GSN Review: Dulce Vida Organic Anejo Lone Star Edition

dulce-vida-lone-star-tequilaI’ve previously reviewed several of Dulce Vida’s tequilas here and here.  Their latest expression adds another gold star to their expanding portfolio.  Aged in 10 gallon ex-bourbon barrels from Texas’ Garrison Brothers Distillery, this tequila really shines.

Dulce Vida Organic Anejo Lone Star Edition (100 proof)
Visual: Light yellow-gold.
Nose: Highly floral, with an elderflower and rainwater nose.  Extremely fresh and with some vine-fruit notes.
Taste: Luscious and elegant, with a  spicy and dry profile.  A lot of lanolin comes through, which is indicative of a perfect distillation.
Finish: Reminiscent of a fine brandy or single malt Irish whiskey.  Dry, with hints of biscuit,
Overall: This takes agave and refines it to a new level.  I am consistently impressed with what Dulce Vida is doing with tequila expressions.
GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Dulce Vida

GSN Review: Dulce Vida Organic Tequila

Organic spirits have been making headway in bars around the world for a few years now.  But, just because the bottle  has the word “organic” on the label, does it mean it’s a top shelf spirit?  With Dulce Vida tequila, that question is answered in the positive.

It all starts with the organic agave which is harvested from the Pacific Coastal region of  Nayarit, Mexico.  This gives it a full bodied flavor and unique character of both the mountains and the ocean.  Think of the difference between a lowland Scotch and a lightly peated Islay scotch, and you get the idea.

Blanco (80 Proof) – Crystal appearance.  The nose has light agave floral notes with some alcohol top notes.  The flavor is exceptionally smooth and well aged with notes of rock candy, tropical fruit, leather, high grass, and at the very end, an almost scotch-like lightly smoked heathery finish.  One of the best tequilas I’ve ever had, and one that quite handily stands up against Partida.  The 80 proof must be a new product, because I could find no mention of it on the Dulce Vida website.  I’d be curious to try the 100 proof version of the blanco.  GSN Rating: A

Reposado (100 Proof) – Held up to the light, it has a pleasant, yellow gold color.  The nose has notes of butterscotch, rich agave, with hints of other fresh vegetation after a rainfall.  The flavor is rich with caramel, oakiness, honey, nougat, saddle leather, hazelnuts, green pepper, and grapefruit peel.  A very intriguingly rich tequila that is fantastic for sipping.  The higher proof makes this an intense and yet at the same time, very balanced tequila with just the right amount of heat.  GSN Rating: A-

Other styles in the Dulce Vida line include an Anejo 100 Proof and a Blanco 100 Proof.

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