GSN Review: Camus Cognac

Cognac is one of the world’s great spirits, if not the greatest.  Not only does it boast a rich and varied history (Sazerac cocktails and Phylloxera, anyone?) , but it has a rich and varied flavor unlike most grain based spirits. Camus (pronounced Kah-Moo, like the famous French philosopher) has been a house of Cognac for almost 150 years.  Their products have been sold the world over and have recently been introduced into U.S. distribution.  In a few short years, they have won several awards including Excellent ratings from Paul Pacult’s Ultimate Spirits Challenge and Ultimate Cocktail Challenge.

This week, I was very pleased to be able to try the entire U.S. market line of Camus Cognacs, including one to which I’ve give my very highest recommendation.

Camus VS – Light apple nose, honeyed, oaked. Taste is unrefined and rustic with a heavy and funky almost-but-not-quite menthol quality. Not a sipping brandy, but will work nicely as a base in a brandy punch.  GSN Rating: B

Camus VSOP – Smooth, balanced delicate grape nose.  Taste is quite oaked, but still very much fruit forward.  The VSOP will be fantastic in a Sidecar or a Stinger.  GSN Rating: B+

Camus XO – Rich and sweet caramel nose redolent of Autumn.  A fine, rich and deep Cognac with notes of baked apple, creme brulee, spices.  Very smooth, very balanced and an exceptional sipping brandy.  GSN Rating: A

Camus Borderies XO – Thick and viscous with a dark gold hue almost likened to a bourbon.  Sweet and more liqueur-like than the Champagne region XO.  Hints of butter and dried stone fruits mingle with a light heathery floral quality.  This makes for an amazing sipper after a meal instead of a heavy dessert.  Very impressive, and unique in it’s field as this is the only single vineyard Cognac crafted in the Borderies region.  GSN Rating: A+

For more information on Camus go here.