GSN Review: Glendalough Poitín

Glendalough-Poitín-365x320Every drinker certainly knows about Irish whiskey, but very few are aware of Ireland’s oldest spirit.  Known as Poitín (pot-cheen) it dates back to the late 6th century.  It was the emerald isle’s national spirits until it was outlawed in 1661 by Charles II.  In fact it wasn’t until 1997 that it was legalized.

The Glendalough distillery was founded by a quintet of Irish lads to reintroduce this almost forgotten spirit to the world.

Premium Poitin (80 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Deeply malty with a crisp and peppery high note.
Taste: Slightly sweet with a funky bitter edge.  Think of a vodka that’s been distilled just a few times.  Viscous mouthfeel has an enveloping character.
Finish: As it fades, delicate notes of fresh pear appear.
Overall: Rough in an appealing way, this shares much of the style of american “white dog”.
GSN Rating: B

Sherry Cask Finish Poitin (80 proof)
Visual: Golden yellow.
Nose: Sweet malt tempered by a vivacious sherry overcoat.  Quite enticing.
Taste: Delicate and elegant notes of sherry perfectly balanced with a heftier malt base.
Finish: More pepper and ginger spice develop as it fades.  A fair amount of tannins on the back of the palate leave a warming baking spice heat.
Overall: Quite unique and unusual.  The sherry works beautifully here.
GSN Rating: A-

Mountain Strength Poitin (120 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Intensely fresh and bracing nose.  Loads of pepper spice and just the slightest note of wintergreen.
Taste: A lot of heat (no surprise there), but controlled by a powerhouse of well distilled malt flavor.  Almost chewy and in the mould of sourdough bread.  Very approachable and to the point.
Finish: Quite long with a goodly dose of heat retention and sprightly peppercorn.
Overall: Probably the closest you would come to the original style of Poitin made in the hills of Ireland circa 750 A.D.  If you want to shake off a winter chill, an ounce of this will do you fine.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Glendalough Distillery

GSN Backbar Review: June 16-20, 2014

imagesWine marketer Riondo USA is entering the spirits category via an agreement to handle sales and marketing for Dirty Tequila. Currently available in California and Arizona, Dirty Tequila—made from a blend of blue agave and cinnamon, pineapple, almond and vanilla flavors—will launch in Las Vegas next month, with other major markets slated to follow later in the year. The brand retails at under $25 a bottle.


imagesDublin’s Glendalough Distillery has launched its flagship Glendalough Poitín in the U.S. Introduced this spring, Glendalough Poitín is crafted using a traditional recipe for the ancient Irish spirit, which dates back to as early as 584AD. The brand is currently available across Boston and New York, with additional markets to follow. The Glendalough range includes Glendalough Mountain Strength Poitín ($35), Glendalough Sherry Cask Finish Poitín ($35) and Glendalough Premium Poitín ($30).

indexPhillips Distilling Co. has expanded its UV vodka lineup with the launch of UV Sugar Crush. Inspired by retro candies, Sugar Crush is a tropical fruit candy-flavored entry targeted toward Millennial consumers. The extension, which is priced at $11.99 a 750-ml., marks the 21st flavor in UV vodka’s stable, following the launch of UV Sriracha earlier this year. A limited edition Salted Caramel Apple flavor, meanwhile, is slated to join the range this fall.


indexInternational Beverage USA’s AnCnoc single malt Scotch has launched its limited edition Peaty Collection in the U.S. Featuring bolder, smokier flavors than AnCnoc’s flagship Highland single malt, the Peaty Collection debuts this month with AnCnoc Rutter, which is peated to a PPM (parts per million) of 11, and AnCnoc Flaughter, peated to a PPM of 14.8. Both expressions are priced at $85 and feature their PPM level on their bottles. A third and final Peaty Collection entry will be released later this year.

indexAgave Loco Brands’ Agave Loco Pepper Cured Tequila has been introduced in a new bottle, which is said to reinforce the brand’s super-premium positioning and protect the liquid’s pepper flavors with dark glass. Retailing at $27.99 a 750-ml. bottle, Agave Loco Pepper Cured is a 100%-agave Reposado Tequila infused with the oils of six pepper varieties. It’s suggested to be used to add an extra spicy kick to cocktails like Bloody Marys and Margaritas.

All information courtesy of Shanken News Daily