GSN Spirited News: September 7th 2021 Edition

Versailles, Kentucky-based Woodford Reserve is partnering with home retailer Williams Sonoma on a program of cocktail mixers and consumer experiences. Available now, the line of cocktail mixers features drinks including the Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour, and Mint Julep. They can be purchased at Woodford Reserve locations and on the Williams Sonoma website for $19 a 16-ounce bottle. Additionally, the partnership includes multiple online cocktail classes led by Woodford assistant master distiller Elizabeth McCall, with additional products and experiences to be announced in the coming months and years.

Proximo Spirits’ Maestro Dobel Tequila has launched Pavito, a new Pechuga Tequila. The 40% abv Tequila is made by infusing the distilling spirit with fruits, spices, and turkey, a process more commonly used in mezcal production. According to the company, the infusion brings a rich, savory quality to the spirit, while still allowing the agave to shine through. Maestro Dobel Pavito is now available in select retailers across the U.S. for a suggested price of $60 a 750-ml.

Colorado-based Laws Whiskey House has released the second batch of its Bonded Henry Road Straight Malt WhiskeyThe 50% abv whiskey is distilled entirely from heirloom barley sourced locally, with the mash cooked, fermented, and distilled on-grain, which the distiller says imparts a unique nuttiness to the whiskey. This release consists of eight barrels of whiskey matured for five years, yielding nearly 2,400 750-ml. bottles. Laws Bonded Henry Road Straight Malt Whiskey is now available in select markets across the U.S. at a suggested price of $75 a bottle.

Information courtesy of Shanken News Daily