GSN Review: Larga Vida XO Rum

Flaviar recently announced the return of Larga Vida with the release of Larga Vida XO 2019 Edition. Following last year’s debut of Larga Vida XO 2018 which sold out in record time, Flaviar has handpicked tropical rums from ten different countries and blended them. The rums come from 10 rum nations, each known for its distinctive character: Barbados, Dominican Republic, Guadalupe, Guatemala, Guyana, Jamaica, Mauritius, Panama, Trinidad, and Colombia. As well, different styles of premium barrels – new and used, toasted and charred, ex-wine and sherry casks were used.

The Larga Vida name is inspired by the Spanish phrase, Larga Vida y Prosperidad, which translates to “long life and prosperity”. The rum consists of bitter and sweet flavor combinations, embodying the sweetness and bitterness of life.

Commenting on the flavor profile of Larga Vida XO 2019, Grisa Soba, Flaviar co-founder and maker of Larga Vida says: “We could say Larga Vida is just another sourced rum. But that wouldn’t be fair. The first release was over 3 years in the making and with Larga Vida XO 2019 we wanted to kick things up a notch and elevate the blend with an additional rum, so it is even more complex but still smooth…

It’s a privilege to be able to source rums directly from the makers, to separately finish the expressions, to blend them and marry them, so that the flavors can integrate, harmonize and fully develop. The result is more than the sum of its parts – more complex, balanced and rounded. Two Cherries on top? If you know your way around Rum, you may recognize some Foursquare Rum that went into this blend. And the stopper… Well, we’re pretty sure our speedboat will make everyone’s inner Sonny Crockett proud.”

Larga Vida XO Rum (80 proof)
Visual: Dark amber.
Nose: Mouthwatering entry on the nose with light spice, medium sweetness and heavy wood. The sherry holds all of the high notes, while the char secures the low end with a vibrant liveliness. A sniff is akin to a taste in this case.
Taste: A deep char greets that palate with a smokey, almost cigar-like flavor. The bitter tobacco similarity makes this rum very different from any other that we’ve tried. After a minute, dark caramel and brown bread notes peek out, but this is anything but a sweet rum.
Finish: Long and luxurious. The fade is elegant and slow. A perfect after dinner rum that lends itself to slow, contemplative sipping.
Overall: One of a kind and well blended. This is a rum for special occasions, and a great entry for whiskey drinkers who think they don’t like rum.
GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Larga Vida Rum