GSN Review: Brugal Rum Pt. II

Good news, everyone!  A second shipment of Brugal rums arrived via Planetary Express.  Well, not really, but the deliverman looked suspiciously like Philip J. Fry from Futurama.  Click here to read my other Brugal article which has more background on the distillery and reviews of two additional rums.

Brugal Blanco Especial Rum (80 proof)
Appearance: Crystal clear.
Nose: Lots of lemon citrus high notes, fresh sweetness.
Flavor: Quite smooth and creamy with marshmallow and rock candy flavors.
Finish: Finishes a bit dry and with a slight but of minerality.  Perfect for a Daiquiri or Mojito.  A very nice rum for everyday use in cocktails calling for a light rum.
GSN Rating: B+


Brugal Extra Viejo (80 proof)
Appearance: Crystal clear copper color.
Nose: Sweet, caramel and oak nose.
Flavor: Very woody with caramel notes.  Dark chocolate caramel with a slight menthol quality.  Sweet tobacco and molasses.
Finish: Short, with dry tannic notes.
Use this for extra body in a tiki drink or in a pre-prohibiton cocktail calling for a dark rum.
GSN Rating: B


For more information about Brugal rum click HERE.

GSN Review: Brugal Rum

Summer’s over, but rum is always in season!  A few bottles of anejo made their way to the GSN desk from Puerto Plata, in the Dominican Republic.  Brugal has been making rums since 1888, and have quite a large portfolio of products ranging from flavored rums to alcopops.  I took two of their aged rums and compared them against one another.  I found vast differences between their “mid-tier” and their “premium” blends.  Thus, proving the point that all rums are not created equal.  This definitely is true of the two Brugal anejos.  Read on to find out why.

Brugal Ron Anejo (80 proof) – Created from a blend of rums aged 2-5 years in American white oak, this is visually a bright copper color.  Slightly leathery and smoky with an alcohol forward nose.  The taste is slightly sweet with a curious and penetrating metallic taste similar to having a coin in your mouth.  The finish is somewhat bitter and still has elements of sulphured molasses.  I can see this working in fruit juice based cocktails and punches, but definitely not as a sipping rum.  GSN Rating: B-

Brugal 1888 Ron Gran Reserva Familiar (80 proof) – A new limited edition product, this is a blend of 5-14 year old rums aged in used sherry casks, giving it a rich dark, reddish-brown color.  It has a wonderful, vanilla and caramel nose, with hints of dried currants, anise, fresh sugarcane and dried apple.  The initial taste is rich with wood and a very smooth and balanced mix of spice and dried fruit.  A fantastic sipping rum, this will also lend extra depth to a tiki styled cocktail.  Really, really nice, and a rum that will always find a place in my home bar.  GSN Rating: A

For more information on Brugal rums go to their website at: