GSN Review: KLAUS Mezzrole Cannabis-Infused Beverage

KLAUS™ – a new cannabis-infused beverage made with ingredients for a healthier and euphoric buzz, has set its sights on the growing ‘California-sober’ market and is ready to take the cannabis beverage culture to a whole new level.  

Co-founded by “The Cocktail Whisperer,” Warren Bobrow, the first-of-its-kind product in the cannabis space, is here to transform the way you think about cannabis-infused beverages. Bobrow is a cannabis alchemist and cocktail aficionado, industry journalist and author of six books in the craft cocktail space, including his most recent Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails and Tonics. 

Named after Bobrow’s 1800s German drinking gnome that he’s traveled much of the world with during his former career working in on/off premise liquor, KLAUS isn’t like any other cannabis-infused beverage. First up is the KLAUS Mezzrole™, named after Louis Armstrong’s friend and fellow hep-cat, Mezz Mezzrow. A Mezzrole was slang for a finely crafted cannabis cigarette during the early jazz era.  

Robust and tangy with bursts of piquant Picketts™ginger root syrup, gently giving way to palate soothing rice vinegar notes and the French lime puree, the features a terpene-forward 10 mg THC infusion per can, with only 16 calories, and less than 1g of sugar per serving.  

KLAUS is available at leading dispensaries in California including, The Vault in Palm Springs and SOLFUL in Sebastopol. KLAUS is currently available as single-serve and soon in 4-packs. 

GSN’s Remarks: An interesting blend of grassy, spicey, tangy and salty flavors, the first thing you’ll notice however, is the cannibis forward nose. Smelling like a loaded bud, this is a curious beverage. Apparently based on a classic Ti’ Punch cocktail, the flavors are tropical and vibrant. What’s nice is that the entire affair is alcohol free, so no need to worry about mixing booze with your buzz. Speaking of which, the 10mg of THC can be pretty intense for newcomers, so take your time and slowly sip this beverage. If you find you you’ve arrived, save the rest for another time. It’s a deep and heady high which will lend a helping hand at the end of the day. GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Drink Klaus

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