GSN Review: Doña Vega Tobalá Mezcal

Doña Vega is founded and produced by Mexican women who set out to make mezcal more accessible and approachable. For 2 years, through 73 recipes, and 22 farms, the Doña Vega team accomplished their goal of creating two unique varieties of mezcal.

For Entrepreneur and Founder Sonya Vega, creating a modern take on mezcal began simply as a personal project. Vega’s love of mezcal was sparked by her Mexican friends and family who introduced her to the agave-based liquor. While Vega was obsessed with the bold taste, she found that many versions were too smoky or intense.

Traveling throughout the Oaxaca region of Mexico to research the agave plant and distillation methods, Vega’s current and creative blend honors the bold tradition and unique flavors of this centuries old spirit with a modern twist. There are two expressions produced by Doña Vega, an Espadín and a Tobalá. GSN was sent a sample of the latter for review.

Small and broad leafed, the Tobalá maguey is found in high desert canyons. It is slow growing and carefully harvested responsibly to limit production. Tobalá is sought after for its sweet nose, intoxicating range of flavors, and long, smooth finish. 

GSN’s Remarks: A rich ethereal creosote smokiness envelops the agave spirit. Lightly sweet, and eminently smooth, the overall effect is of a feminine, refined and confident mezcal. After the initial rush of woodfire fades, softer notes of toasted marshmallow, milk chocolate and walnut grace the palate. The finish is medium-long and clean, with a hint of chili pepper at the tail end. A very fine and quite special mezcal. Highly recommended for luxury agave and mezcal fans. GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Mezcal Dona Vega