GSN Review: Bimini Gins

Round Turn Distilling, makers of Bimini Gin, have announced their newest expression, Bimini Coconut. Using the same base distillate known for its unique flavor profile of soft juniper, hops, and grapefruit, natural coconut flavor is added through a fat-washing process, possibly making it the first gin in the world flavored this way. 

“Bartenders have been fat-washing gin with coconut for years, but it’s a labor-intensive process,” says Round Turn Distilling co-founder, Kristina Hansen. “We decided we could make their jobs a little easier by doing the work for them and, at the same time, introduce this delicious flavor combination to the home bar.”

Bimini uses a neutral base spirit made from non-GMO American corn distilled four times. The water in Bimini Coconut comes from the Saco River, which flows from the White Mountains of New Hampshire right past Round Turn Distilling and into the Atlantic Ocean. Unlike many flavored gins, Bimini Coconut does not contain flavor extracts.

In their process of fat washing, Hansen and Case heat organic, Fair Trade Certified, extra virgin coconut oil to a liquid state before adding it to their unfiltered gin distillate for an extended maceration. The mixture is then chilled until the coconut oil becomes solid and can be strained out. The resulting coconut flavor is natural, dry, and well balanced with the gin botanicals.

Founded in 2015 by Hansen and her husband, Darren Case, Round Turn Distilling is located on the coast of Maine in the former mill town of Biddeford, just south of Portland. Case and Hansen, who also serve as the distillers, have transformed a 150-year-old textile mill into a state-of-the-art distillery. They currently have four expressions in their portfolio: Bimini Gin, Bimini Overproof Gin, Bimini Barrel Reserve No. 1 and Bimini Coconut.

GSN’s Remarks: The flagship Bimini Gin has a soft and somewhat reticent juniper presentation, with a mild botanical backbone. It’s definitely easy-going and quite mixable. The Overproof brings out more of the juniper and at 111 proof, packs a punch. But, we prefer this one for the extra attention it gives to the botanical bouquet. Try this one in punches or juice forward cocktails to temper the fire. The novel Bimini Coconut is quite good. You wouldn’t think of the two flavors working together, but they do indeed. The coconut flavor is subtle, but adds a nutty, tropical character and the fat washing adds a smoothness to the gin that is unique. We recommend giving this a try with tonic and lime. Lastly, the Barrel Reserve No. 1 is akin to an Old Tom style gin, but with a difference. The spirit is finished in a triad of ex-bourbon, brandy and rum casks to create something that has both slight sweetness and smokiness. Really well done, and our favorite of the quartet.

GSN Ratings: Bimini Gin B+, Overproof Gin A-, Coconut Gin A-, Barrel Reserve A+

For more information go to: Bimini Gin