GSN Review: Barrell Seagrass Whiskey

Barrell Craft Spirits has introduced Barrell Seagrass, a blend of American and Canadian rye whiskeys aged in three distinct vessels. Each ingredient is finished separately in Martinique Rhum Agricole casks, apricot brandy casks, and Madeira barrels. Each component whiskey brings its own attributes to Seagrass, revealing unique layers of flavor from start to finish. 

“Seagrass stands alone as a whiskey, while also inviting the drinker to explore the multitude of influences created by a global approach to sourcing, finishing, and blending,” said Founder Joe Beatrice. “It highlights the grassy oceanside notes we love in rye and the opulence and spice of finishing barrels. It’s bottled at cask strength (118.4 proof) so you can appreciate its true flavor.”

Founded in 2013 in Louisville, Kentucky, BCS selects and blends products that explore different distillation methods, barrels and aging environments, and bottles them at cask strength. Every batch is produced as a limited release and has a distinct flavor profile. BCS’s extensive stocks of high-quality casks mean they can craft extraordinary blends that maximize the nuances of each ingredient. Creative finishes, a liberated approach to blending, and a deep-seated commitment to releasing each whiskey at cask strength and without chill filtration guides every product release.

GSN’s Remarks: There’s a lot going on here, and it all melds together in a deliciously intense package of flavor. The rye spice forms the canvas upon which the interplay of wood, and their specific spirit ageings paint a broad and colorful palette. The rum adds sweetness, the madeira adds this as well, but with a high shimmer. Lastly the apricot brandy cask imparts a lovely and subtle stone fruit essence that kicks the entire affair into overdrive. Again, Barrell hits the mark with this latest release. They get GSN’s vote for best distillery of 2021. GSN Rating: A++

For more information go to: Barrell Bourbon

GSN Brews News: March 23rd 2021 Edition

White Claw has unveiled a new hard seltzer iced tea. Made with brewed tea, the newcomer is gluten-free, has 100 calories and is at 5% abv, in line with the rest of the White Claw portfolio. It’s rolling out nationally in a variety 12-pack featuring four flavors: lemon, raspberry, mango, and peach. 

Stratford, Connecticut-based Two Roads Brewing Co. is launching Daybreaker Vodka Cocktails, a new line of RTDs. Available now, the brand debuts with three flavors: Meyer Lemonade, Blood Orange, and Cranberry Lime, all at 7% abv and made with 100% real fruit juice. Daybreaker Cocktails can be purchased in 4-packs of 12-ounce cans throughout Two Roads’ 15-plus state distribution area.

Molson Coors will officially launch Topo Chico hard seltzer on March 29. Topo Chico hard seltzer, a spinoff of the popular Topo Chico mineral water brand, will include Tangy Lemon Lime, Exotic Pineapple, Strawberry Guava, and Tropical Mango flavors, and will retail in 12-can variety packs, as well as in single 24-ounce and 16-ounce cans. It will initially debut in Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, and six metro areas including Boston, Chicago, New York City, Northern New Jersey, Seattle/Vancouver, Washington, and Washington D.C.

Radeberger Gruppe USA is extending its Schöfferhofer radler label with a new Passion Fruit expression. A blend of 50% unfiltered German Hefeweizen and 50% passion fruit juice, the new entry dovetails with the trend toward lower-alcohol offerings with an abv of 2.5%. The seasonal line extension is rolling out nationally from April through the summer, joining the flagship Schöfferhofer Grapefruit radler, as well as Schöfferhofer Pomegranate, in the brand’s lineup.

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GSN Spirited News: March 23rd 2021 Edition

Diageo has launched Cîroc Summer Citrus, the latest flavored offshoot for the grape-distilled vodka brand. The 35% abv spirit is infused with orange and other citrus flavors, and comes packaged in a multicolor bottle meant to evoke summer. Cîroc Summer Citrus is now available for a limited time across the U.S. for a suggested price of $34 a 750-ml.

