GSN Recommended Resources

Absinthe Online Shop An array of absinthes, fountains, glasses, spoons, books and rare original bottles for sale.

Angostura Bitters The standard for bitters.

Bevmo! Fantastic source for hard to find spirits, barware and more.

The Bitter Truth A company specializing in various traditional style bitters, liqueurs and spirits.

B.G. Reynolds Exotic Syrups, Bitters and Spirits The syrups are hand-crafted in small batches in Portland, OR. Each flavor inspired by classic tropical cocktails, and tested time and again to ensure the best flavor profiles for both honored classics and modern tiki resurgence drinks.

Buffalo Trace Distillery A distiller who carries not only an excellent bourbon, but also Peychaud’s Bitters & Regan’s Orange Bitters.

Cask A fantastic source for hard to find bitters, spirits, barware and cocktail manuals.

Cocktail Kingdom A publisher specializing in reprinting several cocktail classics including books by Harry McElhone, Harry Johnson, Jerry Thomas, David A. Embury with new introductions by David Wondrich, Ted Haigh, Dale DeGroff, Bob Hess and more!

Drink Up NY The best place for New Yorkers to order hard to find spirits, liqueurs and cordials.

Fee Bros. Fee Brothers is a four generation old manufacturer of top quality Cocktail Mixes, Bitters, Flavoring Syrups, Iced Cappuccino Mix and other beverage ingredients.

Haus Alpenz A resource for hard to find spirits & liqueurs such as Batavia Arrack, Creme de Violette, Allspice Dram and Velvet Falernum.

Imbibe Magazine Imbibe is the magazine of liquid culture. It is a completely new way of looking at drinks—as a distinct culinary category, deserving in-depth exploration of history, ingredients, preparation, artistry and consumption.

Internet Wines & Spirits An online source for some hard to find spirits, liqueurs and cordials.

Kegworks Kegworks offering high end products such as shakers, strainers, jiggers, muddlers, cocktail trays, glassware, etc…

Mixellany Limited Whether its an original work of mixological scholarship, an annotation or translation of a classic cocktail tome, or a reprint of a rare edition, you’ll find a wealth of information and inspiration on all aspects of cocktailiana.

Mr. Mojito’s Muddlers Mr. Mojito (aka David Nepove) is proud to announce that his signature muddlers are now available. You can now experience the rich flavors of muddling fresh fruit (or whatever you like) into your cocktails.

Oxo Oxo makes several excellent bar tools. Jiggers, juicers, shakers and more.

Reidel Glassware Claus Riedel was the first person in the long history of the glass to design its shape according to the character of the spirit. Choose the best glass for your spirit!

Salt Traders Salt Traders is the original and best collection of hand-harvested, natural, specialty, rare, artisan, smoked and gourmet sea salts from around the world.

PopSoda An online source for cane sugar Coca-Cola, Blenheim’s Ginger Beer and other great mixers.

Tag Bar Barware Barware chosen and endorsed by Tony Abou-Ganim, the modern mixologist.

Tipsy Bartender Whether you are looking for an epic jungle juice for your next party or a tasty new mimosa to brighten up brunch – you have come to the right place! From creative jello shots to spiked desserts – we have it all right here.

Urban Moonshine Urban Moonshine’s line of handcrafted, organic bitters and tonics brings the wisdom of generations to the modern world.

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  1. Could you help me locate the Joules Cinnamon Infusion and Sheridan’s Coffee Layered Liquors. I live in California and can’t find them, would you be able to help me. Thank you, for your time.

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