GSN Review: Bacardi Oakheart Rum

Bacardi Oakheart (70 proof) –  The spiced rum market is heating up with several new contenders entering the ring these days.  The latest comes from venerable Puerto Rican rum producer Bacardi, who are about to celebrate 150 years of distilling in 2012.  Oakheart is aged in charred American white oak barrels with the addition of maple, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey and vanilla spices.  It’s a lighter style rum that will undoubtedly go over well with the 20-something crowd.

The color is golden orange with a super vanilla forward nose.  Scent has additional elements of cinnamon, orange sugar, and hot cross buns.  Initial taste is very sweet and liqueur like, almost like liquid creme brulee. Other interesting notes include dark cherry, mild yellow curry powder, toasted coconut, carmelized butter, and french toast.

The finish is slightly bitter, with the wood notes coming out towards the end.   Overall, it has less body than the other spiced rums currently on the market, and seems designed specifically as a mixer; but will add some sweet and spice notes to a tropical drink calling for amber rum.  GSN Rating: B

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