GSN Review: Confidence Drink

Confidence is an organic, all-natural, sugar-free, zero-calorie beverage created to boost people’s moods and feelings of harmony and help wash away anxiety, fear and self-doubt – giving people an essential confidence boost.

Confidence is the brainchild of two Gen Z entrepreneurs who recognized the importance of mental confidence and how vital it is to live a full life. Witnessing their friends’ tendencies to overthink things and not be present in the moment, they realized this void in the market and launched a mission to create a product that gives people the mental freedom they need to thrive.

It all starts with functional ingredients and adaptogens – plant-based ingredients that work at the molecular level to lighten the effect of physical, mental and emotional stressors on the body. Confidence’s combination of the ingredients listed below, work together to help you feel like the best version of yourself with benefits that include lowered stress, increased mental sharpness, improved mood and a better functioning nervous system.

  • Rhodiola (Harmony): Reduces stress, kicks fatigue, and improves brain function
  • Gingseng (Focus): Benefits brain functions like memory, mood and focus
  • Gaba (Reduce Anxiety): Relieves stress and anxiety, balances mood
  • 5-HTP (Lower Fear): Helps the body produce serotonin, boosts mood, and promotes feelings of relaxation
  • Magnesium (Release Tension): Aids hundreds of reactions in the body, like generating energy and keeping the nervous system humming
  • B Vitamins (Mood Boost): Contributes to full-body well-being, maintains energy levels, and supports healthy brain and nerve function

GSN’s Remarks: You know the taste of kids vitamins? Well, this isn’t far off. Slightly chalky, sort of fruity, but with an odd supplement kind of taste. I’m not saying it’s unpleasant, but it definitely is not what we were expecting. As for the health benefits? Perhaps we noticed a bit of a mellow vibe, similar to CBD. It’s hard to say. It may be a case of where you need to drink a few cans over a period of days for the ingredients to build in your system. In any case, the drink can be a mixer for the Red Bull kind of crowd if you want a little liquor. We also suggest drinking this over ice, or at least chilled. GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Confidence Drink