GSN Review: Hedonistas de la Fe Mezcal

Hedonistas de la Fe recently announced the launch of its own online sales platform for all four of their hand-crafted, premium mezcals direct from its website and available for delivery across the USA. Having only launched in autumn 2022 to wide acclaim, it is the first time this mezcal has been available outside of Mexico. 

Hedonistas de la Fe is produced in Matalan, Oaxaca, sacred ground zero for mezcal. Unlike other spirits, these unique mezcals are hand-made according to a 500-year-old tradition. From harvest to distillation, the process is non-mechanized and created in one distillery by the Santiago family, a rarity in modern mezcal. The flavor profiles vary from the cultivated ESPADIN (Agave Angustifolia) to the wild agave, which include the powerhouse TOBALA (Agave Potatorum), the elegant CUISHE (Agave Karwinskii), and the complex TEPEZTATE (Agave Marmorata). 

Hedonistas’ ESPADIN – GSN’s Remarks: Lightly smokey nose with hints of sweet vegetation. Nicely sweet and judiciously touched with smoke. Round mouthfeel and short finish ending on a cantalope melon note. Tasty. GSN Rating: A

Hedonistas’ TOBALA  – GSN’s Remarks: Dark, briny, wood smoke nose. Quite smoke forward to the taste, akin to the depth you would find in an Islay Scotch. The agave kicks through, bringing a friendly sweetness to the palate. A chewy mezcal that has a fairly long finish with the creosote lingering for several minutes. GSN Rating: A-

Hedonistas’ CUISHE – GSN’s Remarks: Mild woody nose with a mild patina of char. Light entry with a soft and gentle caress on the tongue. There is a vegetal, peppery quality to this which brings some heat at the back of the palate. Very much in line with the traditional mezcals that are regional, and hard to find outside of their hometowns. Exemplary release in the portfolio. GSN Rating: A+

Hedonistas’ TEPEZTATE – GSN’s Remarks: Heavily vegetal nose, with a goodly amount of mid-range woodsmoke. On the palate, this is exceptional. Sweet, almost floral and fragrant with mild herbs. Clean, lovely balance of agave and char with a creamy roundness that is memorable. The finish is semi-long, with a soft fade into a dry finish. A gem of a mezcal. GSN Rating: A++

Hedonistas de la Fe is produced in partnership with Mezcal Santa Maria and the Santiago family, which is headed by Gerardo “Kaín” Santiago Hernandez, a fourth-generation  Maestro Mezcalero raised in Matatlan, Oaxaca. The online price range is $64.99 to $199.99 per bottle and the company offers free shipping for orders of $150 or more.

For more information go to: Hedonistas de la Fe


GSN Review: Catedral Mezcal

Catedral De Mi Padre Mezcal’s collection includes 6 different mezcals, made by 6 Master Mezcaleros. The brand was founded by a father-daughter duo to reinvent the mezcal market in the US by elevating the men and women behind the bottle while paying homage to mezcal’s essential role in Mexican culture. They are committed to sustainability and local partnerships as a fundamental pillar of their business model.

The brand debuted with 4 single varietal mezcals (Espadin, Mexicano, Tobala, Madre Cuishe) and 2 ensamble mezcals (one Espadín + Cuishe and one Espadín + Mexicano). While the majority of the mezcal market in the US is Espadin (cultivated from the Blue Agave plant), Catedral Mezcal specializes in mezcals crafted from sustainably farmed wild agave plants. Their 6 different mezcal varieties offer a broad range of flavor profiles from various species of agave plants. 

After more than 8 years in Oaxaca, the founders partnered with 6 Master Mezcaleros who use the traditional and artisanal methods of making mezcal that have been passed down through their families for generations. Each Master Mezcalero brings their own unique artisanal methods of creating specialty premium mezcal that results in the highest quality spirit possible. “We sought out the leaders in their field to ensure a diverse assortment of taste profiles,” said Jeff Block, Co-Founder. “The goal of our partnership with these Master Mezcaleros is to showcase a core range of Mezcal expressions, foster innovation, and ultimately, build relationships to share the magic that is mezcal.”

Catedral De Mi Padre Mezcal focuses on fostering an appreciation of the traditional handmade methods of making mezcal and on promoting the farm to bottle experience. In order to bring together the maker and the consumer, the brand adds a QR code on each bottle to enable consumers to view video interviews with the mezcalero who crafted the mezcal. This feature directly connects the consumer with the personal history of who, and process of how, the mezcal is made and virtually transports the consumer to the makers’ palenque in Oaxaca.

The brand encompasses Mexican culture, the importance of family and a celebration of the unique spirit of mezcal. Its logo includes the outline of the Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, the most famous cathedral in Oaxaca City and its name, Catedral De Mi Padre, highlights the family connections that are central to creating and enjoying mezcal. Additionally, the luxurious and intricate bottle design features handmade, premium leather wraps on the bottom, with a different leather color for each variety of mezcal. 

Espadín – Lightly sweet agave nose with mild smokiness. Quite sweet with agave flavor and imbued with a medium sheen of wood smoke. Nice mouthfeel and semi-long finish. Very well crafted. GSN Rating: A

Mexicano – A deep perfume of campfire. Very smoke forward and semi-aggressive. The agave in this case is secondary to the overall flavor profile. After a minute, some of the vegetal notes come out, but they are subdued. A hearty mezcal. GSN Rating: B+

Tobala – A perfect balance of agave and smoke on the nose. Moderately heavy with creosote on the palate, but the sweetness of the agave creates a perfect foil. The finish is semi-long with a pleasant and flavorful ending. GSN Rating: A+

Madre Cuishe – Mild woodfire perfume with a reticent agave aroma. Very light and elegant distillate with a soft and feather light touch on the tongue. The smoke fades somewhat quickly, leaving a semi-sweet vegetal flavor on the tongue. This expression is a great spirit to introduce mezcal to newbies. GSN Rating: A-

Espadín + Cuishe  – A lot of high notes over a moderately smoke-laden base. Softer smoke, and sweeter agave flavor merge well to create a flavor profile that is more than the sum of its parts. Easy going and lively distillate partnered with a goodly dose of wood smoke, leaving the palate dry and begging for another sip. Well done. GSN Rating: A

Espadín + Mexicano – Penetrating smoke forward nose, with a quiet agave aroma. Lighter in smokiness than the Mexicano, and tempered by the inherent sweetness of the Espadín, the overall balance is akin to a peated Irish Whiskey. A medium finish. Quite drinkable and balanced. GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Catedral Mezcal