GSN Review: Ferrand Renegade Barrel N°3

Maison Ferrand’s Alexandre Gabriel recently introduced Ferrand Renegade Barrel N°3, the third release to debut from the Renegade Barrel Collection of cognacs aged with unconventional methods, in honor of the master blender “renegades” that came before him.

With Renegade Barrel N°3 Jamaican Rum Barrel Eau-De-Vie De Vin, Ferrand is the first cognac brand to release an expression double-aged in ex-rum casks.

For owner and Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel, “Cognac has a rich heritage, full of old and forgotten techniques that we love to explore and revive.” For his latest foray into the creative potential of double maturation, Alexandre selected one of his Ferrand 100% Grande Champagne Premier Cru de Cognac Vintage 2011 casks and aged it further in barrels that had previously contained Plantation Rum from the storied Long Pond Distillery in Jamaica. These barrels, used to age a Long Pond HJC distilled in 1996, are so scarce that the resulting spirit is just as rare. The result is no longer a cognac according to today’s strict AOC definitions, but an ingenious eau-de-vie.

“This Renegade Barrel N°3 is a tribute to the old master blenders who, until 40 years ago, would go to the harbor in Bordeaux to collect rum barrels as they arrived from the Caribbean. I know an old cognac maker who actually remembers ageing some of his cognacs that way. I couldn’t help but try it. We were so excited to see how beautifully it developed in the casks,” says Alexandre.

GSN’s Remarks: Both the flavor of brandy and rum come through in this latest expression. The grape spirit holds court while the rum adds a warm, nutty and round mid-range note. The blend is lovely, and almost like a cocktail in itself. With a splash of simple syrup, some cocoa bitters and dilution, this would make for a great after dinner drink. Alexandre knows what he is doing and with yet another winner, he is sure to rack up another slew of awards from various spirits competitions with this one. Santé! GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Ferrand Cognac

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