GSN Review: Cenote Ahumado Tequila

Cenote Tequila recently released Cenote Ahumado Tequila, an small-batch tequila that revives historic methods used by original tequileros of roasting agave pinas over a woodfire. The resulting Ahumado 100% Blue Weber Agave reposado combines the best tequila traditions with a mezcal-inspired roasting process that presents a unique smokey flavor profile.

This one-of-a-kind 100% blue weber agave spirit is roasted under the supervision of Eleana Nunez, Board Director for Mujeres del Mezcal y Maguey de Mexico. “With blueprints from ancient mezcal pit ovens, we leveraged insight from generational mezcal producers to recreate this very special Cenote Ahumado pit oven. Once it was built, I continued to collaborate during the cooking and production process to bring you this unique variety,” says Nunez.

Cenote Ahumado is rested in oak barrels for more than 2 months. The black bottle design visually emphasizes the smoke-forward agave flavor inside the bottle. Atop the bottle is pina, an homage to the heart of the agave plant, complete with a copper clasp.

Master Distiller Arturo Fuentes, the godfather of tequila, and Master Blender Alejandro Garcia Páez created the taste profile. “We are inspired by tradition and the master tequileros who paved the way. We wanted to present an offering that brings the best of both worlds, highlighting tequila and mezcal traditions and showcasing the best of Mexico creating an innovative, smoky reposed Tequila,” says Garcia.

Cenote Tequila Ahumado is available nationwide via select retailers at $75.99 for 750ml.

GSN’s Remarks: Light agave nose punctuated with a faint smokey haze. Very smooth with an almost creamy entry, vanilla being the dominant note. Altogether, it is reminiscent of a tequila cream liqueur, minus the actual cream. Quite interesting, very tasty and easily approachable. The body is round and warming, and the finish is quite long with some caramel notes at the end. We really enjoyed this, even though it was not what we were expecting. This makes for an excellent sipper, as well as a terrific base for creative tequila based libations. Also of note is the bottle design, which is one of the most unique and attractive pieces we’ve seen. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Tequila Cenote

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