GSN Review: Beefeater Winter Edition

Now that we’re in the thick of  Winter, it’s only fitting that the good folks at Beefeater have created a London Dry Gin to bookend their Summer 2010 release.  Using botanicals such as cinnamon, nutmeg, pine, and Seville orange peel, they have distilled a subtley different London Dry styled gin.

The nose is quite orange forward and appealing.  Overall the flavor is distinctly Beefeater, but softer and fruitier than their flagship gin, with additional notes of vanilla and coriander.  This will make a fine martini, but also is perfect for gin based punches (always a favorite at this time of the year), and hot gin cocktails.

Grab a bottle while you can, because when the spring thaw finally comes, Beefeater Winter will be gone along with the snow.  I do hope that this seasonal series continues with Spring and Fall editions in the future.  It would be nice to have a full set to drink year round.  GSN Rating: A-

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