator of the Periodic Table of Elements.

Zyr also undergoes three distinct tastings: the grain alcohol blend is tasted for flavor, the water for texture and the final Zyr for consistency against prior batches. These inspections ensure that Zyr is a perfect vodka in taste, texture, weight and color.

GSN’s Thoughts: One of the smoothest vodkas we’ve ever had. Crisp, clean, with a round mouthfeel and a marshmallow essence. Excellent on its own, this will make a killer Kangaroo cocktail (vodka martini). We especially like the body, which has some heft, but also the minerality which adds some bright high notes. Very well done, and one of the finest Russian vodkas currently available. GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: ZYR Vodka

GSN Review: Bati White Rum

Made from the molasses from hand-cut Fijian sugar cane grown in rich volcanic soil, RUM Co. of Fiji’s rums express the island’s unique position as “Paradise on Earth.” The sugar cane in Fiji has been grown and harvested since 1863 by generations of independent farmers, and the distillery uses local water to produce its rums, filtering them through coconut-shell carbon. Maturation accelerates in Fiji’s Southern Hemisphere climate, so that RUM Co. of Fiji can achieve complex flavor profiles at younger ages. Master Distiller & Blender Liam Costello works with both pot and column stills, blending different distillates to create the two ranges: premium 2-year-old Bati and super-premium Ratu, aged 5 to 8 years.

GSN was sent a bottle of Bati White for review

GSN’s Remarks: A rum that has both character and body. Somewhat dry, and with only a touch of sweetness, there is nonetheless a fair amount of vanilla here. Somewhat grassy, with a touch of oak char, this rum will enliven a Daiquiri, Mojito or Hemingway cocktail. For an entry level rum, this one stands stall amongst the competition. The more we tasted, the more we enjoyed. You will too. GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Rum Co. of Fiji

GSN Review: Dos Déus Vermouth

Located in Bellmunt del Priorat, Spain, the Dos Déus range is a traditional Spanish vermouth with a modern approach, produced with local wine and matured in Sherry barrels. Dos Déus refers to the Roman god Janus, the god of the two faces (the beginnings and the ends, the past and the future, day and night). This duality also applies to the vermouth, as it is conceived to be enjoyed both in traditional aperitifs and as a key ingredient in cocktails and mixed drinks.

The initial US launch will see the three core expressions of Dry White Vermouth Reserve, White Vermouth, and Red Vermouth Reserve available.

Dry White Vermouth Reserve (Zeus) The dry white vermouth is made from 90 percent local macabeo grapes and 10 percent mistela, a fortified wine blended with 39 herbs and spices, including blue ginger, black pepper and angelica root. It can be used both as extra-dry vermouth and as dry vermouth, given its unique, and natural, sweet notes. GSN’s Remarks: Dry, tannic, and slightly spicy at first, it softens and opens up with a palatable herb blend. We enjoy the smoothness and the flavor profile makes it perfect for sipping on its own. GSN Rating: A-

White Vermouth (Poseidon) Is produced with 100 percent local muscat grapes, blended with 38 herbs and spices, including thyme, sage, chamomile and vanilla. GSN’s Remarks: Much sweeter than the dry white, the grape character comes through loud and clear. The herbs are much softer here as well, but what really make this unique is the soft vanilla character. Very interesting, unusual and creative. GSN Rating: A-

Red Vermouth Reserve (Athena) This red vermouth is complex, combining different aging methods, such as Sherry barrels and Priorat red wine barrels with a blend of botanicals. It is produced with locally sourced Macabeo, Xarello, Parellada grapes blended with 40 herbs and spices, including sandalwood, aloe vera and juniper. GSN’s Remarks: A soft, approachable sweet vermouth that has none of the burnt caramel character you often find. The herb blend is understated, but adds a touch of bitterness and warmth. Try this in a Manhattan. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Dos Déus Vermouth