Luxco has announced the latest release in the Blood Oath Bourbon whiskey series: Pact 7. The 49.3% abv whiskey is blended from a 14-year-old and two 8-year-old Bourbon whiskies, with one of the 8-year whiskies finished in Sauternes casks. Roughly 17,000 cases of the whiskey will roll out across the U.S. in April for a suggested price of $100 a 750-ml.

Scotch whisky player Compass Box is now importing its latest limited edition to the U.S. Beginning in April, Compass Box’s Menagerie Blended Malt Whisky will be available stateside. It’s a 46% abv blend created with single malts from the Mortlach, Deanston, Laphroaig, and Glen Elgin distilleries, combined with Compass Box’s Highland malt blend. Just over 7,700 bottles are being distributed worldwide, with a suggested retail price of $120 a 750-ml.

Frankfort, Kentucky’s Castle & Key Distillery has unveiled Slow Hands Rye, a new series of single barrel whiskies. The series will initially launch with four barrels—with each giving up roughly 200 bottles of whiskey—all retailing for $60 a 750-ml. and ranging from 54.15% abv to 57.95% abv. Looking ahead, the company will expand the Slow Hands offerings and plans to make 10 barrels available by the fall. All of the whiskies are distilled from a mash of 63% rye, 17% corn, and 20% malted barley. Castle & Key Slow Hands Rye will go on sale at the company’s distillery beginning March 26, with wider distribution being planned.

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GSN Review: Blue Spot Irish Whiskey

This March, Pernod Ricard USA reunited Blue Spot to the Spots whiskey range. The reimagined cask strength Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is re-joining the portfolio for the first time since the early 1960s.

Irish Distillers has once again joined forces with the Mitchell family to unveil its reimagined Blue Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, paying homage to the bonding tradition from which it was born.  With the most recent existing record of Blue Spot dating back to 1964, the launch signals the end of a 57-year wait among the global whiskey community for the re-introduction of Blue Spot, reuniting the historic Spot Family for the first time in over half a century.

The story of the Spot Irish whiskey range began in the early 1900s when wine and spirits merchants, Mitchell & Son, began maturing whiskey from the local Jameson Distillery in Bow Street in their underground cellars in Dublin City Centre. Blue Spot takes its name from the blue daubs or ‘spots’ of paint that the Mitchells used to mark the barrels to signify that the whiskey in those casks were to be matured for a minimum of seven years.

Building on the foundation of bourbon and sherry casks, the reimagined Blue Spot includes whiskey aged in Madeira casks, inspired by the historical inventory of Mitchell & Son and typical of the Spot style of whiskey. The Midleton masters, in collaboration with the Mitchell family, were influenced by archive documents dating back to 1935 showing Madeira wine casks imported to Ireland which, once emptied, would have been used to mature whiskey.

The team at Irish Distillers’ Midleton Distillery have been sourcing Madeira wine seasoned casks for over 20 years. These casks are handcrafted in a cooperage in the north of Portugal and then sent to the island of Madeira. Once seasoned, the casks are shipped back to Midleton and filled with pot still distillate and left to mature, allowing the Madeira wine influence to impart notes of stewed apples, hazelnuts and sweet spices. These Madeira casks, along with ex-Bourbon and ex-sherry casks are then hand selected and married together and bottled at cask strength.

Kevin O’Gorman, Master Distiller at Irish Distillers, notes “It is with absolute pleasure that we reintroduce Blue Spot and bring a piece of Dublin’s rich whiskey history back to life. Over the years I have had the honor of collaborating with the Mitchell family, who for generations have celebrated the influence of fine wines on Irish whiskey, as we have reintroduced expressions to the beloved Spot range. I am incredibly proud to celebrate with Jonathan and Robert Mitchell on this historic day as Blue Spot takes its place alongside Green, Yellow and Red Spot, reuniting the whole family once again.”

