GSN Review: Beefeater Summer Edition

In the midst of a 95+ degree heatwave, a welcoming bottle of Beefeater Summer Edition London Dry Gin arrived on the doorstep of Good Spirits News last week.  This limited edition product aligns itself with the current trend of flavored vodkas by using elderflower, blackcurrant and hibiscus flower in addition to the usual Beefeater gin botanicals.As with the usual Beefeater, the distillate is impeccable, crisp and crystal clear.   The nose is different though, with a hint of floral and berry fruit blending into the juniper.  I was intrigued.  Upon my first sip, I was struck by the smoothness and lack of burn.  I’m not normally a sipper of straight gin, but I could see this making a great martini on it’s own without any dry vermouth.  Coming in at 80 proof, this is a lighter gin and well suited for an Aviation, French 75 or similarly bright cocktail.

I hope that Pernod-Ricard continues to create new seasonal products.  I think that one of the trends we’re heading towards in mixology is the use of limited products that are only available for a brief time.  One day, we’ll look back and say, “Those were the days.  When we were able to make a Gin Basil Smash with Beefeater Summer Edition, and I was one of the lucky ones who got to taste it.”


Try an original creation of mine with Beefeater Summer Edition below:

Not Quite Cricket
2 oz Beefeater Summer Edition London Dry Gin
1 oz Domaine de Canton Ginger liqueur
1 oz lemon juice
0.25 oz simple syrup
Fevertree Tonic Water

Add ingredients to an ice filled Collins glass, top off with a few ounces of Fevertree Tonic Water, and gently stir.  Add straw and serve.