GSN Review: Honey & Co. Mas Miel Liqueur

La Société des Vins et Eaux de Vie (SVE), a Cognac maker established in the Charente region on France in 1830, recently announced the release of a new liqueur, Honey & Co. in partnership with musical artist, Rauw Alejandro. Honey & Co. combines natural honey and ginger distillate, blended with VS cognac. 

Honey & Co., also referred to as “MÃS MIEL” which means “more honey” in Spanish, is a partnership between Rauw’s love of honey and its significance to his music career with SVE’s aspirations to craft exciting new products. The Puerto Rican-born icon has long praised honey for its natural medicinal benefits, drinking his own special concoction of honey, tea and ginger to soothe his singing voice before performances. After shows and in social settings, Rauw found that readily available whiskey products were lacking aromatic complexity and approachability and became motivated to create something new.

GSN’s Remarks: At first, you get a blast of sweetness and a viscous mouthfeel. Then, the ginger. Then the honey. In layers, the liqueur reveals itself. The Cognac becomes a rich canvas upon which the partnership rests. As the fairly long finish fades, there are notes of cinnamon, and a slight woodiness. All in all, a very drinkable and well balanced libation. Pour some on ice for a ready-to-go cocktail, or sip slowly from a brandy snifter. GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Mas Miel Cognac

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