Imbibing Mr. Boston: Black Cat Cocktail

IMG_3582-800Talk about intense.  This cocktail is the embodiment of intense.  And what’s amazing is that if you take a look at the recipe, you wonder what in the world is going on here?  Yet, each element makes its presence known and is crucially integral to the whole experience.

I asked Nicholas Jarrett, the creator of this drink to explain how he came up with this mindfuck of a cocktail.

“Inspired by the muddled Bronx featured on the Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co.’s second menu, it was created while I was working Clover Club, the Franklin, and Dram in early ’10. Love the combination of sherry and gin: love the combination of mezcal and gin. The mezcal was originally del Maguey Chichicapa, the amontillado Lustau, and the old tom was a fifty-fifty blend of Ransom and Hayman’s. Name came about as it put me in mind of Halloween. (It’s) also featured in Beta cocktails (available here).”

This one will definitely open up your mind to the possibilities of blending ingredients like mezcal, sherry and Old Tom gin together.  It will cost you big bucks to purchase the spirits, amaro, and sherry if you don’t already have them at your bar; but if you’re looking for a totally new experience, it’s worth it!

Black Cat
1 grapefruit zest twist
1 tsp simple syrup
1oz old tom gin
1oz mezcal
0.75oz punt e mes
0.75oz amontillado sherry
Garnish: grapefruit twist

Muddle grapefruit zest and syrup in mixing glass. Add other ingredients and stir with ice.Strain into chilled cocktail glass. Add grapefruit twist.

editor’s note – The Blacksad graphic novel used in the background of the photo is highly recommended and available here.