Imbibing Mr. Boston: Brunswick Street Cocktail

photoSorry for the delay between cocktail reviews.  I have a half dozen styles of sherry sitting in my home bar, but not the one called for in this recipe. I thought that picking up a bottle of Pedro Ximenez at one of my well-stocked local liquor stores would be easy, but no.  For whatever reason, no one carries it anymore in my town and I had to special order it from a tiny distributor.  One thing leading to another, it’s only now that I can finally make this cocktail.

I’m not sure which Brunswick Street this cocktail is referring to, but there is a fairly well-known avenue in Melbourne, Australia.  However, I’m think that this one is somewhere in England.  Why?  Because of the egg.  Egg = flip.  And flips are traditionally British.

All that being said, this is a drink that very few bars are able to make these days due to misplaced concerns about salmonella.  Truth be told, the chances of getting the illness is very low.  You’re more likely to get ill from eating a salad than imbibing an egg based cocktail.

But, what of the flavor and character of the Brunswick Street cocktail?  This is definitely a dessert-style cocktail and perfect for the holidays.  Kinf of like boozy eggnog.  I recommend using fresh organic egg, and at least a VSOP cognac.

Brunswick Street Cocktail
1.5oz cognac
1.5oz sweet sherry (Pedro Ximenez)
1 egg yolk
Garnish: freshly grated nutmeg

Shake without ice. Add ice and shake again.  Strain into chilled cocktail glass.  Top with nutmeg.