GSN’s Remarks: There is a definite Madeira influence that lends towards apple in the initial tasting. This is a drier and more pointed Irish, which lends itself to slower sipping. Very few of the typical caramel and toffee notes come out, but instead there is a crisp brightness of baking spices. of all of the Spot whiskies, this one is unique and a valuable addition to the portfolio. Kudos to the team who brought this spirit back from the past. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Spot Whiskey

GSN Alert: March 24th – National Cocktail Day

keep-calm-and-wait-for-march-24thOf course every day is Cocktail Day, but now there’s an official holiday!  

The history of the cocktail starts over 425 years ago in 1586. At that time, people drank an incredible amount of alcohol every day, much more than we do now. They drank beer or other beverages for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Children drank it, pregnant women drank it, monks and priests drank it. It touched every part of life.

And this was especially true on board ships. Ships of the time would be at sea for months sometimes without seeing land or taking on new supplies. So rum, beer, wine and other beverages were really important to keep sailors healthy.  Why not water?  The reason was that water was typically unclean from lack of sanitation, but using it to create alcohol of some kind killed the germs that made people sick.

In 1586 the English privateer Sir Francis Drake was pillaging the Spanish settlements in the Caribbean. The English called him a hero, but to the Spanish he was nothing more than a pirate.

On one fateful trip to sack Havana, Drake found his men suffering from malnutrition and scurvy, so he sent a shore party to land in the southernmost tip of Florida called Matecumbe to find local natives who could show them nearby medicinals that would make his men better.

And that’s just what the locals did.

They mixed the bark from a tree called chuchuhuasi with distilled sugar cane juice, known as aguardiente, raw sugar cane juice, lime and mint. (click here for the recipe)

Do these ingredients sound familiar?

This is the precursor to the Mojito, which was supposedly invented in Havana. As it turns out, it was simply modified in Havana not invented. They just dropped the tree bark from the drink and used rum instead of aquardiente.

The concoction worked, by the way. Drake’s men got better, and they went about their business, attacking Fort Augustine not long after.

So here we have the first recorded mixed drink—what we’d consider a cocktail (strong, weak, sour, sweet and bitters).

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GSN Review: Barrell Bourbon Batch 28

Barrell Craft Spirits is an independent blender and bottler of unique aged, cask-strength sourced whiskey and rum spirits, that is recognized for its blending expertise. The company selects and blends products that explore different distillation methods, barrels and aging environments, and bottles them at cask strength. Every batch and single barrel is produced as a limited release and has a distinct flavor profile.​

Barrell Bourbon Batch 028 is a blend of 10 and 11-year-old barrels created from a marriage of three distinct sub-groups of barrels. The first was aroma forward with notes of tropical fruit, citrus zest and exotic spices, identified to drive the nose of the final blend. The second group had a richness in the middle palate and a sweet, almond-like body. The third group was peppery and tannic, adding backbone and a savory, woodsy and earthy component. The final blend of Batch 028 allows each of these groups to shine through.

GSN’s Remarks: As with each successive release, Batch 028 is outstanding. Exceptionally well balanced, with a bit more wood than in previous releases, the flavors explode on the palate. There’s a bit a dark caramel balancing the tannins, with a bright and spicy patina that lifts the affair to a gorgeous crescendo. This is a perfect whiskey for pairing with sweet and creamy desserts or a fine cigar. Another winner for Barrell. GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Barrell Bourbon

GSN Review: Still Austin “The Naturalist” American Gin

Still Austin Whiskey Co., a homegrown distillery situated in the heart of South Austin, recently released a full packaging rebrand for its signature American Gin, the first rye gin made in the Lone Star State.

The 100% handmade gin is uniquely crafted from a custom base of 70% Brasetto rye and 30% non-GMO white corn provided by Texas farmers. The spirit is then milled and distilled in-house in small 100-gallon batches in a copper pot still. It’s here that the distilled base spirit absorbs the various gin botanicals, including organic juniper berries, coriander seeds, cinnamon, citrus peels, elderflowers and allspice berries, while passing through the distillery’s 42-foot-tall custom column still.

