Imbibing Mr. Boston: The Bone Cocktail

IMG_4539-800I’ve lived in Syracuse, NY since 1969, and I don’t ever recall a cocktail created here that was served with a bone garnish.  And yet, that’s what I am told when I tried to track down the origin of this cocktail.  I suppose it is possible since we are famous for our Dinosaur BBQ restaurant and bar which makes fantastic pork and beef ribs.  Be that as it may, this drink is still pretty cool, and is based on an iteration of the original originally served at Farmers & Fishers in Georgetown (arch rival of Syracuse University, oddly enough).

The recipe as published makes way more than a single shot, as you can tell by a quick glance. More like two shots, so there’s  enough to share.  I enjoy the way the Tabasco sauce works with the lime and simple syrup.  Really intriguing.  I used three drops of hot sauce instead of three dashes.  It allowed the fire to support the bourbon instead of overwhelm it.

Unfortunately, there is no mention of the original garnish which was a rib bone, but was transmogrified into a slice of bacon candied with brown sugar and cinnamon, then dipped into chocolate ganache by the time it reached Georgetown.  Now, I’m hungry….

The Bone
2oz bourbon
0.5oz lime juice
0.5oz simple syrup
3 dashes hot red pepper sauce

Shake with ice and strain into chilled shot glass.