GSN Review: Center of Effort Chardonnay Virtual Workshop

The Center of Effort Estate is located along south-facing slopes in the western Edna Valley, just moments from the Pacific shoreline. The vineyard unfolds along an ancient dune with rocky and sandy soil. This lean, sandy soil allows the vines to achieve natural balance, with limited vigor and low yields. The nuance of the Estate’s particular location in the Edna Valley lends to the bright and complex nature of their Chardonnay.

On March 6th, The Center of Effort winemaking team hosted an in-depth virtual tasting and discussion on their Estate Chardonnay. GSN had the opportunity to join the team and taste through a variety of COE Chardonnay, new and old, to learn the impact that time, barreling and growing season can have on each vintage. 

The discussion held via Zoom was quite informative and allowed participants to taste various unfiltered wine samples that were ultimately used in the final blend. It was eye opening to discover the various effects of different woods and even concrete on the various samples. Differing percentages of each are used to make the final Chardonnay, which was quite delicious.

The end of the evening gave everyone a chance for Q&A with the winemakers, and a invitation to visit the winery in the future.

For more information go to: Center of Effort Wine

Included in the Workshop were:
2015 Chardonnay, COE
2017 Chardonnay, EFFORT
2012 Chardonnay, COE Library

2020 Samples
Concrete Egg
Acacia Wood Barrel
French Oak Barrel 
Neutral Barrel