For the new custom gin label, Still Austin commissioned internationally acclaimed artist and native Texan Marc Burckhardt to paint a series of portraits of “idealized” Austinites. These are visual representations of archetypes, a way of conceiving a “new Austin mythology” by celebrating the innovative people who make the city what it is. Each label provides a sense of the people who have influenced and inspired the team, while paying homage to the Texas terroir. American Gin, also known as “The Naturalist,” is the second in the series. The woman in the picture is content: surrounded by lush landscape, inspired by majestic beauty and satiated with the Earth’s raw treasures, including the spirit’s multitude of botanicals hidden among the verdant surroundings.

GSN’s Remarks: Quite citrus forward at the get go, the juniper peeks out soon after. There’s a curious flowery flavor that permeates the middle of the tasting, with something akin to lavender. The rye grain bill gives the sprit a great heft and mouthfeel, with a tingling spice that manages to keep from overwhelming the bouquet. A fresh, fruity and semi-dry gin that is great on its own, or in citrus based cocktails. GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Still Austin

GSN Alert: Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with Buellton’s Virtual Brew Fest on May 1st

This year, Buellton is bringing their annual Brewfest to the comfort of people’s homes. On May 1st, 2021 Buellton Brew Fest @ Home will be a 3-hour virtual beer festival experience with guided tastings, live music, special segments and giveaways.  

With a Cinco de Mayo theme, attendees will receive a 13-pack alcohol box delivered right to their front doors that includes craft beers, ciders, micheladas, margaritas and more, from 13 different companies. Breweries participating include two of Buellton’s very own, Figueroa Mountain Brewing and Firestone Walker Brewing Co., each sampling products with a Cinco de Mayo twist.  Figueroa Mountain will feature their Mexican Lager, Agua Santa, and Firestone Walker Brewing Co. will feature their 805 Cerveza. Buellton’s own Dorwood Distillery will also include some small batch tequila as well to make your own Margarita! 

Other companies participating are Angel City Brewing, Belching Beaver, Calidad Beer, Cayman Jack Margarita, Cerveceria del Pueblo, SLO Brew, Solvang Brewing, Tio Rodrigo Michelada, Hard Frescos and more. 

On May 1st from 12:30-3:30pm, guests will get to hear from the participating companies as they walk them through each tasting and enjoy music from local bands and DJ Hecktik (a Brew Fest favorite). Guests will receive a link to login and watch the live event.  For those unable to watch live, attendees can enjoy it at their own convenience anytime they’d like after the 1st via a recorded version. The 13-pack is enough to enjoy with 1-2 people, or you can order multiple tickets and have a watch party with roommates or family members. 

Tickets are $70 for CA residents and $80 for out of state residents (includes shipping). The only states the festival is allowed to ship to are:  California, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, and Washington.  In addition to the samples from the participating vendors, each of the festival boxes will also include a souvenir glass and gift items from the vendors and sponsors.

100% of the proceeds from this event will benefit the Buellton Chamber of Commerce. The Buellton Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit 501c(6) organization, founded in 1956. The Chamber serves as an advocate and resource for Buellton business, promoting the retention, expansion, and attraction of business while striving to promote growth, prosperity, and quality of life for our members and community. 

For more information, please visit the website:

To purchase tickets:

For additional information contact:  The Buellton Chamber of Commerce at 805-688-7829 or email:

About Buellton
Buellton is located just north of Santa Barbara in the heart of the Santa Ynez Valley Wine Country and just 10 miles from the beautiful Pacific Ocean on Hwy 101.  Surrounded by bucolic scenery and the rolling Sta. Rita Hills, Buellton is home to the famous “Sideways” movie.  Known for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, one will find the pioneer makers and masters of this wine right here in Buellton.  The Craft Beer industry has also made its way into Buellton featuring two award winning breweries, Firestone/Walker, and Figueroa Mountain Brew Co.  To the east is the quaint Danish village of Solvang and to the west is the town of Lompoc, home of Vandenberg Air Force Base. Still known for Pea Soup, Buellton has much more to offer and is an up and coming City with annual events centered around; wine, beer, food, arts, cycling, and more.

