GSN Review: Abelha Organic Cachaca

The Abelha story begins in Rio De Contas, Brazil – a small town set amongst the hills and valleys on the edge of the majestic Chapada Diamantina – where the Abelha team met Marcos Vaccaro, a visionary and an expert in all things organic. Marcos’s organic fazenda (farm) produces exceptional sugar cane, alongside fruit trees, a coffee plantation and has tree-house accommodation for all visitors. The travelers knew they had found both a perfect partner and an ideal location for their distillery. Together, they created Abelha Cachaça, born out of shared principles, values, and vision.

The distillery is a single estate family operation. Marcos coordinates all production, from cane field to pot still, and he is constantly seeking out ways to improve organic farming and distillation methods. At 1,200 metres altitude, the estate is ideal for Cachaça production, as the temperature differential between day and night produces sugar cane that retains its natural sugars.

Abelha is committed to supporting the Rio De Contas community. By building partnerships and improving organic farming technologies & techniques, they are boosting the local economy significantly and sustainably. They teach local farmers organic practices, helping them get certified by the Instituto BioDynamico (Brazil’s Official Organic Association). Once certified, the farmers can supply the distillery with organic sugar cane at a fair price.

Abelha Cachaça is produced by local craftspeople and workers at the Abelha distillery, including bottling and quality control, and they offer high wages to all of the workers at the Fazenda. They also support the local Rio De Contas Foundation, and the upkeep of the Chapada Diamantina, so tourists can appreciate the region’s natural beauty for years to come. They believe in being 100% sustainable. The Fazenda (farm) is a 100% sustainable, self-sufficient, clean running farm – all waste is re-used in future farming. The cars and tractors on the farm are powered on the by-products from the distillate. They always look to improve organic technologies and infrastructure where possible.

Abelha Prata (80 proof)
Appearance: Clear.
Aroma: Clean, vegetal and fresh.
Taste: Round, creamy, with vanilla overtones. Medium body with a warming and lightly grassy flavor.
Finish: Medium long, with a touch of mint on the finish.
Overall: A very nice cachaça that makes for a beautiful sipping spirit. This will make a stellar Caipirinha.
GSN Rating: A

Abelha Ouro: Aged 3 years in Garapeira wood (80 proof)
Appearance: Yellow.
Aroma: Clean and woody, but not in the way you might think. This has a dried tree fruit aroma which is quite enticing.
Taste: Somewhat tannic and slightly bitter, but more expressive than the Prata. The wood aging paints a darker patina on the spirit, giving it a more brandy-like character.
Finish: Long and subtle, with some of the wood notes adding a dry leathery flavor. Quite unique.
Overall: We’ve had several cachaças aged in exotic woods. This one is intense and very compact in its flavor profile. Definitely a spirit to savor on its own.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Abelha Cachaca


GSN Spirited News: August 4th 2020 Edition

Angry Orchard, part of the Boston Beer portfolio, is collaborating with Hudson Valley, New York-based Spirits Lab on a new range of cider-infused cocktails. They include an Apple Cider Old Fashioned made with Spirits Lab’s Bull’s Head Bourbon, a Basque Sangria with vodka and peach and apricot liqueurs, and a Rose Lemonade Vodka. The cocktails will sell for $9 at Angry Orchard’s and Spirits Lab’s Hudson Valley locations.

Diageo has debuted the latest offshoot to the Smirnoff Ice family of flavored malt beverages, Smirnoff Ice Zero Sugar. The 4.5% abv RTD is made without added sugar, instead using artificial sweeteners to come in at under 100 calories per 11.2-ounce bottle. The new offshoot is billed as offering the same sweet citrus flavor as the original Smirnoff Ice. Smirnoff Ice Zero Sugar is now available nationwide in 6-packs of bottles for around $9.

Brown-Forman has announced a new single barrel bottling of Jack Daniel’s celebrating country musician Eric Church. The 47% abv whiskey is bottled from barrels selected by Church and packaged with a special edition black and gold embossed label. The barrels were selected with help from master distiller Jeff Arnett from the top floor of a warehouse on Coy Hill. Jack Daniel’s Eric Church Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey will roll out nationwide in August.

Abelha Organic Cachaça has launched in the U.S. Imported and distributed by MHW in New York and New Jersey, and Murphy in Connecticut, the brand is making its debut with two expressions, Prata and Ouro. Prata is a 40% abv offering rested for six months in open steel tanks after distillation. Ouro is the brand’s aged expression, bottled at 40% abv after maturing for three years in 65-gallon Garapeira (a variety of Brazilian ash) casks. Both releases are made without added sugar and are certified organic. The brand is a collaboration between the Responsible Trading Company and Fazenda Vaccaro Farm.

Carbonadi vodka, a luxury Italian spirit, is expanding its distribution footprint. The 40% abv vodka is distilled from organic wheat and filtered through black diamonds (carbonados), giving the brand its name and opaque black bottle. Founded by entrepreneur Ricky Miller III, Carbanadi is minority-owned and currently available for70 a 750-ml. in California, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, and Florida with further expansion on the way.

Courtesy of Shanken News Daily