GSN Review: One With Life Organic Tequila

One may think that boxing and tequila make strange bedfellows, but former boxing promoter and founder of One With Life Organic Tequila (OWL) Lisa Elovich begs to differ as she embarks on a new partnership with four world champions. 

The team of boxers joining the brand include Teofimo Lopez, the current unified Lightweight World Champion and the youngest four-belt champion in the history of boxing; Hall of Fame Heavyweight Champion Larry Holmes; Lightweight Hall of Famer Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini; and “The Real Million Dollar Baby,” Maureen Shea Carranza, a WBC & IFBA Featherweight Champion.

By bringing on the cadre of champions, Elovich hopes to amplify her message of courage, fortitude, compassion and exuberance; something all of them exemplify in spades.  After leaving her position as a Manhattan assistant district attorney, Elovich discovered the joys of a centered, holistic life leading her to embark on a journey to motivate others; first as a life coach and now through OWL, an organic, sustainably-farmed tequila. Together the team of fighters will bring a message of “spirit” to One With Life. 

One with Life Organic Tequila is hand crafted from sustainably grown and farmed Blue Agave in Jalisco, Mexico. Each agave plant is harvested for OWL at the height of ripeness, and then roasted in a clay oven adhering to traditional tequila production practices.  The roasted and shredded blue agave is naturally fermented and double distilled in stainless steel tanks. There are absolutely no additives, sweeteners or glycerin used in making OWL Organic Tequila. 

GSN’s Remarks: We like the clean, fresh fruitiness of the blanco. There’s a light marshmallowy sweetness which gives a round and even mouthfeel. This is an easy tequila to enjoy with all of the possible rough edges smoothed out and a friendly and bright flavor. We also received a sample of the extra anjeo which adds some oak and darker notes of toffee and caramel. Again, very smooth and excellent as a sipper. We recommend the blanco for a Margarita, and the extra anjeo for a tequila Old-Fashioned. GSN Ratings: Blanco A-, Anjeo A-

For more information go to: One With Life Tequila