GSN Review: Firefly Vodka

Jim Irvin is a scientist, Scott Newitt is a visionary. Jim had a winery. Scott was in the wine business. That’s how they met, became friends and soon realized they both shared a crazy idea to build a distillery; something that proved to be much easier said than done. Scott & Jim did not have a big budget to buy a still so they built their own from scratch. It was a 55 gallon stainless steel tank on top of a propane burner that is now on display in the Firefly Distillery’s Tasting Room.

Scott explains the name, “We named our distillery Firefly because Fireflies are magical. We remember catching them in mason jars and we love that feeling of mystery and southern nostalgia.”

Firefly Vodka (80 proof) Slightly sweet, clean and with some residual corn flavor. GSN Rating: B-

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka (70 proof) Nice, natural sweet tea flavor. Easy going and ready to drink on the rocks. GSN Rating: A-

Firefly Ruby Red Vodka (60 proof) Soft red grapefruit flavor that doesn’t go over the top. Somewhat soda-like in flavor. GSN Rating: B

Firefly Lemonade Vodka (60 proof) Too tart, consisting of intense lemon juice flavor. Where is the sweetener? We’d classify this as a lemon vodka, but not lemonade.  GSN Rating: C-

For more information go to: Firefly Spirits