GSN Review: Austin Eastciders Imperial Cider

In a market that has shown growth in lower alcohol cocktails and lower ABV, Austin Eastciders has bucked the trend by debuting a limited-edition Imperial Cider at an 8.3% ABV, well higher than its other offerings.  Austin Eastciders Imperial Cider is a limited offering that will be on shelves for a short time with one production run and once it runs out, it could be the last time the company puts this blend into cans.

“Our biggest community request is for a cider with higher alcohol content.  We were inspired by high-impact American ciders.” says Austin Eastciders’ Master Cider Maker Brittnay Perlo.  “Austin Eastciders Imperial Cider delivers a full-flavored cider blended with hazy unfiltered apple juice.”

GSN’s Remarks: A quite dry, powerhouse of a cider. We like it. Fruity, almost rustic in flavor, and eminently quaffable. With such a high alcohol content, you’ll want to take your time with one to truly enjoy it. We especially like this one paired with a meal. Try this with a pork stew, or mushroom quiche. For a lighter table, craft a cheese board using aged cheddar, brie and camembert. We applaud Austin Eastciders for pushing the envelope in this category, and hope that more cideries follow suit. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Austin Eastciders