GSN Review: Middle West Spirits’ Whiskies

Middle West Spirits believe local ingredients are the only ingredients. Set in the heart of Ohio, Middle West Spirits is an urban micro-distillery that draws inspiration from its surroundings. They are mindful of the immense resources they have nearby, and make every effort to use them. And they’re students of time-tested distilling traditions – proud to use the first copper still of its kind in North America, from a company that’s been making the gold standard for nearly 200 years. They also recognize the vibrant community around them, and do their part to support local emerging artists who share a strong commitment to their craft.

Middle West Spirits’ whiskey lineup includes: Lucky Find Wheat Whiskey, Soul of Scarlet Bourbon, Michelone Reserve Bourbon, Straight Wheat Whiskey, Straight Rye Dark Pumpernickel Whiskey, White Rye Whiskey, Oloroso Wheat Whiskey, Sherry Finished Bourbon, and Bourbon Cream.

GSN was sent samples of the whiskies in italics for review.

GSN’s Remarks: The Straight Wheat is quiet smooth and light, yet with a decent amount of char. We like the clean approach that has elements of caramel, toffee, and mild baking spice. A fine spirit for a Manhattan or the like. The Michelone Reserve has a lot more character and is darker, richer and seems to have sherry cask notes. We like this one for sipping or in a basic Old-Fashioned. The Rye/Pumpernickel is quite spicy and the bready notes have a clarion call on the palate. The flavor goes on and on with an incredibly long and luscious finish. A killer whiskey that everyone should sample at least once in their lives. Lastly, the Bourbon Cream is as it should be, a dessert in a glass. The cream flavor is natural and the bourbon leaves just a tiny bit of heat. Served on the rocks or in a mug of coffee, this is a great way to close the day. GSN Ratings: Straight Wheat B+, Michelone Reserve A-, Straight Rye Dark Pumpernickel A++, Bourbon Cream B+

For more information go to: Middle West Spirits