GSN Brews News: March 16th 2021 Edition

Escondido, California-based Stone Brewing is releasing Stone Dayfall Belgian White. Part of the Stone Pilot Series, it’s a limited-time release with the potential to join the brewery’s year-round lineup. Based on a tweaked recipe for a beer called Witty Moron that never saw wide distribution, Dayfall is at 5.5% abv and brewed with Bergamot orange peel and coriander. It’s now available nationwide through July in 6- and 12-packs of 12-ounce bottles, with a 6-pack retailing for $11. Stone operates two breweries and nine taproom and bistro locations, along with Stone Distributing Co.

California brewers Coronado and Karl Strauss have collaborated on Core Values IPA. A West Coast IPA brewed with Pacific Northwest apples, Core Values is at 6.8% abv and includes Mosaic, Citra, and Simcoe hops. It’s rolling out in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans and on draft throughout Coronado’s 14-state distribution network.

Chico, California-based Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is releasing Big Little Thing Imperial IPA, a new brew. It will join the company’s year-round line-up. At 9% abv, it boasts tropical hop flavors of mango, grapefruit, and tangerine. It’s available now nationwide on draft and in 6-packs of 12-ounce cans.

Detroit-based Atwater Brewery has brought its Whango mango wheat fruit ale back to market, following a two-year absence. An American-style wheat ale, Whango is brewed with German pale wheat malt, real mango, and natural mango flavoring. The brew comes in at 4.9% abv and is rolling out across Michigan and the Great Lakes region. Molson Coors purchased Atwater last year.

Baltimore-based Heavy Seas Beer has debuted a new limited edition brew. Clocking in at 95 calories and containing only 4 carbs, Drink Lo-Cal Hazy IPA with key lime is made with a combination of Citra, Sabro, and Simcoe Cyro hops; flaked oats and torrified wheat; and fresh key lime juice. The new beer is available in 6- and 12-packs of 12-ounce cans from late March through September across the Heavy Seas footprint.

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GSN Spirited News: March 16th 2021 Edition

Boston-based Latitude Beverage has launched Tequila Zarpado, the first agave spirit in the company’s portfolio. The release was distilled at Cavas de Don Max from 100% blue agave and will initially be available as a Blanco expression. The 40% abv Tequila will retail for around $25 a 750-ml. and will be available in Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island.

Agave Loco has announced the national release for RumChata Limón. The 14% abv liqueur is a blend of Caribbean rum and cream with added vanilla and lemon flavoring. In addition to making Limón available across the U.S., the company has added new sizes—a 375-ml. bottle ($16) and a 3-pack of 100-ml. bottles ($12)—to the roster. RumChata Limón is also available in 750-ml. bottles for around $22 at retail.

Jackson, Mississippi’s Cathead Distillery has launched Bitter Orange vodka, the first flavored innovation for the company’s Cathead vodka in eight years. The 35% abv spirit is made with Bitter Orange and Satsuma extract and bottled without any added sugar. It joins the unflavored original vodka and two flavors—honeysuckle and pecan—in Cathead’s vodka portfolio. Cathead Bitter Orange vodka is now available in select retailers across the U.S. at around $20 a 750-ml. and $27 a liter.

Bombay Sapphire gin has launched a line of canned cocktails. The new ready-to-drink offerings—Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic and Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic Light—mark the Bacardi brand’s entry into the canned cocktail space. The cocktails are packaged in 4-packs of 250-ml. cans, retail priced at $13. Bombay Sapphire canned cocktails are currently rolling out nationwide.

