GSN Review: Campari Cask Tales

Campari recently introduced a new expression to the United States in limited quantity to celebrate over 150 years of the legacy of Davide Campari. Created by Herbalist & Master Blender, Bruno Malavasi, Campari Cask Tales represents a contemporary take on the classic Campari that is finished in bourbon barrels. Malavasi experimented with casks from multiple sources to find the ideal environment to age and flavor the liqueur, which finally led to the selection of second-fill bourbon casks.

Campari Cask Tales was largely inspired and informed by passionate bartenders from around the globe, including Leo Robitschek, gaz regan, and Jeffrey Morgenthaler, who shared their expertise and guidance alongside Bruno. Their invaluable insight coupled with the patience of time within the cask were essential to define the best variation of the spirit.

Malavasi says “Having worked at Campari Group for over 20 years, Davide Campari is a figure I have consistently admired for his commitment and innovation. I knew that I had to pay homage to the man who fundamentally inspired my craft. Davide’s intuitive way of connecting with the future inspired me to go out and explore the latest sensory experiences, seeing how to blend art forms and merge the future with the past. Bitter, but now slightly fruity; sweet, but just a little smoky; a unique expression has been created that keeps the iconic flavor of the original Campari.”

Campari Cask Tales (25% ABV)
Visual: Clear red-orange.
Nose: Bitter top notes of sandalwood and chinotto, with more subdued sweet bourbon and oak to bring a warmth to the nose.
Taste: The bitterness is tempered down a tad, and the sweetness ramped up through the lovely vanilla and caramel tones of the ex-Bourbon cask.
Finish: Long and wistful.
Overall: This is a really nice apéritif on its own, but if you’re looking for a little extra something in your next Negroni or spritzer, look no further. The flavor is sublime.
GSN Rating: A+

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