GSN Review: OLDKNOW Bev Co. Spirited Seltzers

OLDKNOW Bev Co., the spirited seltzer distillery using mountain water and all natural spirits, recently released their Verte Absinthe Spirited Seltzer, the first Absinthe-based seltzer in the United States.

Absinthe is an herbaceous elixir with a long tradition of lore, intertwining the romance of the spirit and its use by artists, writers and bohemians throughout the centuries. Absinthe was created in the 1790s by Pierre Ordinaire, a French doctor living in Switzerland. Ordinaire created absinthe with the intent for it to be used as an alcohol-based elixir distilled from the bitter-tasting herb Artemisia absinthium, or wormwood.

Today, OLDKNOW Bev Co. is producing its own interpretation of “fairy water” with its Verte (colorized by fresh herbs) Absinthe Spirited Seltzer made from their combination of clean and crisp mountain water, spirit, and fresh herbs and have lower ABV compared to other RTDs at 5%.

“Absinthe has often been mispresented and drinkers might have been fearful or completely had the wrong impression of this classic spirit. Our Verte Absinthe Seltzer is the first of its kind. We wanted to take a different, more natural approach to seltzers. It is Herbaceous and will take you by surprise. We are bringing an old-world style of drinking to a new generation,” adds co-founder Mary Catherine Matheny. 

OLDKNOW Bev Co. was founded in 2021 by Mary Catherine Matheny (MC) and Ryan Warner Wood, located in Rabun Gap in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia.

Verte Absinthe Seltzer – GSN’s Remarks: This was by far our favorite seltzer of the three. Having had many absinthe cocktails over the years, this was delightfully refreshing and light. Perfectly balanced and uniquely carbonated, we would easily buy a case of these for summer drinking. The first of its kind, and a welcome addition in a very crowded market. GSN Rating: A+

Vodka Seltzer – GSN’s Remarks: Not only vodka, but also oolong tea, grapefruit and lychee flavors are melded together in this seltzer. This gave it a tinge of flavor that added to the experience. We enjoyed this beverage as well, but it is a simpler drink for all of its ingredients. Stiil, we give it a GSN Rating of: B

Gin Seltzer – GSN’s Remarks: Again, this is not simply a gin based seltzer, but it has the addition of cucumber and mint flavors. We enjoyed the herbal quality and a light touch with the vegetation. Another nice beverage for the summer, we give this a GSN Rating of: B+

For more information go to: OLDKNOW Bev Co