GSN Review: Neat “The Experience” Spirits Tasting Glass

image011Most of us have a decent selection of glassware at home.  Cocktail coupes, Martini style glasses, rocks glasses, Collins glasses, and so on.  But, most likely very few “tasting” glasses.  Something designed so that you can truly experience all that a spirit has to offer.

A few years ago, GSN received a product crafted to enhance spirits reviewing and judging.  You can read my thoughts on the original NEAT glass here.

The company has now come out with an updated, more classy version called “The Experience”.  I put the two side by side and compared them.

The first and most important aspect of the upgraded model is the rim of the glass is smooth and without the previous lip.  The base is also more rounded and less curved, making it easier to hold when warming the glass with your hand  Lastly, the weight of the glass is slightly heavier, giving it a more sturdy feel and stability.  The Chrystalyn™ crystal formulation has also been reformulated to make it 100% lead-free.  All of these serve to improve upon the original design in my opinion.

GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: The Neat Glass

GSN Review: The NEAT Glass

83d75e25d60195173dfe37932af2e3a2Tasting hundreds of spirits is a hard job.  (I know, I can hear all of you commiserating with me).  But, honestly, smelling and drinking dozens of new products on the liquor market takes its toll at times.  Plus, finding the ideal glass to do it with is always a challenge.

I was excited to try a new tasting/nosing glass that recently came on the market.  Called a “NEAT” glass (Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology), it is designed to allow the full aromas of a spirit percolate into the air without overwhelming your nose with the intensity of alcohol vapors. And, it does work.

As a nosing glass, it is excellent.  The aromas diffuse enough with the wide open top, that you get the essence of the spirit without “burning” your nose.  An added bonus is that you can warm the spirit by cupping the glass in the palm of your hand, or keep it cool by grasping the neck.  The feel is great as well, with a hefty and solid body, a feminine roundness and a lead-free, hand-blown craftsmanship.

It’s a bit more difficult when used to drink out of.  It takes a little practice, due to the inward curve around the neck of the glass.  Liquid tends to rush over this curve and you have to slowly tilt the glass back further than you might expect.  Once you get the hang of it, it works perfectly well.

Overall, this is a high quality product that gives Reidel a run for their money.

GSN Rating: A-

For more info, go to Arsilica, Inc.