The Dubliner Irish Whiskey is launching The Dubliner Beer Cask Irish Whiskey. The release was created in partnership with Massachusetts craft brewer Wachusett Brewing Company. First, the distiller shipped casks used for its Bourbon Cask Aged Irish Whiskey to Wachusett to use to create a barrel aged version of its Quinn’s Amber Ale. Then the brewer shipped back the now-beer soaked casks to Dubliner for its release. Dubliner Beer Cask is now available in Massachusetts and surrounding New England markets like Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Louisville, Kentucky’s Barrell Craft Spirits has launched Seagrass, a new blend of American and Canadian rye whiskies. The release comes in at 59.2% abv and is blended from whiskies finished in Martinique Rhum Agricole casks, apricot brandy casks, and Madeira barrels. The American component of Seagrass is sourced from Indiana and no age statements were disclosed. Seagrass is now available in 45 markets across the U.S. for a suggested price of $90 a 750-ml.

County Down, Ireland’s Two Stacks Irish whiskey has launched Dram in a Can, a new 43% whiskey packaged in 100-ml. cans. The whiskey is blended from Irish grain whiskey, single pot still whiskey, and peated malt whiskey. Four-packs of 100-ml. cans are now available across the U.S. for around $19. Looking ahead, the company plans to release the canned whiskey in 750-ml. bottles alongside Two Stacks Blender’s Cut, a 65% abv brand offshoot. Two Stacks Dram in a Can is imported by High Road Spirits.

Versailles, Kentucky-based Woodford Reserve is releasing its annual high-proof expression for 2021. Woodford Reserve Batch Proof, part of Woodford’s Master’s Collection, was bottled this year at 128.3 proof (approximately 64% abv). It comes in a new bottle, which features a long neck and rounded shoulders. This limited-edition release is available in select U.S. markets for a suggested price of $130 a 750-ml. and can be purchased at the Brown-Forman-owned Woodford Reserve Distillery.

Diageo has launched Cîroc Summer Citrus, the latest flavored offshoot for the grape-distilled vodka brand. The 35% abv spirit is infused with orange and other citrus flavors, and comes packaged in a multicolor bottle meant to evoke summer. Cîroc Summer Citrus is now available for a limited time across the U.S. for a suggested price of $34 a 750-ml. Last year, Cîroc slipped an estimated 2.2% to 1.35 million cases in the U.S., according to Impact Databank.

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GSN Review: Tia Maria Coffee Frappe

Since its launch in 1950, Tia Maria has been a favorite for coffee liqueur lovers around the world and was used in the first Espresso Martini recipe, created in London in 1983. Tia Maria has also launched a new ready-to-drink cocktail featuring a cold brew method and nitro technology.

The nitro technology is an innovative system that creates a velvety foam when the can is first opened to ensure the maximum product quality, consistency and a multisensory experience for the consumer. Once opened, the nitro technology instantly creates the frappé foam. At 4% ABV, made with coffee, Tia Maria, and a hint of milk, this is the ideal choice for taking a break at home or when on the go.

Bringing to life Tia Maria’s one of a kind personality, the new packaging has been created in collaboration with famed street artist, Karski, from the Netherlands. Karski adds, “I’m extremely happy that Tia Maria identifies its branding with my vibrant works of art. This ready-to-drink can has a unique appearance with its abstract design and ‘one of a kind’ colors.”

GSN’s Remarks: Not too sweet, these new low ABV RTD’s make a great brunch pick-me-up or an after dinner treat. We especially like the nitro foam which adds a bit of pizzazz to the presentation. Overall, very well balanced, tasty and a great addition to the ever growing category of cocktails in a can. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Tia Maria

GSN Review: Partida Roble Fino & Partida Añejo Cristalino Tequilas

Tequila Partida recently introduced a new line of luxury sipping tequilas, Tequila Partida Roble Fino, and a new member to the core family, Tequila Partida Anejo Cristalino.

