Chairman’s Spice Lab Competition Spiced Rum is so much more than that cloyingly sweet, artificially spiced liquid that we mixed with cola in our 20’s. In Saint Lucia the most fragrant of fruits and spices grow everywhere that meets the eye and spiced rum is a way of life. It cures every ailment, accompanies every outing and dominos tournament, pairs with every dinner, and is the life of every party. One visit to the local market will reveal an array of fruits and spices that one would be doubtful to imagine growing in one place. Spiced rum simply embodies the culture and tradition of Saint Lucia. We invite you to dive deep into this and your own culture and find what inspires you! What would your personal recipe for spiced rum be? One lucky winner will win an all-expenses paid trip to Saint Lucia and the opportunity to work with the Saint-Lucian’s winner and the Chairman’s Reserve production team and master blender to create their own spiced rum as a team. These bartenders will assist in all aspects of creation of this unique, locally inspired product. The winning team will be credited on this single release which will be sold worldwide.

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