GSN Review: Barrell Bourbon Batch #33

Barrell Bourbon Batch 033 is a marriage of high-rye barrels and high-corn barrels ranging in age from 5 to 9 years old. The high-rye barrels were chosen for their distinct stone fruit, black pepper, and nutmeg notes. The high-corn barrels were chosen for their rich butterscotch, coffee, and citrus notes. Two sets of barrels mingled together for two months, then the balance was adjusted for the most optimal combination.

Whiskeys used in this release were distilled and aged in KY, IN and TN. As is custom for the brand, Barrell Bourbon Batch 033 comes bottled at cask strength, 116.6 proof. This follows the recent releases of Barrell Bourbon Batch 32, and Barrell Craft Spirits BCS Gold Label Seagrass.

GSN’s Remarks: It’s an interesting blend for sure. The rye kicks in the top notes from the get go, with the sweetness of the corn spirit filling in the lower mid-range. Peppery with a bittersweet cocoa effect, yet with a mellow edge that offsets the heavy rye character. The aftertaste is very much like a cold-brewed black coffee, which leaves the palate with some bitterness. This release to our reckoning is sharply different than the most recent expressons from Barrell. Somewhat austere, yet with a familiarity that sneaks up on you. GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Barrell Bourbon

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