Partida Roble Fino includes the first sherry-aged Cristalino Reposado, as well as sherry-aged Reposado and Añejo, made in partnership with Edrington’s best in cask management. They combine four corners of the world, starting in the volcanic red soil from Mexico, bourbon barrels from the US and Scotland’s single malt barrels, and finished in Oloroso casks from Jerez de la Frontera.

Roble Fino Reposado begins with Partida’s Reposado aged for a minimum of 6 months, then aged for an additional 2 months in ex-single malt, sherry seasoned casks from Scotch Whisky. Roble Fino Reposado Cristalino initially follows the same process as the Reposado. The Reposado Cristalino is then naturally filtered to remove all color while retaining its defined body and complex flavors and aromas achieved through a double aging process. GSN’s Remarks: These are very nearly interchangable in character, flavor and mouthfeel. The sherry gives adds a sprightly brightness and the ex-malt adds more wood and a deepening flavor. Unless you’re looking for a somewhat novel presentation, we suggest the Roble Fino Reposado for a more traditional experience. GSN Rating for both: A-

Roble Fino Añejo begins with Partida’s Añejo, aged for a minimum 18 months. It then continues finishing for an additional 5 months in ex-single malt, sherry seasoned casks from Scotch Whisky. GSN’s Remarks: This expression tends toward of more mature and finished character than the Reposados. A fine and contemplative, caramel patinaed spirit. Near chewy and dessert-like towards the finish, this makes for a nice cigar pairing tequila. GSN Rating: A+

Partida Añejo Cristalino is produced using fully mature blue weber agave cultivated in the Tequila Valley. The freshly harvested agaves are slowly and evenly cooked for 24 hours before they’re aged in white American oak medium toast ex-bourbon barrels for a minimum of 18 months. After the liquid finishes aging, the Cristalino is naturally filtered using activated carbon to remove most of the color while still maintaining the aromas and flavors gained through aging. The transparent Añejo is then diluted with demineralized volcanic spring water until 40% ABV. GSN’s Remarks: This is a lovely, fruity and round tequila with no rough edges. Some rock candy and light pepper come through, but overall, the spirit of agave speaks for itself. Our current favorite tequila at GSN. GSN Rating: A++

For more information go to: Partida Tequila

GSN Spirited News: March 9th 2021 Edition

Sagamore Spirit in Baltimore, Maryland has launched Distiller’s Select Tequila Finish, a new rye whiskey marrying Mexican and American spirits. The 49% abv whiskey is blended from two rye mash bills (one high rye and one low rye) before finishing in Extra Añejo Tequila barrels. Sagamore Spirit Distiller’s Select Tequila Finish is rolling out now across the U.S. for a suggested retail price of $69 a 750-ml.

Proximo Spirits’ Maestro Dobel has partnered with the PGA Tour to become the first official Tequila of the Tour. The multi-year partnership will feature retail signs and activations across the U.S., promoting the Tequila and its association with the PGA Tour. At the upcoming Players Championship, the brand will unveil the Diamante Tee Time, a new Tequila, green tea, and jalapeño cocktail created for the partnership. In addition, the brand’s releases will be featured during the Players Championship and supported by digital and social activations throughout the year

Austin, Texas-based Still Austin Whiskey Co. has launched new packaging for The Naturalist, the distillery’s rye-based gin. The new label’s art features a woman in nature, with nods to many of the botanicals in the spirit. The Naturalist is distilled from a mash of 70% Brasetto rye and 30% corn, all sourced from Texas. The spirit is infused with juniper, coriander, cinnamon, and elderflower, along with eight other botanicals before proofing down and bottling at 45% abv. The newly packaged gin is now rolling out to retailers throughout Texas, where it will sell for around $32 a 750-ml. and $16 a 375-ml.

