GSN Review: Darnley’s London Dry Gin

Named after the moment Lord Darnley fell in love with Mary Queen of Scots at the Wemyss Castle where it’s distilled, Darnley’s Gin brings the Wemyss Family history to life in a new way. The Darnley’s story is rooted in Fife, Scotland where the Wemyss family have lived and worked for generations, and it’s here the Darnley’s journey begins.

Using elderflower sourced from the distillery’s local grounds, Darnley’s is a  gin that delivers an expression of Eastern Scotland’s unique coastal terroir. Combined with other ingredients like juniper, orris root, citrus, coriander and grains of paradise, the result is spirit created from sustainably sourced, traceable botanicals and Scottish water. Darnley’s grows all the botanicals they can in their Gin Cottage gardens. What they can’t grow, they forage with the help of local experts, and what they can’t grow or forage, they source sustainably from trusted farmers.

 GSN’s Remarks: This is an interesting spirit, with both the floral loveliness of an elderflower liqueur, and the sprightliness of a juniper forward gin. It strikes a fine balance between the two, with a soft and fruity entry that fades into a crisp finish. A very friendly and welcoming gin, we enjoy the round mouthfeel and easy going attitude. A perfect gin for just about any cocktail, this also is one of the few that we truly have enjoyed neat. Kudos to the blender and master distiller for this true Scottish gem. Elderflower rocks! GSN Rating: A+

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