GSN Review: Cannon Beach Distillery Il Keyote Agave Spirit

ilkeyoteWait…a spirit made from Agave, and it’s not Tequila? Correct. Tequila is a unique product of Mexico, which involves many traditional production techniques. Il Keyote is made from 100% organic Blue Weber Agave sourced from Jalisco, but that is where the comparison to Tequila ends. Cannon Beach Distillery ferments, distills and matures Il Keyote a bit more like Brandy than Tequila. This technique provides the flavor of the agave, which is balanced with the woody tones pulled from toasted American white oak barrels. The result is an entirely new style of spirit. Leave the salt and lime aside.

Mike Selberg opened Cannon Beach Distillery on July 1st 2012 with the singular goal of crafting the best possible spirits. Every drop of alcohol they produce is fermented from raw ingredients, distilled, matured, bottled and labeled in-house, in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

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Il Keyote (80 proof)
Visual: Pure gold.
Nose: Fresh, oak nose with a more subtle grassy and vegetal undertone. New leather, oak shavings and soft pepper.
Taste: Notes of butterscotch, caramel cream, buttered toast, and slight high notes of baking spice and horehound.  Quite unique and very tasty.
Finish: Medium long with a smooth finish.  Just a hint of warm, creamy sweetness to end things on a dessert-like note.
Overall: I was not expecting an agave spirit to taste as different.  This is far and away as unlike Tequila, Mezcal or Sotol as night and day.  Kudos to Master Distiller Mike Selberg for trying something new and succeeding with a crafted liquor that might have been just a curiosity.  This is a spirit to savor and have your mind and palate expanded.
GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Cannon Beach Distillery