GSN Review: Catoctin Creek Ragnarök Rye

Catoctin Creek Ragnarök Rye is a 92-proof intergalactic rye whisky that is pot stilled, then aged in charred new white oak, sugar maple and cherrywood. This year’s bottle includes new and improved collectable metal die cast toppers representing all five band members of GWAR: Blóthar the Berserker; Balsac the Jaws of Death; Jizmak da Gusha; Beefcake the Mighty; and Pustulus Maximus.  

Up to 100 five-packs of Ragnarök Rye featuring a bottle topper of each GWAR band member will be available to order. Each purchase includes a chance to win a guitar signed by the band, a signed barrel head, or GWAR tickets for life. 

The bottle’s new commemorative whisky label also matches the artwork from GWAR’s new album, “The New Dark Ages,” which was released digitally and as a CD, and vinyl and cassette on Sept. 16 via the band’s label, Pit Records. 

Up to 700 cases of Ragnarök Rye (92 proof/46% ABV) are available throughout Catoctin Creek’s national distribution footprint; 300 cases will be on sale in the distillery’s online store for curbside pickup or direct shipping in Virginia only, limited to three bottles per customer. Online orders can be purchased through

GSN’s Remarks: The cherrywood comes through immediately, adding a fruity, cobbler-like character. Very flavorful, but light in body. Curiously, the rye spice is almost subversive to the cherry and sweetness of the sugar maple barrels, coming in only towards the beginning of a long finish. Elements of baking spices, candied nuts, cinnamon toast and brown bread carry through the experience. A very easy to drink Rye that doubles as a great talking piece on your back bar. Now go listen to some GWAR! GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Ragnarok Rye

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