GSN Review: Tuthilltown Hudson Bourbons

Back in 2005, I was extremely pleased to learn of the first legal distillery to open in my home state since prohibition.  Located in Gardiner, New York, Tuthilltown Distillery currently makes five whiskies, two vodkas, rum, eau de vie, brandy, absinthe, and a few infusions.  Recently, I was sent four of their fine products for review.  One of them garnered a rare A+ rating from me, one of the few I’ve ever awarded a product.  Read on to find out more:

Hudson Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey (92 proof) – Batch #9, Year 10.  The grains used in the mash bill are are corn, rye, wheat and malted barley.  The color is dark and golden with a hint of rusty orange.  Nose is nutty and peppery with notes of shoe leather and new bicycle tire.  The taste is complex and very spicy with high notes of rye and more subdued softer notes of sweet  corn and wheat bread.  This all makes for an amazing Sazerac cocktail.  Intense and in your face, yet very approachable and balanced.  GSN Rating: A-

Hudson Single Malt Whiskey  (92 proof) – Batch #1, Year 11.  Clover honey colored with a dark and woody nose with forest floor notes.  Flavor is quite woody with burnt charcoal coming through loud and clear.  Somewhat fiery and reminiscent of a cask strength whiskey, you will do well to water this down to a more moderate sipping strength.  In fact, watering it down brings out the more smooth and creamy notes typical in a malted barley spirit.  I think this might be even better if it were to be aged a few years longer.  As it is, each of their aged whiskies are aged for less than four years.  GSN Rating: B+

Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey  (92 proof) – Batch #6, Year 11.  Boasting a rich reddish copper color with a luscious nutty and light caramel nose.  Reminiscent of autumn and fresh roasted walnuts.  Sweet, but not overly so, with an exceptionally smooth double distillation.  The character of the grain comes through due to neither charcoal nor chill filtration.  This bourbon makes an amazing Manhattan or whiskey sour.  Bright, elegant and better tasting than many bourbons costing 2-3 times as much.  A fantastic spirit.  GSN Rating: A

Hudson New York Corn Whiskey  (92 proof) – Double distilled from corn grown less than ten miles away . Crystal clear with a sweet and fresh nose composed of elements of just picked corn husks and sweet baby corn kernels.  Rather than just fire and the often one dimensional aspects of an unaged spirit, the flavor is elegantly smooth and slightly creamy, with milk lactose and vegetal notes.  Most surprisingly, this has a complex and very long finish which goes on for a few minutes.  In my opinion, one of the truly great white dog/moonshines and worthy of an honored spot in any world class bar.  GSN Rating: A+