GSN Review: Miracle Mile Bitters

The Miracle Mile Bitters Co., based in Los Angeles is a relative newcomer to the bitters scene, but have already staked their claim as a quality small batch manufacturer.  Started as a home project several years ago by Louis Anderman, they’ve quickly gained a following on the west coast.  Rather than designing trendy bizarre flavor combinations, Anderman’s most successful products hearken back to the basic recipes that have been mainstays of cocktail culture over the decades.  That being said, they also make a Bermagot, Castilian, Gingerbread, Yuzu and Peach bitters which I hope to have opportunity to review next time around.

Chocolate-Chili Bitters: Very interesting nose, with equal elements of chocolate and chili present.  Obvious synchronicity with Mexican and South American cooking.  A surprising sweetness on the front of the palate quickly gives way to a nicely warm chili heat.  A lovely balance of cocoa and earthy chilis work well to create a cohesive whole in which all elements are contributing equally to the blend.
GSN Rating: A

Forbidden Bitters: In the style of aromatic bitters.  A lot of gingerbread on the nose.Very bitter with hints of menthol, ginger, and wood tannin.  Quite intensely spicy, but not with too much heat.  Touches of vanilla and angelica round out the structure.  A good bitters for use in tiki and tequila cocktails.
GSN Rating: B

Orange Bitters: More of an overall general bitter flavor than orange comes through.  There’s a lot of cinnamon on the nose, and the orange notes are more akin to bitter Curacao than Valencia.  Certainly not as sweet and light as Fee Brothers orange, nor as darkly vibrant as Regans; this is more of a down to earth and serviceable style of orange bitters.
GSN Rating: B-

Sour Cherry Bitters: Intense hit of cherry, quickly followed by the tang of sour and tannic bark.  There’s a lot going on in these bitters and in a holistic and natural way.  Lovely hints of sweet vanilla, sea salt, grains of paradise, almond and sandalwood add fascinating accents to the overall structure. Really well done and highly recommended!
GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Miracle Mile Bitters Co.