GSN Review: FEW American Whiskey

FEW Spirits recently announced the debut of its newest expression, FEW American Whiskey, a blend of FEW Bourbon and FEW Rye Whiskies, along with an experimental FEW Cherrywood-smoked Malt Whiskey. FEW American Whiskey was born through Founder and Distiller Paul Hletko’s constant quest for his team to create bold, one-of-a kind, unique spirits.

“It all started with a unique Cherrywood-smoked Single Malt we created, which is delicious but defied category rules”, says Paul. “We loved the flavor of this whisky and were especially blown away by how it mingled and married with our Bourbon and Rye.  That bold decision worked in our favor and from there our FEW American Whiskey was born.”

Distilled at a tucked away grain-to-glass distillery in an alleyway in Evanston, IL, FEW American Whiskey is a
distinctive reflection of the originality and innovation that has taken place over the past seven years. FEW American Whiskey can be purchased at select liquor stores in the Chicago and NYC areas and directly at the FEW distillery.

FEW American Whiskey (93 proof)
Visual: Bronze.
Nose: Light smokiness (think wood fire), with a hint of stone fruit. Light rye spice with a rich scent of corn-led bourbon.
Taste: More of the smoke comes through, but not overwhelming to the overall blend. In fact, it adds a deeper dimension than is usually found in North American whiskies. The distillate itself does have a curious cherry flavor that can only be described as woody. Everything is underplayed, but present.
Finish: Medium long with a semi-sweet, almost Ethiopian coffee-like finish.
Overall: A unique whiskey that grows on you. The experiment succeeds, and I’d like to see more unusual woods used in blended whiskies.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: FEW Spirits