GSN Partner: Aspirechic Barware Set

Whether you’re a professional bartender or you simply enjoy practicing your drink mixing skills with your family and friends, the key to amazing results is having top quality tools. For that, we offer the perfect solution!

This barware set is made from superior quality food-grade stainless steel, allowing for no flavor transfer or odors regardless of intensive use. The metallic pieces are BPA-free dishwasher safe, making your job even easier!

This practical cocktail kit comes fully equipped to allow you to truly demonstrate your mixing skills. You’ll enjoy astounding results each time and impress your party guests in a simple and effortless manner!

This barware set comes with a classic metallic finish guaranteed to add an elegant vibe to your bar. With an user-friendly, ergonomic design, drink mixing will be a breeze for beginners and experts as well!

You can order this complete barware kit for only $39.95 and get free shipping. The set comes in gift packaging and is ideal for giving on every special occasion!

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The 2018 GSN Holiday Gift Guide Day 11: Paperless Post Greeting Cards

It seems as if there is never enough time during the holidays to get everything done. Why not save some time and money by sending custom-made holiday greeting cards to your friends and family?

Paperless Post allows you to create elegant, fun and eye-catching greeting cards and party invitations with custom graphics or your own photographs.

In about 10 minutes, you can be up and running by using Paperless Post’s website and user-friendly interface. You send the virtual cards to the email addresses of your personal contacts.  You can add them manually, import your .csv file, or even create a link to your address book.  Even better, you can schedule when you’d like the cards to be sent, so that if you do find yourself with some free time, you can get all the work done in an hour or less and then send them all nearer to the day you want to surprise people.

For more information go to: Paperless Post

The 2018 GSN Holiday Gift Guide Day 10: The Twelve Best Cocktail Books of 2018

You can never have too many cocktail & spirits books on your back bar. Here are a dozen that we at GSN recommend this holiday season!  Order these from your local bookstore.





































































































GSN Review: Egan’s Fortitude Irish Whiskey

Egan’s pays tribute to co-founder Henry J. Egan with the introduction of Fortitude, a rare non-chill filtered single malt Irish whiskey matured exclusively in Pedro Ximénez casks. The only Irish whiskey to be aged in this way, Fortitude demonstrates the ambition of the Egan family to challenge the status quo.

P.&H. Egan was founded in 1852 in Tullamore, Ireland by Henry J. Egan and Patrick Egan, Sr. As wine & spirit merchants, Egan’s developed an extensive trade–both domestically and for export–bottling and bonding many Irish whiskies as well as importing large quantities of sherry, port and rum.

“His stalwart character and fierce resolve made him a passionate Irishman and formidable businessman, leading the Egan name to become one of the most recognized whiskey brands in Ireland,” remarked Jonathan Egan, part of the sixth generation of the Egan family. “With the marriage of sherry and single malt Irish whiskey, Fortitude is a nod to that time in our heritage when Henry sought to bring the best of Ireland to the world, and best of the world to back home to Ireland.”

Egan’s Fortitude (92 proof)
Visual: Medium gold.
Nose: The distillate itself comes through loud and clear. The sherry cask adds a curious sweet funk that keeps things interesting. Fulsome, unusual and somehow very old school in sensibility.
Taste: Oddly, the first notes I get are of smoke. If I didn’t know better, I would have guessed this is a Scotch. But, the sherry does eventually come through, adding a richness that melds into the whiskey and making it quite rowdy. There’s a lot going on here that you will simply not find in most Irish whiskies.
Finish: Long with a drawn out sweet, almost dessert-like end.
Overall: Unique. Masterfully done and the name is well-chosen. This has enough character to slap you in the face and then give you another for good measure.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Egan’s Whiskey

GSN Review: Fistful of Bourbon

Released in 2018, Fistful of Bourbon (“Fistful”) marks the first-ever American whiskey created by William Grant & Sons. With production led by Whisk(e)y Blender Kelsey McKechnie and Master Blender Brian Kinsman they chose five straight American bourbons to create a blend of distinct tastes that come together to make a one-of-a-kind bourbon.

This is William Grant & Sons first from-the-ground-up American whiskey. Fistful of Bourbon is a blend of five straight American bourbons aged at least two years. “There’s an art and science to blending — and Fistful is a balance of both,” explained William Grant & Sons Whisk(e)y Blender, Kelsey McKechnie. “Our creative process combined the art of nosing along with our vision for the whiskey and the science of blending different bourbons to create a unique taste all its own. We’re excited to showcase William Grant & Sons’ long-time blending experience by bringing it to the American whiskey scene.”

“Fistful is a hallmark of William Grant & Sons’ relentless commitment to placing quality at the heart of any new spirit introduction,” said William Grant & Sons President and Managing Director, Americas Jonathan Yusen. “From Glenfiddich’s pioneering position in single malt Scotch, to Hendrick’s leadership role in reinvigorating the gin category, to Monkey Shoulder introducing blended Scotch to a new generation of whisky drinkers, William Grant & Sons has never stopped experimenting and pushing the boundaries. With over a century of award-winning whisk(e)y experience, we’re thrilled to bring our liquid expertise to something truly unique in the bourbon category.”

Fistful of Bourbon (90 proof)
Visual: Medium brown.
Nose: Lots of high, woody notes supported by a mid-range of light toffee and slight vanilla. Slightly sweet.
Taste: Very much in the straight American bourbon camp, but smoothed out in the sense that the usual intensity has been softened and made more approachable to a new whiskey drinker.
Finish: Medium long with some of the sweeter notes retaining their hold on the overall impression.
Overall: There’s nothing here that surprises, but it is a solid bourbon that works well as a shot or with a mixer.
GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Fistful of Bourbon

The 2018 GSN Holiday Gift Guide Day 9: Tiki Kit

Tiki is hot right now. For the beginning tiki-phile, or hell even the advanced tiki-phile you can’t do much better than this kit which includes Martin Cate’s excellent book on Smuggler’s Cove along with dozens of recipes and mouthwatering photos. Here’s everything you get:

  • Smuggler’s Cove: Exotic Cocktails, Rum, and the Cult of Tiki by Martin Cate
  • Bikini Girl Tiki Mug, 12 oz.
  • Easter Island Tiki Mug, 12 oz.
  • Small Hand Foods Orgeat Syrup, 8.5oz
  • Bittermens ‘Elemakule Tiki Cocktail Bitters

Order here

The 2018 GSN Holiday Gift Guide Day 8: Jeffrey Morgenthaler Champagne Sabre

Jeffrey Morgenthaler, bar manager at Clyde Common and Pepe Le Moko in Portland, Oregon recently introduced some ultra cool bar tools. We here at GSN recommend Jeff’s champagne sabre. After all, New Year’s Eve is coming up and you might as well do it in style and safely, right?

Here’s what Jeff has to say, “I have always been crazy for sabering Champagne bottles but have always felt that the standard wine saber has this goofy play-acting sword look to it, and I wanted to do something more modern, sleek, and tool-like. After months of testing, they came up with the most wonderful Champagne Sabre that works every time. I received my prototype around New Year’s Eve and we spent the entire evening at work launching corks into the back bar. (Heavily tested in a real world environment, this one).”

Order yours here