GSN Review: Booker’s Bourbon

1281Along with the Jim Beam family, Booker Noe II is responsible for bringing some of the world’s greatest Bourbons to light.  Booker served as master distiller for over four decades at the Beam Distillery in Kentucky.  Many may not know that Booker was the great-great-great grandson of the founder Jacob Beam.  Over the years he began to bottle some special Bourbons for his friends and family.  It was uncut, non-chill filtered, aged six-eight years in the center of the aging racks.  In 1992, he debuted it to the general public, and it has since taken its place amongst the countries best spirits.  Booker’s Bourbon continues the traditions and memory of this great man.

Booker’s Bourbon (121-127 proof)
Visual: Medium dark brown.
Nose: Light, yet hinting at some depth and heat.  The distillate remains in the forefront, with the typical vanilla and caramel elements reaming in the background.
Taste: Elegant and quite refined.  Surprisingly understated, yet very much a cask strength bourbon in terms of flavor profile.  This speaks well of the master distillers ability to know when a cask is ready for bottling.
Finish: The heat is in the back of the throat with all of the pleasantries delivered up front.  Quite a pleasure and a superb sipping whiskey.
Overall: Again, despite the high-proof, this is eminently mixable and absolutely a winner as a slow sipper.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say that this was aged at least 12 years, instead of 7.5.
GSN Rating: A-

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