GSN Review: Chrome Horse Society Tequila

The first official expression from Chrome Horse Society has arrived. Seeking to inspire consumers with a contemporary approach to tequila, the brand fuses the traditional excellence with the latest in modern technology from Jalisco, Mexico. Founded by equestrian entrepreneur and philanthropist Jack Morgan, every aspect of the brand from the taste to the bottle design was intended to reflect a contemporary consumer. 

The Blanco is produced at Distileria Leyros, one of the largest in Jalisco and the only distillery in the region with a state-of-the-art in-house laboratory dedicated to innovation. The distillery uses proprietary toasting techniques, controlled fermentation, and advanced triple distillation techniques in copper plated stills. It is made entirely free of additives from Blue Tequilana Weber Agave, which is grown in semi-dry, alkaline soil enriched by the Tequila Volcano that lies directly above the agave fields.

A focus of both the distillery and Chrome Horse Society is environmental responsibility. The agave fields are privately owned, providing total control over the plants and respect for the land. Crops are rotated frequently, to ensure sustainable healthy soil, and updated manufacturing processes reduce water consumption and steam energy by 50% as opposed to conventional methods.

Morgan also sees Chrome Horse Society as more than only a tequila brand, but also as an inclusive society that connects sophisticated tequila drinkers.  “My hope is to connect the society of tequila lovers on a platform where they can celebrate and explore tequila in new, fun and unexpected ways.” – Jack Morgan

Chrome Horse is one of the first spirit brands to offer the convenience of purchase through an online subscription-based platform, after liquor industry subscription services became digitally available in January 2023. Subscribers’ selected automatic replenishment will be delivered directly to your door. Members will also receive VIP emails and first access to future limited-edition products.

Priced at $75.49 for 750 ML, the tequila is available online at with delivery available in 35 States. 

GSN’s Remarks: Fresh, bright and aromatic agave perfume on the nose. Ultra smooth entry with a slightly sweet character reminiscent of candy floss. Well distilled with a round and warm flavor with a light mouthfeel. The finish is medium-long ending with a slightly dry mineral note.  Very easy going, drinkable and retaining the loveliness of the agave throughout the tasting. A terrific sipping tequila that is more refined than many blancos on the market. GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Chrome Horse Society