GSN Review: Candy Manor Gin

Candy-Manor-9_17_FrontCraft distilleries are nothing new these days.  However, using a vintage movie theatre as home base is unusual.

Mike Rasmussen and Ron Gomes decided to base their headquarters in Delaware inside the Old Smyrna Theater which opened in 1948.  It’s an interesting visual mix that makes the distillery seem like it’s been around for decades instead of just a few years.  Rasmussen calls the look “neo-speakeasy”.  That whole ethic fits well into the gin they are marketing.

Candy Manor (so the legend goes) was a front for a local brothel back in the day.  Ask for the “Candy Special” and got both chocolates and a lady to enjoy.  For all I know, you also got some bathtub gin to soothe your conscience.

Candy Manor Gin (80 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: More citrus than juniper up front.  Lightly herbal with a lot of lemon peel on the nose.
Taste: Sweet like an Old Tom style gin, as opposed to a London Dry.  Very smooth and appealing with more of the juniper coming through on the palate.  Flavorful with a nice blend of botanicals and a decent amount of flavor behind the distillate.
Finish: Medium long with more spice staying around than citrus.
Overall: Quite mixable and workable in a 3-1 Martini.  Try this in a prohibition era gin cocktail like a Gin Rickey or a White Lady.
GSN Rating: B+

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