GSN Review: Macchu Pisco


Pisco can be a confusing spirit.  Some insist that it is a Peruvian creation, while others maintain it began in Chile.  It can be made from  several different grape varietals, each one imparting a unique characteristic, sometimes a blend, other times a single type.  Some piscos are aged in unusual woods, while others are not legally allowed to be aged at all.  Either way, one thing is certain, there can be no substitute when making the ubiquitous Pisco Sour cocktail.

Macchu Pisco is crafted in Peru using Quebranta grapes distilled in copper pot stills and rested for nine months in non-wood containers.  Interestingly, no water is added to bring the spirit down to proof, but rather it is distilled at 40% ABV.  As well, it takes the equivalent of eight bottles of wine to make one bottle of Macchu Pisco.  All of this makes for a highly intriguing and seductive spirit.

Macchu Pisco (80 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Sweet, floral and crisp.
Taste: Ultra smooth with slightly spicy edge.  A lot of the grape quality comes through.  Very fresh and organic tasting.  Bright, fruity and well distilled.
Finish: Medium dry with a pleasant vine fruit aftertaste.
Overall: One of the best Quebranta piscos, with a lot of character and freshness.  Makes for a stunning Pisco Sour.
GSN Rating: A

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