GSN Review: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof C921

Elijah Craig recently released the third and final expression of their cask strength bourbon for 2021: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon Batch C921. Bottled at 120.2 proof, it is the second lowest proof of the entire series. Like all of the ECBP bottlings, the 12-year-old bourbon is non-chill-filtered, and bottled straight from the barrel without dilution.

GSN’s Remarks: Immediately flavorful in spite of the intensity of the proof. Granted, this one is a bit less fiery than most of the releases in this series, and that does no harm in this expression. We enjoyed the smooth entry of caramel and cinnamon toast, with some candied nuts and toffee coming through at the fade. This is definitely more of a sweet bourbon that has a softer approach to the oak and char. very drinkable, affordable and well made. We approve of this final 2021 release and look forward to the A122 bottling. GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Heaven Hill Distillery