GSN Review: Expresiones del Corazón Tequilas

Corazón Tequila recently released its 2021 collection of Expresiones del Corazón, a unique collection of limited edition barrel-aged tequilas, born from Casa San Matias Distillery’s passion for experimentation. Expresiones del Corazón unites premium tequila with Buffalo Trace Distillery barrels which once held bourbons named for legendary bourbon craftsmen who also shared a passion for experimentation. A new Elmer T. Lee Reposado joins William Larue Weller Añejo, George T. Stagg Añejo and Artisanal Blanco for this release.

Elmer T. Lee Reposado was aged 12 months in Elmer T. Lee barrels. The William Larue Weller Añejo in this year’s release was aged 26 months in William Larue Weller bourbon barrels, nearly a year longer than previous releases of this expression. George T. Stagg Añejo was aged 22 months in George T. Stagg barrels. The Artisanal Blanco was held for 60 days in stainless steel.

“We are very proud of this year’s collaboration between two highly awarded distilleries,” Agave Marketing Director Megan Hurtuk said. “With a shared passion for craftsmanship and experimentation, Casa San Matias and the Buffalo Trace Distillery are represented so perfectly in these tequilas- we look forward to raising a glass with tequila & bourbon aficionados alike!”

GSN was sent a bottle of the William Larue Weller Añejo for review.

GSN’s Remarks: What a truly lovely tequila. We were expecting a great spirit, but this one is more than simply great. It is remarkable. The nose is delicate, with notes of vegetal agave intertwined with the sweet corn of a bourbon. Light spiciness and oak add a patina of warmth. The flavor is masterful, yet with a similar delicateness. Notes of mild agave, vanilla, caramel, wood, toast and praline bring a self-assured and friendly welcome to the palate. The finish is medium-long with a nutty sensation that lingers for a few minutes after the fadeout. We would love to try the others in this series, but as for the Weller expression, it has won our hearts. GSN Rating: A++

For more information go to: Tequila Corazon


GSN: Backbar Review – May 13-17, 2013

imagesSan Francisco-based Anchor Distilling Co. has added Luxardo Aperitivo ($19.99 a 750-ml.) to its U.S. import portfolio. A light, bittersweet liqueur, the 11%-abv offering is named after the Italian aperitivo occasion, in which a liqueur is served prior to a meal. Luxardo Aperitivo features an infusion of herbs, roots and citrus and is designed to be enjoyed with fruit juices, wines and in cocktails, such as the Spritz (where it’s combined with Prosecco). In addition to Luxardo Aperitivo, Anchor Distilling currently imports close to 20 liqueurs from Italy’s Luxardo Distillery, including its Amaretto, Limoncello, Sambuca and Maraschino expressions.

imagesPark City, Utah’s High West Distillery has debuted its second RTD barrel-aged cocktail, the Barreled Boulevardier. The cocktail is made with Bourbon, Vya sweet vermouth and Gran Classico bitter, and is aged in whiskey barrels for four months. The Barreled Boulevardier is the 16th spirit to join High West’s portfolio. The first barrel-aged cocktail they released was a barrel-aged Manhattan in 2010. High West’s range of small-batch whiskies is currently available in 39 states throughout the U.S.

imagesHeaven Hill’s Burnett’s vodka has added two new flavors to its lineup—Blackberry and Tropical Fruit. Both are line priced at $10.99 a 750-ml. The Burnett’s portfolio now includes 33 different flavors. The launch of Blackberry and Tropical Fruit comes on the heels of the recent release of Cherry Cola and Strawberry Banana to the portfolio, as well as a package redesign for the brand. The new packaging, which will roll out across all variants and sizes this spring, features an enlarged and repositioned brand name, crest, flavor image and descriptor.

TapTequila-web-large-2Tequila Tapatio has unveiled a new Blanco Tequila bottled at 110 proof, the highest proof allowed by law for the Mexican spirit. Created by Tapatio distiller Carlos Camarena, Tapatio’s 110-Proof Blanco is characterized by an array of flavors, including florals, cinnamon and chamomile. Tapatio’s 110-Proof Blanco will be available California, Washington, Oregon, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida and Missouri, priced at $48 a 1-liter.


imagesMissouri’s McCormick Distilling has reformulated its Tarantula Tequila brand to create two 100-proof expressions. Rolling out this month, the core Tarantuala range now includes Tarantula Plata 100 and Tarantula Reposado 100, both of which are 100-proof and made with 100% blue agave. Priced at $17.99 a 750-ml., the Tequilas are meant to be consumed neat, as a shot, on the rocks or in cocktails. Concurrently, Tarantula has unveiled new labeling, using the colors of the Mexican flag to reflect the brand’s heritage and authenticity. In addition to the 100-proof Plata and Reposado, Tarantula Tequila’s portfolio also includes Tarantula Azul (a blend of Tequila and citrus liqueur) and Tarantula Strawberry (Tequila and strawberry liqueur).

p17q5k7f0iprtp091km91g3d1hi3Sazerac Co. has unveiled a new barrel-aged Tequila range under its Corazon Tequila brand. The limited edition series, known as Expresiones del Corazon, features five 100%-agave offerings, each aged in barrels from a different Buffalo Trace whiskey. These offerings include the Buffalo Trace Reposado (aged 10.5 months, 80 proof), George T. Stagg Añejo (aged 22 months, 80 proof), Sazerac Rye Añejo (aged 24 months, 90 proof), Old Rip Van Winkle Añejo (aged 23 months, 80 proof) and a Blanco (80 proof). Just 6,000 bottles of each Expresiones del Corazon Tequila will be available nationwide, priced between $59.99 and $89.99. The Corazon Tequila brand also features core Blanco, Reposado and Añejo variants.

All information courtesy of Shanken News Daily