St. Paul, Minnesota’s Kinky Beverages has added a new Fruit Punch flavor to its lineup of liqueurs and RTD cocktails. Kinky Fruit Punch liqueur comes in at 17% abv and is a blend of cherry, orange, and pineapple flavors with vodka. The RTD version is a 5% abv malt-based beverage made with the same flavors and sold in 6-packs. The liqueur retails for around $20 a 750-ml. and the cocktails for around $9. Both are available across the U.S. Kinky is part of the Prestige Beverage Group portfolio.

Single malt Scotch whisky GlenDronach is launching a new Cask Bottling Batch 18 Collection in the U.S. The collection includes cask bottlings from 1990 ($600, 51.4% abv), 1994 ($415, 51.3% abv), 2005 ($150, 58% abv) and 2008 ($120, 59.8% abv), bottled from Oloroso, Pedro Ximenez and Port Pipe casks. GlenDronach, a Highlands single malt known for Sherry cask aging, is part of the Brown-Forman portfolio.

Diageo has launched a line of canned cocktails under the Crown Royal brand. The 7% abv RTDs come in three flavors—Whisky & Cola, Washington Apple, and Peach Tea—all made using either Crown Royal’s original whisky or one of the brand’s flavored variants. Crown Royal’s new RTDs are available nationwide in 4-packs of 12-ounce cans and as individual cans, priced at around $15 and $4, respectively.

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GSN Brews News: March 9th 2021 Edition

Three Weavers Brewing in Inglewood, California is launching It’s Blursday, a new seasonal brew. The tart rosé sour beer is at 5.5% abv and is made via a lacto souring technique with additions of cranberry, tart cherry, raspberry and passion fruit for their color and tart flavor properties. It’s rolling out now in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans at select California retailers. Three Weavers’ core brews include Juicy Expat Hazy IPA, Day Job Pale Ale, Seafarer Kolsch, and Sun Trap Session Sour among others.

Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Indeed Brewing will launch Boon Hard Kombucha in 16-ounce cans beginning next month. The brand launched in January with one flavor—Blueberry Basil—and the brewery will debut Grapefruit Hibiscus shortly. Boon comes in at 8.2% abv and is made from a blend of Green Mao Jian tea, Yerba Mate, and blueberry concentrate with added basil flavor. Beginning in April, 4-packs of 16-ounce cans will be available in Indeed’s distribution footprint.

Comstock Park, Michigan-based Perrin Brewing Co. has announced a new lineup refresh for its core portfolio of IPAs. The new lineup features two new beers and the brewery’s Park of Perrin variety 12-pack will also receive an update. The new beers—59-10 IPA and Double Pay IPA—come in at 7% and 8.5% abv, respectively, and will be available in 12-ounce cans and on draft. The refreshed Pack of Perrin will now feature the new IPAs alongside the company’s low-calorie Low Rise IPA.

Constellation Brands is reintroducing Two Lane American Golden Lager, produced in conjunction with country music star Luke Bryan. The brew originally launched last year but production was subsequently put on hold. At 4.2% abv, it’s relaunching in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, both Carolinas, and Virginia, with plans to expand distribution in the future. The lager is joined by newcomer Two Lane Hard Seltzer, which comes in Cherry Limeade, Peach Tea, Blueberry Lemonade, and Watermelon Punch, all at 4.5% abv. Golden Lager is available in 6- and 12-packs of 12-ounce cans and the seltzer comes in a variety 12-pack; both 12-packs retail for a suggested $16.

The Boston Beer Company has added a new, higher-abv extension to Truly Hard Seltzer. The new Truly Extra releases come in at 8% abv and are available in two flavors: Black Raspberry and Peach Mango. Each 16-ounce can contains 220 calories and one gram of sugar. Truly Extra is aimed at convenience store shoppers and is now available across the U.S. in individual 16-ounce cans.

Courtesy of Shanken News Daily