GSN Review: Murray Hill Club & Joseph Magnus Whiskies

Joseph Magnus Bourbon and Joseph Magnus Murray Hill Club Blended Bourbon, build on a legacy that began in 1892 when Joseph Alexander Magnus began distilling, blending and rectifying whiskeys and gins in the pre-Prohibition era. Inspired by Joseph’s story, his great-grandson has reintroduced the line. Using the same blending and finishing techniques Joseph Magnus employed more than 100 years ago, Magnus Master Blender Nancy Fraley creates the award-winning bourbons, referencing recipes and tastes from original bottles of the whiskey, which were preserved and passed down through the family.

Joseph Magnus Bourbon is a straight bourbon whiskey aged in white oak and finished in Oloroso sherry, Pedro Ximénez sherry and Cognac casks. Joseph Magnus Murray Hill Club Blended Bourbon is a blend of 18-year bourbon, 11-year bourbon and a bit of 9-year light whiskey, “coming as close as possible to the original Joseph Magnus Bourbon in that 122-year-old bottle.”

GSN’s Thoughts: The Joseph Magnus Bourbon is in the classic style, but with the addition of the double sherry and single Cognac barrel aging, it has a rounder, sweeter and slightly musky/smoky flavor profile. This is a fine whiskey to sip after a meal or pairing with a cigar. The Murray Hill Club Bourbon has an entirely different approach. More akin to a traditional flavor profile, there is more of the oak involved, and more fire in the spirit. This is the kind of whiskey that begs for a classic cocktail such as a Manhattan, Old Fashioned or even a Sazerac. Definitely in the old school style, we approve.

GSN Ratings
Joseph Magnus Bourbon: A
Murray Hill Club Bourbon: A-

For more information go to: Joseph Magnus