GSN Review: Dhōs Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Dhōs uses the approach of mixing ingredients to produce their N/A spirits, not the usual method of removing the alcohol. Tapping into their experience of blending wines and spirits they understand the importance of each component that goes into the final product.

Starting with the ingredients, Dhōs uses natural botanicals and ingredients like citrus and spices to deliver a flavor experience without the proof. Each recipe is handcrafted in small lots to ensure quality and consistency. Production is done by the team at the distillery, and each batch receives the same attention that goes into crafting and blending their whiskey and barrel aged gin. Mixing is a 3-step process and at each stage they make sure the batch meets their quality standards. The finished product is subjected to ageing and microbial stability testing. Finally, the products are unfiltered to ensure that the maximum flavor and aroma comes through in the finished product.

Dhōs Gin Free GSN’s Remarks: The nose is grassy and herbal with a slight piney, rosemary-ish perfume. The initial taste has some juniper, which is quickly followed by a cooling mint, then followed by some gingery heat. None of these are overwhelming or overly pronounced, but they make for an interesting flavor journey. As things settle down after a minute, I’m reminded of an unsweetened herbal lozenge or black tea. Mixed with tonic water the blend makes for an enjoyable non-alcoholic cocktail. But, Dhōs Gin Free will also work well with lemonade or even club soda with a lime twist. We like it. GSN Rating: A-

Dhōs Bittersweet – GSN’s Remarks: More sweet than bitter, at least at first. Kind of a rhubarb pie and soft orange flavor with some very light bitter notes, heat on the back of the palate and some cooling mint. The bitterness really only come into play at the very tail end of the extended finish. The liquid itself is viscous and has a somewhat glucose-like feel. The flavor is fine, and when added to club soda or sparkling water, it makes for a very light and easy spritz. GSN Rating: B

Dhōs Orange – GSN’s Remarks: Sweet orange on the nose. The flavor is quite orange forward with an undercurrent of heat. There is a prickly sensation way at the back of the palate, as well as a cooling sensation on the tongue. Not exactly like a Curaçao, but similar in mouthfeel with less sweetness. A tasty expression that will work well in N/A cocktails. GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Dhōs Spirits